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  2. I remember when that happened. It was also shared on Social Media.
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  4. Indeed! But if you search Marc Marquez 2015 qualifying Austin you should be able to find footage of his bike stopping on the main straight with 3-something minutes to go. He then jumps the fence, runs to his spare bike, and proceed to set pole time.
  5. This is a great topic and yes, there is much to learn from racing games. So I have a PS4 and play car racing games (Project Cars 2, Assetto Corsa, GT Sport) with a steering wheel (Logitech G29). The single big advantage I have noticed is vision. Everytime I drive I consciously practice the wide-vision drill that I notice myself doing it without intending to. This immensely helps with tunnel vision and with taking in a ton of visual information ahead of you. I'm much better able to look for my braking point, turning point, apex, exit, and "long" before hitting any of those points you pick up your eyes and look for the next point while still using the peripheral to make sure you're hitting all the points as intended. Just as explained in the TOTW books. If you can get your hands on any car racing games (on a racetrack), even with a controller (as opposed to a steering wheel), turn off the racing lines and start working on picking out reference points based on how your virtual car brakes and accelerates, and work on vision. Oh and don't use the chase cam view, use the cockpit or helmet or hood cams.
  6. I mean, at some point I think you 'have to' take some weight in the arms, but this should be at the onset of the brakes when you're still straight up and down -- as little as possible & they should relax before the turn in starts. (Reference "on fast, off slow" part of the brake lecture). Or am I wrong?
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  8. The MM93 video was blocked by Dorna 😞
  9. Ever consider that Leg Danglers are using their arms to support themselves? I know...sounds "wrong", right? Well Keith Code found that even high level riders are making basic errors, which is why everyone starts CSS at Level 1.
  10. Blocking a passing rider to me makes sense, i really don't see how it can help you keep your position on the motorcycle because you're giving up a point of contact with the tank by doing the leg dangle.
  11. My small contribution (and a little bit of speculation) is that Rossi started doing it around the time he began using Mini-moto for training. It also appears that he uses it to block a passing rider.
  12. When I am at the track discussing technique one of the things I hear from a lot of people when I discuss holding your position by squeezing the tank while on the brakes is that the 'Rossi Leg Dangle' is somehow demonstrative that this is in error. I've not really found this convincing myself, but it is certainly at least getting popular in a lot of circles if for no reason except imitation. I've read up on a few theories (extra drag, for example) but nothing that sounded really grounded in data. Has anyone done some real analysis on the technique to see what value there is to doing it or if it might just be some psychological benefit?
  13. If you turn off the "off-track aid in the options, you well definitely fall on the grass lol, trust me lol
  14. oh interesting. I watched this a bit: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=h5Q7Fsawf7o and he just runs through grass et al to seemingly no ill effect.
  15. General question to the CSS team: I attended the 2 day class. There was no fitting done with regard to sag settings for the riders. Isn't that important? There was quite a range of rider size and weight, but I don't recall anybody setting up suspension for riders. What are the thoughts on this?
  16. Not sure if they offer it as a pc game and sorry there's no discount. No worries about the questions. Im far from an expert but i think i game enough to have a few answers lol
  17. Do they offer the game as a PC download? What if I own the XBox version, do I get a discount on the PS4 or PC version? Sorry for the questions, it’s been A REALLY LONG TIME since I’ve done video games. I own a retro Atari and retro SNES (the updated ones released a couple years ago), just to put in context. Played a few times for nostalgia and now they’re on the shelf.
  18. This i have done in the game and yes.... you go down 🤣🤣🤣 The rear gives, you slide and it leads to a high side
  19. I gotta see if I'm in sim mode. Could explain a lot lol.
  20. faffi

    Style have changed

    Still good racing, though
  21. On a similar note... We are looking at flights (from Seattle) and accommodation to/for Barber and Laguna Seca. It seems flights are cheaper to Laguna but stays are more expensive. What have other people done?
  22. So let me introduce myself I have been riding now for 7 years now and have completed lvl 1-4 in Australia and repeated lvl 4 in the UK, I really love the way the school explains and encourages to improve yourself and during my last lvl 4 I was lucky enough to be voted as student of the day, and in which as given the prize of 2 BSB tickets for Caldwell Park. I ride a s1000rr and love this bike. But it’s come to my attention that the franchise of California Superbike school in UK has gone into receivership and hence closed down. What I would be interested is what other locations in Europe can I book another lvl 4 as I see ongoing training critical part of my riding. Thanks all Adam
  23. This is truly my favorite time of year. I signed up for the first class, in February. I was a little hesitant at first because of the potential for uncomfortably cold conditions, but then I remembered that the BMWs have heated grips 😎. See you in Vegas!
  24. SRod321

    2020 WSBK

    I for one am excited to see next season. It's awesome to see Gerloff make the jump, I hope he does well. Not sure how well Bautista is gonna do on the Honda. The Hondas were not doing very good this past season. It IS a brand new SP model however. This new edition is supposed to give the rest of the pack a run for their money. Hopefully they don't have the bad luck Sykes and Reiterberger had with the new BMW in its inaugural run. It's gonna be interesting to see how BMW improved as well, especially with the addition of Eugene Laverty. I can't wait! Wish it was spring already...*sigh*
  25. The descriptions that I’ve read from others hint very strongly that it’s possible to make technical errors when it’s in the Sim mode. I expect that in Arcade mode you can get away with anything.
  26. Thanks for mentioning that Cam won the MotoAmerica championship. I was just texting with a friend a couple of weeks ago and we honestly couldn't find on the internet who the 2019 winner was. Not on google, not on Wiki, not on Motoamerica's own website. That for me is a big difference between BSB and MotoAmerica, the popularity, the interest and the marketing.
  27. I've considered picking these up (I'm actually a game designer/engineer) but have a sort of feeling that they're, at best, just specialized driving sims -- I'm not sure they'll encourage proper technique or skills in any notable way (can anyone check if you go down by adding throttle and lean?)
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