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  1. If you can get around to reading the two books Twist of the Wrist Vol1 and Vol2, you'll be prepared to better understand the classroom portions of the school as the language will be familiar. The jury is still out on the value of watching track videos beforehand.
  2. You have to consider the man in the engineering loop. Honda has been known in the past to lightly weigh subjective human data in favor of bike mounted sensors. IMO this is shortsighted on their part. One day, engineers will consider the human as just as important in the equation. Until then...all we get are gel hand grips (metaphorically speaking, of course).
  3. No place to really post this, but I thought it was appropriate to give this author a memorial amongst motorcyclists for his work. Here's an article about his book. God Speed Mr. Pirsig
  4. Alas....you are correct. The post is about a 3rd party comment relayed via Lance Armstrong. Cal had once told him that he wore a heart rate monitor during a race and his BPM was...
  5. Interesting piece of prose. I remember that part about Rossi's heart rate but not the actual numbers as quoted on the DocuMovie, Faster. I think however the OP is referring to bicycles which doesn't line up with the fear of death, unless Cal has trained himself to fear all single tracked vehicles-LoL.
  6. Here's a video of Josh Herrin at COTA with a rearward camera angle on his left hand. I thought I'd share as it was eye-opening to me to see that he's barely touching the bars during much of the lap. It kinda fits in with Cobie's recent Hand Controls thread.
  7. Ya'll want to see something amazing!!!! Watch #MarcMarquez in qualifying https://www.facebook.com/MotoGP/videos/10155590020540769/
  8. It's my understanding that a high heart rate isn't a good sign for anyone especially an athlete. It is good that he can sustain it, but as you get in better shape the circulatory efficiency goes up and the heart doesn't have to work as hard. Thats what made this confusing for me.
  9. What do you guys think is the best way to get into this riding stuff? Let's say that Joe decides to take up motorcycle riding and buys a new sport bike. Joe goes down to the local community college and takes a 4 day course and comes out with a shiny new license and he's now legal to ride on the streets. While Joe is legal, he's certainly not safe - he's missing a lot of experience. The problem with experience is that it teaches the "not do's" with a stern wrap on the knuckles (and head, and elbows and...you get the picture). Now that Joe has a couple days of classroom and practical learning he's realized that riding in traffic with people on cellphones, dogs and children in the street and just so many other distractions, it isn't conducive to him learning nor enjoying his new bike. Joe learns about California Superbike School and thinks it's the ideal environment, but then reads the FAQs and finds out that he will need ~2,000 miles before he can have enough attention units leftover to benefit from the school...and besides he has never ridden beyond 25mph, much less been on a high speed racetrack with other students buzzing around and past him at over 100mph. Joe's friend asks him to come to his trackday org and ride with them, no experience required. It's legal and within their regs but is it the best environment for Joe to learn about riding his shiny new motorcycle? He's tempted and doesn't know what he should do. Who can help Joe?
  10. I forgot to update this thread to say that everything is installed and I'm now in a tuning phase of my new suspension. I did get the GP Suspensions kit for the forks. I need more time on it and the weather and my family schedule has been uncooperative. I look forward to my upcoming schools next month (I've book all 4 levels, 1-2 repeat and 3-4) and am thankful for the training that I got last time from CSS and credit that to not crashing the bike as mentioned above. The training helped me keep the SRs at bay and to focus on a stead throttle roll in the turns. I hope to really hone that skill.
  11. I participate in a bike specific forum but the information is mostly pedestrian WRT how to setup the bike. My previous bike's setup was pretty good, but you never know how good it really could be as Paul Thede of RaceTech says, "The best you know is the best you've ridden." For this bike, I bought a used Penkse 8987 Triple Clicker rear shock and I'm just about to pull the trigger on the GP Suspensions 20mm revalve kit and aftermarket springs- I plan to have a local guy install it while I'm an "active participant" in the upgrade (really looking forward to it). The problem(s) I'm trying to correct: Harsh bump response on street (can knock me off the seat and is murder on my discs) Vague front end feel in long 180degree corners I'd like a little more front end support on the brakes (trackdays) I have to admit do spending money on parts and never having done any adjustments to the stock components. I'm guilty. The forum members suggest there are some inherent weaknesses in the chassis setup from the factory that good suspension can really only be a Band-Aid for. I'm not at the level where I can bring out those weaknesses, but they say the chassis is too stiff laterally. They also say the OEM setup is setup to do so many things that it doesn't do anything well (I understand this analytically). I'm hoping to get a better understanding of what I should be looking for in terms of a baseline setup for street primarily and then make a few tweaks for the track as needed (the shock has adjustable ride height and I've been "warned" that the front end needs to be extended beyond what the OEM forks will allow). Do I need to take meticulous rake, trail, ride height, wheelbase and swingarm angle measurements?
  12. I'm wondering (hoping actually) that Ben Spies will be seen in the Paddock.
  13. I was a bit confused when I saw my DVR schedule but DLHamblin's post cleared up something for me. MotoAmerica is running the same weekend as MotoGP at COTA!!!
  14. It's "bad" weather when MotoGP doesn't run- Ha!
  15. It makes me wonder how they're able to attract 10s of 1,000s in European stands for racing. These folks wait in the bad weather and everything!
  16. Since I've only seen MotoGP and WSBK on TV in what way is "the show" of MotoGP better? Maybe I've got it backwards, but I like being able to see all the action on track from my couch. Maybe I need better seating???
  17. Is this the same track for May 2017?
  18. Thank you!
  19. Nice. Only pro stuff I've seen was AMA...I went to see Mladin's last race. I've got a photo with him around somewhere.
  20. Myself and my lovely bride are doing L1-2 at ViR on May 8&9 (my birthday BTW). The following week, I am back for L3-4 at NJMP. She was originally booked also but thought it was a bit much for her. Maybe if she has too much fun, she will try to get a slot(?)
  21. Does ViR (and CSS) allow camping and what are the "facilities" (indoor plumbing) like?
  22. Nice. How much the tickets set you back?
  23. My theory is that the top out spring in my 2006 CBR1000RR fork is not only progressive but it's variable.Full range of travel yields 16mm of preload adjustment from all the way out at 0 to full stop.At full out, the installed preload was measured at 8mm. At 6 turns it's at 9mm and at 12.5 turns it's at 15mm.Someone please explain to me what's going on here. Aftermarket springs are 260mm, stock was 217mm (from memory). The preload spacer was cut from 100mm to 73mm
  24. He just got back to me, said I need to take sag measurements and that will help determine if something is indeed awry.
  25. It doesn't make sense for the rate to change because it's a thread that moves. It should be linear but it wasn't (as measured with the fork apart).