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  1. I went back and found the scene in Faster - Scene 15, "Rossi & Biaggi Pt 2". Doctor Costa says that Rossi's max HR is 125bpm and the max for Biaggi is 170bpm.
  2. Mat Oxley disects Maverick's riding style, along with tidbits about who different it is from Jorge's style.
  3. Or Baz in Q1:
  4. Exactly the same for me on my R6. Even though I have a DIY quick-throttle I still wish I had a shorter throw on the trackbike.
  5. If Lance had missed a dash so should have been read as "192bpm average over 4-5min" I would still be floored in awe.
  6. From Lance Armstrong's instagram: 192bpm average over 45min??? OMFG. Definitely lots of core strength and stamina like no other.
  7. To get the best experience of the racing (throughout the field), watch it on the screen. But going to the track gives you an entirely different experience - the 'ambience' thing. And finally ... there's no such thing as bad weather, only bad clothing!
  8. I'm inseam challenged the opposite way of Cobie, and I prefer to keep the balls of my feet on the pegs as well. Simply because it requires time, energy and attention for me to move my right foot back and forth. For reason I cannot explain, moving my left foot forward/back to operate the gear lever is not a problem for me
  9. Is it time to post this comparison between body positioning again?
  10. I saw it live with two of my friends. Moto3 and MotoGP had great action all the way, while Moto2 was kinda dull because the winner just pullled away from the other guys. But hot daymn! If the average race even have half the action of the Qatar race, this is going to be a great year and a great show!
  11. I have some bamboo running socks. Really nice & comfy
  12. That was Assen 2013, 5th place. Top in FP1, breaks the left(?) collarbone in FP2, didn't do FP3, FP4 nor Q2 (gridded as 12th), did WUP and Race Saturday. Rossi sure stole the limelight that day with his first victory since the return to Yamaha, but Lorenzo's feat was at least as big as Rossis. Doohan: that outright desire to win and incredible talent. For me, Rossi & Marqeuz have that same boyish love for riding and winning.
  13. I agree that it's very dependent on the rider. I generally get up to (my slow) speed quickly on new tracks, whereas one of my friends need a lot of time to get used to a new track (or a good tow around). Figuring out the hooking sweeper (Turn 9) on Big Willow did require some personal tuition from Cobie though. DL: It's pretty much down to yourself. I've never taken a CSS course on a track I knew ahead of time, so I might not be the best person to answer. You could actually argue that having a new track to learn is beneficial, because you don't have old & bad habits from riding there previously
  14. I'd start with getting the front fork spring rate right, then damping (fork oil viscosity/level, comp/rebound damping). I have never experience a shock spring rate being vastly wrong, so I presume it's less important. On the rear, I've experienced a 'dead' shock (ie oil is worn out so no/little damping left) twice, so I'd look for that. Then there's getting the front/rear balance right, in terms of of fast the frotn/rear goes through the stroke. The only measurements I've done is sag and oil level in the front. YMMV.
  15. I got it & read it. Just waaaaay too cold and miserable to even think about riding around here. Kai
  16. I'm still gonna stick with Marquez, Viñales, Rossi. Lorenzo appears to be struggling a lot with the GP17, though. The unknown quality about Viñales is how he'll handle the fighting at the sharp end. He was too agressive at one of the Spanish GPs last year, and just ended up slowing down himself and Pedrosa. Marquez put it very well at the Philip Island test (link): "Yes, Viñales is faster than Rossi over a single lap, but Rossi's going to be there on Sunday." (paraphrased)
  17. Unfortunately that one isn't of my own making - I think I got that from the "Squid purity Test" (warning: long).
  18. Countersteering - isn't this when you guide the guy behind the counter to the stuff you need?
  19. And a proliferate Norwegian. I guess he's hibernating right now.
  20. There are a couple of software packages out there that can overlay video and data. I've used Dashware to do this (it's free). Unfortunately, development has stopped, as the team has been aquired by GoPro.
  21. If I had been in SoCal and had the time, I would have loved to help.
  22. The MotoGP riders can nod to that in unison. Sachsenring is infamous for that problem, due to having no less than 7 left-hand corners in a row, then followed by a downhill right-hand corner (T11, the "Waterfall" corner).
  23. Looks like Dashware to me.
  24. How would you use the information from the temperature sensors? you might be able to integrate the information into the TC, but it still couldn't compensate for track surface/adhesion.