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  1. Honestly, the Suter MMX500, if only I could afford one...
  2. After reading reviews and actually discussing with their respective tech support, I ended up with HM and Healtech being a tie; followed by Annitori quick shifter as a close 3rd. HM has good reviews but seems more prominent in Europe and not a large dealership in US; They also were priciest for what I wanted. But they seem to have an excellent product. What they lacked that Healtech offers (and Annitori) is the ability to adjust and tune via bluetooth smartphone app; where HM you use the gearshift and an LED panel on unit. Healtech has a number of distributors in US and good pricing. Install is also very easy. What dropped Annitori to third was a number of reports of the unit misbehaving and cutting out the ignition at wrong times. The Healtech can be turned off via app, or unplugged and a jumper installed so it won't strand you. Its also VERY adjustable "if" needed. As I said, totally not needed on street but should be lots of fun.
  3. Well, again due to my son Kevin getting me interested; I just ordered a Healtech Quickshifter Easy for my GSX-R. On the street its not needed but riding the schools BMW it sure is fun. As my Suzuki is not "ride by wire" will still need the clutch on downshifts but will report how it goes once it gets here and is installed. I considered: HM Quick Shift Pro Annitori quick shifter Healtech Quickshifter Easy
  4. Well, I ended up with Vesrah XX pads, and Galfer Wave rotors. I really like this combo. Power is very good (2 fingers any speed) but feel and progression is much improved. I admit the rotors were just because I liked the look of them..
  5. True, might make you faster so you can hurry up and get them off!!!
  6. I am track marshalling at COTA, I just hope for good clean racing! That said my two favorite riders I root for are Valentino Rossi and Cal Crutchlow....
  7. Yeah, especially from a marketing standpoint. Would be like advertising burlap underwear... :-)
  8. Bamboo just does not sound soft/comfortable?
  9. I have on my 2015 GSX-R1000 and my son has on his 2015 GSX-R750 a quick throttle tube by G2. I did more as I have smaller hands and found it easier to get full throttle. It did not make the bike (to me) any more difficult to ride or make throttle overly abrupt; plus worked with stock housing and cables. Its not exactly cheap but fit and finish (and function) is superb. Both our bikes have reflashed ECU's and to me the G2 just added to the response of the bikes. G2 Ergo Throttle tube.
  10. There is a Twist 3 in the works? !!
  11. I think I would like to try new track for 3 then. It is closer.
  12. Hello Cobie, other Coaches, wanted to ask your opinion. I am planning to try and do level 3 if not also 4 this summer. The new school location at Corvette track is closer to my home but I really enjoyed VIR last year. Does it make sense to take level 3 at VIR as I have at least some familiarity of it (and would not be learning a whole new track) or does taking a school at a new track have benefits. Not sure how to weight the "cost" (Twist of the Wrist) of a new track on top of level 3 lessons. Need to spend $10.00 wisely! Thanks! Dave
  13. They also have silicon rubber traction dots so your feet do not slide in boots.
  14. I was skeptical as they are thin and similar material to undersuit but they really keep feet comfortable and dry.
  15. With my 1-piece leathers and longer hotter rides Moto-D socks. Shorter rides (with jacket boots and jeans) I just use high top athletic. The Moto-D work very well for sweat. Athletic typically are soaked (yuck) after a longer ride in hotter weather.