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  2. The Ridge: Shelton Inn is minimal but comfortable and close. The Little Creek casino is a bit farther but not much, I don't know their room rates but their trailer rate was very fair (it's also where the staff usually stays). If you're willing to drive a bit more Olympia isn't unreasonably far and gives you a lot more options and thus better odds of a good price. Laguna Seca: I try to stay at Hiltons where I can, since that's what I use for business travel. I usually pick the Hampton Inn over by Monterey. Barber: the Hampton Inn Birmingham/Leeds is basically in WALKING DISTANCE of Barber. (Hampton Inn is one of the more affordable options in the Hilton portfolio, so their prices are generally reasonable without a gross room)
  3. BTW: I see you're flagged as in BC -- The Ridge is nearby and one of my top 3 tracks (the others are Barber and VIR); Laguna Seca is probably in the top 5 though, and of course is super historic. (haha, just realized you're over in the track suggestions thread already. I'll bounce over there :P)
  4. I think one of the group has called. Deciding on a date. Probably the session in June 😁
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  6. I wonder if getting one of the largest curved monitors would enhance this effect, as it would let you actively keep your wideview a bit better than something that your macular vision can't cover the majority of the space.
  7. I want to move to using two fingers but honestly it's been a challenge, and it's hard to hit the point where focusing on that is the best drill to focus on!
  8. This is what we generally recommend at the school, as well, although of course on the S1000rrs it does the rev-matching for you so you don't have to mess with blipping the throttle. It does "mean downshifts" with just a click of the shift lever.
  9. I don't know if anything like that is available but I agree with Yakaru that the best approach would be to call the office.
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  11. It seems they have to deal with a poor reputation as well. Note that the article was published Nov 12, 2018 and I didn't find anything newer. https://www.roadracingworld.com/news/asma-bans-icon-helmets-citing-safety-concerns/
  12. Day 2 of having Xbox & Ride3 in the house. After persevering with getting the system setup (going to make some other changes later) we finally were able to actually play the game. During everyone's first ride, we all managed some creative ways to crash the Panigale at Laguna Seca. Once beyond that stage, a selection of bikes opens up as well as a selection of tracks. My son is now riding the Kawasaki KX450 Supermoto at Road America and doing quite well! With the suggested lines turned on, I hope that he gets some ideas about lines; it's a subject I've introduced thrice, but it may have been too early for him. We'll see if the game acts as the intended learning aid. I'm also over the idea of the controllers being too complicated, but that's also a factor of my doing some outside self-improvement work, not just game related. I'm less than $300 into this deal and if all fails, at least we have a streaming media and Blu Ray Player in the family room now to replace the devices I wasn't too happy about. And hopefully, Just Dance 2020 becomes another family fun activity...it's quite a workout!
  13. I've always been in the habit of holding 2 fingers on the front brake for the purpose of revving while throwing mean down shifts and braking hard. Otherwise the rear tire, having little weight on it, would lock up! This is the equivalent of heel-and-toe in a car. Which, having been a serious mountain driver, is second nature! Most anyone can bring a vehicle up in speed fast, it's bringing it down in speed fast that counts! Just a tip
  14. I don't think you'll have much luck -- I asked for a "school pack" since I've done a ton of schools the last two years and was told no dice. Good luck though. (You'll probably get a faster response pinging Ginny or Whitney directly than asking here, btw)
  15. Looks like the group from level 1&2 are trying to get together to do 3&4 at Laguna Seca in June. Any chance for group rates for 7 people?
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  17. Guys ....I wanted to ask your thoughts on the racing/trackday suit made by ICON. I always thought the materials and tech used in ICON's products were just for the street. I personally sent a question out to ICON asking if/when they planning on making some SNELL approved helmets. I think the come up with some nice helmet designs
  18. I've wondered about this as well that they can brake hard enough to lift the rear tire without putting stress on the bars and with one leg dangling. My presumption is that they're locked on well enough with the outside leg and that throwing out the inside leg still allows for them to further shift the CG in to the turn without further shifting around on the bike. It seems like there would be no way for them to have any front end feel if they were bracing with the arms.
  19. I remember when that happened. It was also shared on Social Media.
  20. Indeed! But if you search Marc Marquez 2015 qualifying Austin you should be able to find footage of his bike stopping on the main straight with 3-something minutes to go. He then jumps the fence, runs to his spare bike, and proceed to set pole time.
  21. This is a great topic and yes, there is much to learn from racing games. So I have a PS4 and play car racing games (Project Cars 2, Assetto Corsa, GT Sport) with a steering wheel (Logitech G29). The single big advantage I have noticed is vision. Everytime I drive I consciously practice the wide-vision drill that I notice myself doing it without intending to. This immensely helps with tunnel vision and with taking in a ton of visual information ahead of you. I'm much better able to look for my braking point, turning point, apex, exit, and "long" before hitting any of those points you pick up your eyes and look for the next point while still using the peripheral to make sure you're hitting all the points as intended. Just as explained in the TOTW books. If you can get your hands on any car racing games (on a racetrack), even with a controller (as opposed to a steering wheel), turn off the racing lines and start working on picking out reference points based on how your virtual car brakes and accelerates, and work on vision. Oh and don't use the chase cam view, use the cockpit or helmet or hood cams.
  22. I mean, at some point I think you 'have to' take some weight in the arms, but this should be at the onset of the brakes when you're still straight up and down -- as little as possible & they should relax before the turn in starts. (Reference "on fast, off slow" part of the brake lecture). Or am I wrong?
  23. The MM93 video was blocked by Dorna 😞
  24. Ever consider that Leg Danglers are using their arms to support themselves? I know...sounds "wrong", right? Well Keith Code found that even high level riders are making basic errors, which is why everyone starts CSS at Level 1.
  25. Blocking a passing rider to me makes sense, i really don't see how it can help you keep your position on the motorcycle because you're giving up a point of contact with the tank by doing the leg dangle.
  26. My small contribution (and a little bit of speculation) is that Rossi started doing it around the time he began using Mini-moto for training. It also appears that he uses it to block a passing rider.
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