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  1. I will have a look at some pics and post them to get feedback. Thanks !
  2. Hi, I am looking for some advice for a problem that I already encountered at my last CSS class. This has to do with my lack of symetry (-;. Bottom line is that my lock on left corners is really good, I can get my body nicely positioned, I am really relaxed on the handlebars, can move my upper body very freely. On the right corners, this is not as good. My lock is not so great. During the first laps, it's OK, but rapidly, as soon as I get a bit tired, my left leg does not hold me very well in position, so I don't have a good movement, I compensate with my back (and so I get pain in my back) and I am less relaxed on the handlebars and use my harms too much. So except for going to the gym to get all those muscles from left leg, body core etc..reinforced to have a better, stronger lock, any advice on exercises or anything that would help me solve this symmetry issue ? Thanks !
  3. France
  4. Well....until January 1st 2016, we could not have (except on the track of course) more than 106 hp...So my religion was repressed big time until then
  5. Thing is that, at least on my bike (Yamaha R1, cannot talk for sure about others), the impact of turning your throttle on the opening of the system is not equivalent depending from where to where it goes. More specifically, the first degrees don't have the same effect that the last ones. It is not linear. So a fast throttle does not have to make the bike more difficult to manage. For instance, my bike (1000 cc) at the moment has huge power (215 cv at the crank) and huge torque (>13). And the fast throttle is very very precise to manage...because it is not much different than the normal throttle at the beginning (so it's not like you don't manage the power well initially, it's almost normal), but then when you get WOT, so in the last part of the rotation, that's where I need to turn it much less than the normal throttle. But then, that's where the power differential is less important, so this is super easy to manage. And I really appreciate not having to reposition my hand..actually I find that having to reposition my hand rather makes me do some "parasite" moves on the throttle, which destabilise the bike more. My 2 cents.
  6. What is really noticeable on many pics is that when leaning, his outer knee is right up in the air...not locking is body...So I guess he has enough strength on his inner leg to still lock his position although his knee is not touching the tank. Wondering what the CSS coaches think about his body position when leaned.
  7. I think about my hand positions a lot. On my track bike, the position of the brake lever vs clutch lever are very different. I don' t know what's good what's bad, but I played a lot with that to find what works for me. Then when leaning to the right, I actually do think a lot about moving my hand so that it is in continuity with the throttle for better control. Also I changed the throttle so have less angle when WOT. Like this, I don't need to turn my hand so much and I feel I have more control.
  8. I was available, I think the school was available...but my bloody work was not available )-: Unfortunately, it is tricky for me...usually not too many options, as I have to cross the atlantic to come ! Anyway...lots of track days planned here so that I improve and reach my limits again...and then it will be time to get back to CSS to break these limits... I am so sorry I won't be able to make fun of Gerry (-;
  9. Sad day today...the day I have news from work that on the ONE date I was available to go for a 2-day camp at CSS....I have to be at work, and no way around it... Sad day indeed...looking forward 2018 then...
  10. Live chats about bike setups, techniques, rider's gear would be awesome...especially as everybody is preparing for the 2017 season...
  11. My first pick is Rossi...because he is just a little younger than I am...go old man ! Go ! My second pick is Vinales...because everybody expects one of the top three guy to do it again. He is fast on a few laps...just needs to stay fast over the entire race. My third pick is Cal Crutchlow...of course he won't win, but I hope he will manage to win a race this year. He is on a satellite team, and the guy is actually very funny. And also because then, someone who is neither from Spain or from Italy wins ! My last pick is Loris Baz...now way on earth he would win, but because he is a tall rider, just a little taller than I am...I want the end of the domination of the gnomes !!! And I cannot stand Lorenzo. He is an amazing rider, but the guy is so arrogant. Funny the comment of the Yamaha mechanics on the Motogp site the other day. It was something like Vinales can be as fast as Lorenzo, but with a better character. Wondering whether Yamaha is that sad to see Lorenzo leave...
  12. Interesting topic ! Bikespeedman, your upcoming 2nd bike, apparently an R1...will it be a 2015-2017 model ? If so, go and try it first. My R1 is a track only bike but I did the official 1000 km on the road first, nicely, as recommended...the new R1 is NOT a comfortable bike on the road. The engine is not smooth enough at low RPM to be comfortable on the road as a commuter. At least, I hated it when doing these 1000 loooong kms... My former s1000rr was way more comfortable on the road than the R1, by far. Now my R1 is a track-only bike (so was my s1000rr eventually), and there I like it much better than the s1000rr. But for the road...ouch !
  13. yeah he can ride this Rea !!!
  14. My 2 cents All of these comparisons are really meaningless. None of them ever are a direct comparison and even if they were they would still be equally meaningless. You could compare the same rider on the exact same bike and get different results depending on what they had to eat and how much sleep they got. Even the ambient conditions could change a test rending the result equally as meaningless. What does all this mean? Spend less time comparing numbers and spend more time enjoying your bike. That's really the only thing that means anything. If comparison is what tickles your fancy find something that you can actually do a real comparison with results that can actually be replicated. Motorcycles have way too many variables. Are all the numbers completely useless? No. As long as you keep the variability in mind they can be somewhat useful for accomplishing some goals. Just stay grounded somewhat in reality about what they really mean. We cannot agree more ! That's exactly the point I was trying to make (maybe the message did not go through (-. Whatever numbers says, in every aspect of the bike, from power to weight to handling, these things are so complicated that the really best working bike does not have to have all the newest parts...it has to be the one that has the best balance, where everything works well together, and that works with one's way of riding and one's level of riding. That's why I only do mods that are strongly advised to me by either riders of similar or slightly higher levels than mine, or by people I trust (from riding coaches to mechanics I know well), as mods that will help my riding. Or of course, mods that I manage to try first. Unfortunately though, sometimes you have to read or take a leap of faith, because it's not that easy to "pre-test" any potential mod (too bad!). But I never do that on mods that are really expensive. And anyway, I don't spend a sent on something if that means that I have to cancel a track day ! Riding remains priority number one. This is all about having fun (although chatting about bike tech is also part of the fun !). To give an example, when I changed bike recently, I went from an s1000rr which I had used for 2 years to the R1, despite the fact that all the numbers of the s1000rr engine are ahead. I did that because of 2 major things. First, I had a lot of feedback that the R1's handling would be the most adapted to me. And second, and most important, I actually used one on the track for an entire day before making my choice. And that day was a fun day. After the first session or two, I was totally set on getting an s1000rr. But session after session, I got to like the R1 more and more, and it grew on me. Does it mean the R1 is the better bike than the s1000rr ? Certainly not. It only means that at this moment, with my level, my riding, what I am trying to achieve on a motorcycle, the R1 was the better choice for me. What one wants to achieve is also key. The bike of one of my best friend is way more advanced than mine, with all the fancy parts. And he is quite slower than me. Am I judging him because his bike is way more expensive than mine and still he is slow ? Never: If that's part of his pleasure, to have a very nice bike, very beautiful with all the accessories, I respect that. Everybody is trying something different. And you would put any CSS coach on a crappy bike and me on the latest of the latest, she/he would still be much faster than me . But still, I am really working on getting faster and faster. Any mod I will do will go in that direction. And by the way, the best thing I can do for getting faster is modifying....myself ! More classes, more advice on my riding will always bring better result than changing the bike :lol:
  15. Bikespeedman...hmm..I think a real moto2 will get you wayyyyy beyond the HP4 Race in terms of price ! Anyway, the thing is not really to know whether the carbon frame had the potential to be notch, or just a "concept" without that much real advantage for random riders (so like me (-...because the fact that it does have the potential does not make it work, even with top engineering. These are very complex problems...the frame, like the rest, needs to work in harmony with everything else... Without that you can have the best frame ever without any good result. For instance I was reading a very interesting article in a sportbike magazine where they were interviewing the teams of the WSBK (so...these guys are...well...not bad ! In the Jerez test, Rea's lap on his WSBK Kawasaki was faster than...Rossi's pole position lap at the same place this year...). Anyway, what the technicians of the two teams that are using BMW both independently said is that yes, the BMW engine is the best, most powerful etc...but they are not competitive because they don't manage to transfer all that power so efficiently to the ground. So more powerful but less efficient. And even at lower levels. Here in national championships, the R1s are outcompeting the S1000rr...although without dramatic mods, the s1000rr engine has still higher numbers...and gives you a tremendous excitement on the straights...but the bike is just less efficient overall and so does not win the races. So all in all, while an engineer knowing all the tids and bits about carbon performance and how a carbon frame could be THE thing...until he/she has really looked it up (and tested) and investigated how it works together with all the rest, there is no real way to predict whether it will actually be of any real interest... My 2 cents (-: