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  1. Based on what's been happening in off season testing, how do you think'll go? How will the new guys fare? (meaning new to their bikes). Will Marquez come out and demoralize them? Rossi start strong (hard to bet against him). Lorenzo on the Duc? Vinales?
  2. Forcefield has a chest protector too, not part of the shirt.
  3. Good list!
  4. Nice, I was at that one, pretty sure. I don't think this is the same race, pretty sure it was a few years later (but still the same track/race put on my the Yamaha dealers I think). Good job on finding this! CF
  5. One can also just lower the upper body, leave the lower in place...covered in detail in Level 3.
  6. I'll be very interested to see these! Bamboo...amazing.
  7. It does pose an interesting question about electronics, doesn't it? And modern electronics can be very, very good. One plus is is can give the rider an idea of what the bike wants. And it can always be turned off. I've had a number of coaches do just that. In fact, we have some good racers coming to our race school this next week, I'm going to see where he puts the settings.
  8. Yes, amazingly impressive.
  9. Not exactly, it was out of what is now turn 10, before turn 11. Back then, it was turns 8 and 9. The track didn't have the current turn 2-4, it was a pretty fast turn 2 and rejoined at what is now turn 5. Not sure the exact year the track was changed, we could find out though...
  10. I didn't see any of either Hailwoood, or Ago...but wish I had. I did see Kenny (Sr.). He set the bar in many ways, but here is one (I maybe mentioned this's a favorite): At the races at Laguna Seca, back when the GP guys would come to a non-GP race in US, Kenny and the boys would put on a show, and keep the pace so the local guys could hang with them for a while. At the time "local" was guys like Mike Baldwin (4 time US champion in the GP equivalent class), Rainey, etc. I was watching in what would have been T-10 (but this was before the infield, so it was T-8). Kenny wheelied past Mike Baldwin, as Mike was on brakes for T-9! WTF! Awesome to see that command of the machine, a whole level above one of the top guys in the US at the time. Kenny even hired Mike to ride for him later on his team in Europe.
  11. But traction control, that's a big deal...
  12. Or stick it up for all to see!
  13. JB, thanks for posting that up. Sending one of my coaches, Brian (very solid guy, and computer guy for his day job...a well-rounded fellow).
  14. It's true, the modern evolution of racing pretty much demands the benefits from getting the body lowered. Real world street riding, is it even needed? Would it even come close to outweighing the minus of less ability to see? Who thinks what on this? I know I don't get that low when I street ride...
  15. Wow! Hadn't heard of either. OK, how do we get some to try???? CF