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  2. Can I ask what the most common reasons for the 39 people that don't make it tend to be?
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  4. Time to update this thread. We are looking for qualified coach candidates. The primary reason is we continue to add the number of coaches needed per School day. Used to be 6 coaches needed. Now at some Schools it's grown to 15. If you are interested, or think you might qualify, please read the following carefully, and return the application (download here).Regards,Cobie FairChief Riding CoachCalifornia Superbike SchoolOverall description:1. Racing experience is preferred. We have to see the riding to answer if the riding skill level will be adequate. Most of our students arestreet riders, but we do need someone that can set an excellent example for a broad range of skills.2. Friendly, personable, upbeat, high ethical standards, fit in with the rest of our team is a must.3. Excellent communication and observation skills. Willing to be trained and do homework. The coach training is vigorous, not for thewimpy. Every aspect of what you do is examined, honed, tested, and improved on a regular basis.4. The positions are part time or full time (meaning doing all Schools) for independent contractors but we need a minimum of 15 school days per year.5. There is a tryout. That is usually 1 day at a racetrack.6. After the tryout, there is a short probation period/apprenticeship, but we pay all travel and other expenses, use our bike, gear, etc. Probation period depends on you and how much work you are putting into your training.7. After probation, coaches are paid according to their instructor skill level, how many of our training programs they have completed. Starts at$180 per day, goes up from there.Getting all these together in the same package is the hard part. Truthfully we are a very dedicated, serious-about-being-the-best bunch, and it shows.About 1 in 40 that apply make it past the probation stage. We are a school, we train riders and racers and we do that totally. We don't give jobs to our friends because we like them.Download the application and email it to me.
  5. Yeah, trying to move the weight pile in my garage a little this winter...
  6. Thanks for posting the saves Faffi. Looks like when he puts the weight on his knee or elbow, he doesn't transfer tension into his arms, but takes if off. In one left hand save, I wish there had been real good slo-mo, as it look like he let go of the bar for a moment.
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  8. A few of the key coaches (including the Chief Riding Coach UK) are keen and working full steam to bring a licensed California Superbike School back to Europe/Middle East, with Keith's endorsement. They've been very hard at work on this, as you can imagine, it's quite a task. We'll keep you informed as things are finalized.
  9. Hello! That's a pretty sweet bonus prize of free BSB tickets - hope it was a good show! I am also based in the UK and a bit gutted that the Superbike School has shut down. Various people have mentioned rumours of a new company taking over the franchise, but I have no idea when this will be. I have done a couple of schools in the UK, but most of them have been over in the States. It might sound outlandish, but maybe worth considering (or not ?!) When you add the school day (or two) to the cost of a flight, plus hotels, it wasn't that much different to what I'd spend getting to a UK day. Obviously, there are other costs and more hotels to pay for to make a bit of a trip of it, but I found the US schools and staff fantastic. Weather is a bonus, as the last school I went to here was 'rained off'! Track-wise, I've only been to Willow Springs in California, but keep planning one to Virginia Int'l Raceway - which is also closer so less flying time/cost. I'm not sure if the European franchised branches of the School are still operating in Europe, or still delivering the same programme?
  10. I can't find the source but I remember reading something that seemed quite reasonable to help explain at least some of it: 1. The spanish 'program' for young racers is much more competitive than the others. This gives the drive early to develop the skills et al at a level most other locales don't. I remember mentioning the way Marquez tends to 'run away' with races and never backing off even with a comfortable lead in first as a sign of this because in that program you could never give an inch. 2. his ability to 'read' his tires is apparently beyond that of most other GP riders. I remember hearing that other riders would report in kind of vague 'better' 'worse' feedback while he would be able to describe the behavior and limits in very nuanced ways. I actually find this part fascinating, as I have the opposite problem (I hear many track riders/racers with concerns about their tire grip, and while I've had incidents with a few slides (and thanks to relax and other drills, always let the bike sort them out and came out fine), I've never really had a read on how much I'm pushing the tire/what it's doing.
  11. Congrats on your new bike! Can you disengage regen so that the bike is free-rolling when you close the throttle? I know electric cars can be det up for no, some and full regen, and the affect on engine braking is massive. Also,, as it is likely RBW, you can probably reprogram the throttle for a more linear operation.
  12. Hey wsup!!! I am in Waldorf Md. I will be in class in Jersey in May. Will you be there as well?
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  14. Steveg

    Hi all!

    Thanks guys, I've had it for about 6 months now. Had to give it some tlc, rebuild front brakes inc new seals and braided lines, fix the stva, fork seals, set up suspension properly, baffle on the exhaust fixed the jerky response at low revs and little bits like tank pads and a clear screen. Can't wait to get back home and ride.
  15. For sure. I'm trying to get back to the gym more -- get back to my 'normal' weight that my suspension is prepped for plus the endurance factor!
  16. Hi all, Im here to share my terrible experience Yesterday I drove my bike down hill. I tried to have thrilling experience by changing the steering wheel, from left to right. After that, I and the car rolled a few times down the slope. As a result, I lost a front tooth and had several stitches. What the most foolish thing I've ever experienced...
  17. Cobie, I believe he knows at least part of why he crashed or I think from the way he explained it. He brakes really hard and early, parking it in a sense and feels he has to make up the lost time on entry on the exit πŸ‘ I will pass your message along to himπŸ‘ Thank You Andrew
  18. Being pretty fit also helps, in particular with the larger bikes at tighter tracks (get less fatigued with moving the thing around). If you need a reason to train a bit in the off season, there you go!
  19. Welcome, and yes..nice bike :).
  20. This has come up, many times. One of the key reasons is knowing EXACTLY why the crash happened (all the pieces that lead up to and caused it) and how to make sure it doesn't happen again. There are some very definite steps that one does to get the motorcycle to be stable in the turn. It'd be good if you could just get him to call me in the office. I'm in every day, from 1pm on. 800-530-3350, have him ask for me, leave a message if I'm busy or out. Best, Cobie
  21. I know the main gate it always manned, I was referring to the paddock gate, that's usually locked too...but I'd think people ask about this regularly.
  22. Yeah, just take a look at what he allows the front to do, after he "looses it." Let us know what you see.
  23. Gates are manned and roving security patrol 24/7 on event days.
  24. I'm not sure what VIR allows...I think they close gate/track access once all track activity is done. I'd give 'em a call.
  25. I have a friend who had a pretty nasty high side a couple years back and cannot seem to get the traction monkey off his back and get back to progressing as he was. I am doing my very best to get him to register and come with us, but he isn’t sure one day will be enough to restore his tire confidence. He has other issues he is aware of, but trust is his major degrader right now. Is there a portion of the school to help restore his confidence in having fun again? Thanks Andrew
  26. Our group will def be staying at the track πŸ‘ What better way to let the new to the track guy get the whole experience 😁 Thanks Andrew
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