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  2. Hi , just wondering when you think the 2020 schedule will be released, and is it usually roughly the same dates as the previous year ?
  3. Thanks for the feedback El Colibri, I live on Vancouver Island , so was thinking I d ride my speed triple down there. I ve already ridden to Vegas and back from here but i love the area, so yeah Laguna Seca makes a lot of sense, and I mean it is a legendary track after all. It seems like it might not be the best track to open up on the power as much as others perhaps, I don't believe there is a long straight ,but I m fine with that.
  4. Laguna is a great choice, especially if you’ve never been to the area - a lot to offer in the way of off track activities/scenery (Monterey, Santa Cruz, extend your stay and rent a bike to ride PCH). Barber would be high on my list - great track plus the museum. VIR another obvious choice for track. And never been, but I hear good things about the track at the Corvette Museum. Honestly, I don’t think there are any bad or wrong choices. No matter where you go, the two day camp will be a top notch experience - in my mind it would depend on my schedule and what else I’d like to tie into the trip... Visit friends, ride PCH, try to break even on the trip at the tables in Vegas???
  5. Back on a super bike again, Gary Newman 2009 Yamaha R1. I have owned a 2002 R1, 2005 GSXR 750, Yamaha Thunderace, and a Suzuki TL1000 Just recently back on the crossplane and super happy, low mileage 25,000 miles on the odometer. Looking to start learning on the track and improve my riding skills. More mature now and disciplined. Respect the machines now and hope to learn and go to the super bike training this summer. Valentino Fan of course as well as the Hayden family. Rookie on a track tho, please forgive me. 6 years of Service in the Marines. Thank you for any education, advice, always willing to learn!!!! God bless!!!
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  7. Hi everyone, I m very interested in doing a 2 day camp, but I m not sure where. I've never ridden on a track. My first pick is Laguna Seca but I wonder how it compares to other tracks available for the 2 day camps. Chris
  8. - and keep track of your suspension. Or so say him
  9. Perfect. Thank you very much.
  10. Yes, the helmet is included. The school has Schuberth helmets, very good protection, excellent visibility, quiet; they are very high end helmets. Or you may wear your own helmet (assuming it is in good condition) if you prefer. Gear rental includes leathers, helmet, gloves, boots and back protector. It is a good idea to bring an undersuit (Moto-D makes a good one) or other underlayer like UnderArmour shirt and pants, or the school usually has underlayers for sale. An underlayer makes it easier to get leathers on and off, and keeps you cooler and a lot more comfortable under the leathers, considerably better than just trying to wear a regular T shirt/shorts underneath.
  11. I might drop by tomorrow, on the 9th. Are you going to be there for both days, Kawijay?
  12. I’m taking level one and renting CSS gear. Is a helmet included? I couldn’t find an answer on their website. Thank you
  13. Great! Welcome to the forum, glad to hear you are signed up for a course. Post up any questions you have, people on this board are very friendly and happy to help.
  14. Sure, Oct 2017, set out for a group ride with some friends. Morning started off fine, met up with my friends and first stretch was no problem. After our first stop and second stretch I blacked out on the ride which I was leading mind you. Luckily I blacked out while going relatively slow and basically bike just kept going down and down on a turn lol. I guess my body just went completely limp and tumbled around and ended up on the side of the road. I was laying still for a bit and my friends called the paramedics. All this is from my friends telling me; as I don't remember anything after the 2nd stop meeting up with my friends (and I only remember that day because I have pictures of us meeting up). By the time the paramedics arrived I had gotten up on my feet and felt fine and such probably adrenaline or something. Shortly after they arrived and talking to them I had a seizure and collapsed where my heart stopped. They used the defibrillator on me for about 10-15mins I was told. I ended up in the hospital which I remember almost nothing for the first 6 weeks or so. Basically was in an induced coma for most of it to recover. I did fracture my scapula and cracked a couple ribs but my heart sustained significant damage during the time it wasn't pumping (they call it the widowmaker veins? that wasn't getting blood). I ended up with a tracheotomy, feeding tube for the 2 months I was in the hospital went from 178lbs to something like 135lbs. Could barely move but most of my pain was from my frozen shoulder because I wasn't moving for the entire time in the hospital bed. Sometime during my stay got transferred out of ICU got transferred to another hospital to be closer to home and recover. Finally got home at the end of December. Against doctors orders I started eating real food w/ the trach in my throat because I was starving and too weak. Started able to move about end of January, began cardiac rehab for about 3 months. Had an elective defibrillator implant put in just in case something like this was to ever happen again. By May my heart had regained some function that was lost but will never be 100%. And June was back to being able to lift my legs over a bike so went off and bought me a 2018 Ducati V4S and been riding that since. Funny enough my bike that crashed sustained minor damage, mostly cosmetic since it was slow enough, it did have an oil leak so my friend replaced the oil pan but no cracks seemed it just broke the seal. I have no family history of heart disease, one of those weird flukes, I was 44 at the time. 1 1/2 years now and no issues; riding daily. Crazy stories are the lucid dreams I had at the hospital during my heavily medicated state lol. Had my wife and some great friends visit me during my hospital stay; someone tried to stay with me daily. And friends that came by daily once I got home to bring me meals. Also I got fed up staying at the hospital once I got moved to the other hospital and the nurses there were horrible. So I checked myself out basically; my good friend came to visit me and told him to get the doctor because I'm not staying here no more. I told them I'm refusing treatment and get me outta here; had to sign a bunch of release forms but I didn't care at that point, and the doctors had no choice to let me go. Friends had to carry me pretty much but I got home; in a lot of pain but road to recovery. While the hospital intentions were good lack of nutrition and proper care at some point just got me weaker. I recovered quickly once I got home and began eating again. Disappointing thing is my GoPro was on the rear and accidentally got put in still photos mode so no footage other than my friends looking at my camera trying to figure out if it's on and such. Helmet has a nice big gash on the side from hitting a rock; full leathers help sustain no scratches. And I now have a crazy bike story to tell.
  15. Hi All, I am planning to take the 2 day camp later this year at Alton, VA. I have been riding my Triumph Street cup for little over a year now. I am planning to take the super bike course to learn a lot and experience riding on the track on a S1000RR which is a whole new top level of experience. Any input is appreciated.
  16. A heart attack while riding!! That sounds like quite a story, care to tell it...? We would love to see you back for more Level 4! Tons of new Level 4 material and drills since 2017.
  17. Compare video above to these
  18. I will admit I was surprised to see how minute the movement of the triple tree is in this video during change of direction.
  19. Forgot about CSS for a bit; haven't been around this forums since I had a heart attack in Oct 2017... WHILE RIDING... lol That's for another time but yeah crazy stuff; anyways finally started riding this past June when I could walk around again. Anyways was looking at couple schools this year to get some skills back and might do both CSS and YCRS this time for comparison; since I didn't get to last time due to unforeseeable circumstances 😛 So last time I finished lvls 1-4; I had that semi bad experience for a bit on lvl 3 and you guys made things right immediately even though you didn't have to. Hopefully I make it to CSS next month back at NJMP.
  20. Today I saw a social media post from another big name riding school that spoke of "the importance of body position and using the lower body to steer the bike.” It made my forehead wrinkle because steering with the lower body is contradictory to everything I understand about motorcycle riding. I sometimes think I should be open to some of the "just trust me" tips from fast guys; the last thing I want to be as a student is closed-minded. But there are some things, like this lower body steering that make me skeptical. I love CSS instruction because they have so much solid data, as you said, to back up what they teach.
  21. I find it easy to do (with the front brake and throttle) on the road, but not sure my brain could cope when riding at the very limit.
  22. One of my current bikes is a 1999 Honda NT650V Deauville. I have put the rear preload on max, which raised the static ride height by 40 mm. Up front, I have raised the oil level by 5 mm to 115 mm from the top and raised the front 20 mm through extra preload. It handles like a bike much lighter than its 530 lbs wet weight would suggest - I will claim that it steers quicker with less effort than my MT07. After raising it, the 150/70-17 Michelin PR4 will erase any trace of chicken strips before anything touches down. The 110/70-17 Michelin Pilot Street front has about 3 mm of chicken strips left, at which point the short peg feelers scrape hard enough to fold the pegs noticeably upwards. Still, by looking at the tires and also judging the sensation of lean, I would say that the bike heal over satisfactorily for a street bike. However. Cornering speed is unusually low. As an example, today I went through a long sweeper with the peg feeler screeching while doing an indicated 55 mph. As a comparison, the MT07 will take the same corner at 70 with nothing touching down. Same with the GSX600F Katana I owned some years ago. In fact, I could do over 50 mph on my Intruder 1400, a bike not famous for its cornering abilities. This repeats itself around just about any type of corner. And before I upped the preload, it would scrape doing 40 around a corner my CB400SF take at 65 mph with seemingly tons in reserve, although I had reached my personal limit. Finally, the question; what in your opinion could be causing this bike to lean far and corner slow?
  23. The overlapping can only be with the rear brake. All flat track and cross riders use it extensively to maximize chassis stability and the traction/power delay is higher than on sport bikes. I can't begin to imagine how to overlap the front brake lever and the throttle.
  24. I agree with this 100%. While it is sort of an interesting theoretical discussion, it would seem exceedingly difficult to apply in practice.
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