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    Healtech Quickshifter Easy

    Well, again due to my son Kevin getting me interested; I just ordered a Healtech Quickshifter Easy for my GSX-R. On the street its not needed but riding the schools BMW it sure is fun. As my Suzuki is not "ride by wire" will still need the clutch on downshifts but will report how it goes once it gets here and is installed. I considered: HM Quick Shift Pro Annitori quick shifter Healtech Quickshifter Easy
  2. DLHamblin

    Leaning on straight

    Any chance you can get someone to video you? Video can be a powerful tool in these type cases.
  3. DLHamblin

    Hello everyone

    Welcome to the forum!!!
  4. DLHamblin

    Yoga for rider prep?

    YES!!!! I am 58, but still love and prefer a sport bike over cruiser/tourer. Several years ago I was having issues "folding up" into the bike, my neck would get cramped up, and I would be sore and stiff after any extended ride. I was really concerned how much longer I could do it before the discomfort over ruled the enjoyment. Then a friend who teaches yoga suggested I try her class. She was thrilled when I agreed (she said only one other man had attended, and he got sick halfway through and never came back :-) Well, that was close to 6 months or so ago. Unless I am out of town on business or one of the MotoAmerica rounds I go twice a week. It has made a huge improvement. Easily "fold up" to a crouch, no sore neck or back, can move around much better on bike, and can ride much longer at a time. So I am a believer!!!!
  5. Hi Cobie, Dylan. Just got done track marshalling the first ever MotoAmerica race at PIR (Pittsburgh International Raceway). Was my first time there as well. If you all haven't taken a look at having a school there please do!! The track(s) are excellent!!!! Elevation changes, positive, negative cambers, grass run off versus gravel (like VIR), new smooth pavement. Plus, its only 4.7 hours from my house :-) The MotoAmerica riders all gave good praise as well (I drove it about 8 laps in my car, wished I had a bike the whole time. I have a video I took while scouting track with chief flag marshal if interested, Dave
  6. DLHamblin

    PIR --> Cobie, Dylan

    IMG_0603.MOV A shot from our flag station of the chicane
  7. DLHamblin

    PIR --> Cobie, Dylan

    I worked the chicane Friday and Saturday (and turn 3 Sunday). It will stay but will be modified and made permanent from what was said. Whats not evident from TV is its actually blind to riders until then are already in braking zone. Early Friday it would have been easier for me to call who DID make it versus who didn't. Friday afternoon they added a few cones to give a reference. That helped. I will say by Saturday morning they all (thats why they are pros) had it figured out and dialed in. There was a couple dicey moments when 4 or more bikes arrived at same time but as I recall only one crash and that was due to a washed out front exiting when they got in the grass.
  8. DLHamblin

    Possible issues with K&N oil filters

    In 2016 K&N (actually I think most aftermarket filters) were banned in MotoAmerica competition after Kyle Wymans K&N filter on his Yamaha R1 failed on COTA's back straight. I actually saw that one, bike actually caught fire and it oiled down the back straight and took about an hour or so to clean up. From what I recall, the issues were primarily on the filter for the R1. The threads were not machined correct so filter did not tighten right and o-ring blew out. I still use the K&N on my GSX-R1000 and have not had any issues. The #204 is the one for the R1 so its hard to say if K&N fixed the issues or perhaps still baqd ones out there.
  9. Hi all, I had promised Aliki I would post a review of the undersuit I got from her company http://vnmsportgear.com/. A bit late but have given the product a good test in hot weather now. Up to now, I had been using a 1-piece undersuit (described in another post here as a baby Onesie). I purchased one of VNM Sport gear 2-piece suits. I have found I prefer the 2-piece design much better (which surprised me). On occasion when wearing armoured jeans (Bull-IT) with my Dainese jacket, I will wear the top only. When wearing my 1 piece, I use top and bottom. The top has a longer cut and silicon grip band, and does not ride up. I am not a typical thin rider, and the size Aliki recommended fits me great. (no, I am not posting a picture of me in them, could not do that to you all). How does it work? Every bit as good as my old 1-piece and maybe better. I feel much cooler and leather are easy to get on/off even after a hot days ride. So I give the product a great thumbs up and recommend you give them a look if looking for a good 2-piece suit. Happy Riding!
  10. DLHamblin

    500GP vs MotoGP

    Yes, most of the time they are up telling us how/why they crashed or asking for a ride back to pits before the bike is even recovered.
  11. DLHamblin

    500GP vs MotoGP

    Starting last year, they went to a spec ECU which all teams must run. This was done to "even up" the racing. For example, Honda's factory ECU technology was rumored to use GPS technology to adjust the bike for each corner; a technology not available (or affordable) to non-factory teams. So per some factory teams the spec ECU is about 5-10 years behind what the top factory was running. Even in 1992 the 500's were brutal. 1993 was Wayne Raineys career ending crash. Kevin Schwantz had some pretty spectacular get-offs during that period. I think the current 4-strokes are easier to ride at the edge and live to tell the tale where the 2-strokes bit without warning.
  12. DLHamblin

    500GP vs MotoGP

    COTA's track had a lot of complaints from riders being very bumpy. At turn 10 where I was stationed this year, there was a very good bump that got the bikes quite unsettled if they hit it and caused a couple spectacular tank slappers and get-offs over the weekend. The perimeter roads we took to get on station were bumpy as could be as well. Plus todays MotoGP bikes are around 260 HP; quite a bit more than 1990's bikes.
  13. DLHamblin

    Goin to Cota

    Yes, same thing in July when they (MotoAmerica) run with World Superbike a Laguna. Makes for long track days, but again its a lot of racing and a lot of fun. Regular MotoAmerica events are not nearly as hectic and cramped.
  14. DLHamblin

    Goin to Cota

    I am working COTA MotoGP/MotoAmerica this year in flagging/communications. Arrive on Wednesday night and full schedule Thurs-Sun but lot's of fun. Then I have most of the east coast MotoAmerica races set. Being on track (well off to side of track) is definitely best seat in house.
  15. Just curious which VIR track layout (Full, North, South) etc is used for the CSS 2-day. Would like to study to get familiar with it for Mays 2 Day.
  16. DLHamblin

    Healtech Quickshifter Easy

    Quick Video I made a quick video of some shifts with the HealTech Quickshifter. Should be public so viewable by all.
  17. DLHamblin

    How many read the latest e-mail by Keith?

    I do and read them all. Need more ;-)
  18. DLHamblin

    Healtech Quickshifter Easy

    Wow, thats all I can say. Weather cooperated, so had bike out three times. The Healtech far surpassed my expectations. Disclaimer again- a QS is not needed for street but sure is a lot of fun. I followed the setup instructions they emailed me do disable downshift cut as I use clutch. Went out for first ride not 100% sure what to expect, reved to about 5,500 in first and while holding throttle open touched the shift lever and "snick" I am in 2nd pulling well! Touched again and its in third! The shifts are buttery smooth, no clunking or jerking at all; just constant thrust and that cool QS sound!!!!! On my GSX-R1000 it works from 3,000 rpm up!!!!!!!! Only issue is too much fun and on a 1000 you can get going faster than you expected a lot quicker. Hate to say but think it shifts up smoother than the BMW's!!!
  19. DLHamblin

    Healtech Quickshifter Easy

    Unit came in last Saturday. Was a good weather day so went riding of course. That evening I reviewed the instructions and on-line videos Heal Tech has. Then I began stripping of side panels, seats, fuel tank, and airbus (these steps by far are the most complicated and time consuming of the install, so if you can handle that you can install one of these). Next morning (Sunday) I spent some time deciding how to route cables and locate things. Basically you have the coil harness and module, shift rod sensor, and actual QS Easy module. The coil harness connects between spark plug ignition coils and the bikes coil harness and then to a negative ground. This then has a lead that routes back to tail section where main QS module lies. Sensor is installed on the shift rod and connected back to unit in tail section. That's it except for putting everything back on bike. Setting up and monitoring it is done through your smart phone!!! Other than the initial setup process and some playing with bike on stand, haven't gotten to ride on street as its been raining. Once I get out on road will give a report back. https://www.healtech-electronics.com/products/qse/
  20. DLHamblin

    Wished-for bike?

    Honestly, the Suter MMX500, if only I could afford one...
  21. DLHamblin

    Healtech Quickshifter Easy

    After reading reviews and actually discussing with their respective tech support, I ended up with HM and Healtech being a tie; followed by Annitori quick shifter as a close 3rd. HM has good reviews but seems more prominent in Europe and not a large dealership in US; They also were priciest for what I wanted. But they seem to have an excellent product. What they lacked that Healtech offers (and Annitori) is the ability to adjust and tune via bluetooth smartphone app; where HM you use the gearshift and an LED panel on unit. Healtech has a number of distributors in US and good pricing. Install is also very easy. What dropped Annitori to third was a number of reports of the unit misbehaving and cutting out the ignition at wrong times. The Healtech can be turned off via app, or unplugged and a jumper installed so it won't strand you. Its also VERY adjustable "if" needed. As I said, totally not needed on street but should be lots of fun.
  22. DLHamblin

    Brakes And Brake Pads...

    Have gotten my 2015 GSX-R1000 brakes 90% where I want them. From stock, I have Galfer SS lines, Galfer 1375HH pads, and a Brembo RCS19 master cylinder. All have made improvements. Just ordered a set of Galfer wave rotors for the front (standard, not the track only superbike versions that do not work on street). My dilemma is pads. While I have nothing against the Galfer 1375HH, I have read a lot (of good things) about Vesrah RJL XX pads, and like to try different products from time to time. Anyone here have any experience with them (good or bad)??
  23. DLHamblin

    Brakes And Brake Pads...

    Well, I ended up with Vesrah XX pads, and Galfer Wave rotors. I really like this combo. Power is very good (2 fingers any speed) but feel and progression is much improved. I admit the rotors were just because I liked the look of them..
  24. True, might make you faster so you can hurry up and get them off!!!
  25. DLHamblin

    MotoGP Qatar, March 26

    I am track marshalling at COTA, I just hope for good clean racing! That said my two favorite riders I root for are Valentino Rossi and Cal Crutchlow....