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  1. Welcome, geoff2k! IMO the classes are so well thought out that you don't need to do any prep to get the most out of them. I believe it's 5 topics per day and each one leads perfectly into the next. Each one is in the format: introduce topic practice skill on track debrief with coach After the 5th cycle, the pattern breaks a bit and you get some time to reinforce whatever you need. It's your first time on track the whole day where you're not assigned something new to practice and things start to gel a bit more. The first couple of sessions of the day are designed to help familiarize yourself with the track so I never felt like I should have known the track better ahead of time.
  2. Have you noticed how concerts are less and less fun the older you get? I think in-person races are the same. My kid can't sit in front of a race on TV for 5 minutes but he had such a good time at the race 3 or 4 years ago that he's never stopped asking to go back. I really hope we get to do a VIP experience one day. Comfort, good food and drink, and access to the racers.
  3. No I mean the whole package. The off track, between races kind of thing. It's a much bigger event. Much more grandiose. I agree with you about getting a better view on the TV tho. In fact, when it was local, I'd go to the track for Saturday when it wasn't crowded and then watch the Sunday action from home. Made getting out of town easier too.
  4. I've been to 2 MotoGPs, one after son was born and one before. I've been to 2 or 3 WSBKs but the difference is night and day. MotoGP brings a show. I can't imagine how nice it's going to be at a world class venue like COTA. Laguna was close and easy but certainly not world class. Part of why they no longer come here. That said, Ducati Island is awesome. Also the music, the vendor stands, watching a dude have his gf take a pic of him with his arms around 2 grid girls, the Yamaha guys giving little kids (including my 3yo) rides on 50cc bikes doing wheelies and stuff, and kart racing on an infield area.
  5. $89 for GA for me. Free for him. It's the plane, hotel and car that add up. Much easier when MotoGP was just a 90 minute drive from home. Total cost just over $2k. Could have had VIP experience tickets for that cost if not for the travel.
  6. Taking my boy to his 2nd MotoGP race and 1st since they pulled out of America's only cool state. Had to spend more than I have any business spending but it's quality father son time so eff it.
  7. I'm fascinated by the flexibility of top riders. It takes so much time to make even tiny gains I can't imagine being as flexible as they are.
  8. Simply not true. Drag is not a big concern at most corners because the speeds are not high enough and because they're limiting their acceleration to avoid over stressing the tires while leaned over (or the TC is doing it for them). That picture of MV that started this thread is not a time when drag is keeping him from going as fast as he wants. That picture you included is not relevant to this discussion. It looks really outdated. When was it written? I'm asking because that rider ("rider crouched right down") whom I agree is not doing it correctly, is also not doing it the way the pros are doing it these days. It's easy to see the rider is not doing the same thing MV is doing. That rider has his body on top of the tank and his helmet is actually a little bit to the other side. MV's whole torso and head are all down to the side of the bike. Yes, he is "low" but if you look at the 2 pix you can tell the cg is not in the same place for both riders. The real reason that rider's cg is in the wrong place is because it's placed in line with the bike. MV is super low but he's attached to the side of the bike and his cg is exactly where it should be. MV is not crossed up. His rear end is not causing his body to pivot incorrectly. And his head and vision are perfect too. I agree I get neck spasms when I get that low. But I have forward neck posture which I'm slowly correcting. I'm no MV or anyone other pro for that matter but I'd rather strive to emulate MV than Kevin Schwantz any day. And it's not about style. When I'm really pushing hard and get way off to the inside and low (down beside the tank) the bike tells me how much happier it is. The game has moved on. Tire tech has moved on. Bikes are better, and the old style is just nostalgic and/or uninformed.
  9. So basically every top pro forgot to read this book. Shame.
  10. I found 2 exercises made a huge difference in my ability to ride without fatigue. They're both hitting the same area so you can do either one. Romanian deadlift and back hyper-extension. You can buy a kettle bell or some dumbbells for the deadlift and do them at home. If you belong to a gym, the hyper-extension allows for greater isolation but they both work great. Start light and do 20 reps a day for a couple of weeks. I found it not only made riding easier but also improved my posture. I'm never tired, my wrists never hurt, my back is strong enough stay low and move side to side without issues. Interestingly, I my fitbit records my rides as cardio.
  11. I sometimes do but not often. I actually find it completely comfortable other than the muscle knots I get in between my shoulder blades from having to crane my neck so far.
  12. ya know what makes more sense? Prolly just left over from track days I did last summer and I'm just now noticing the area that hasn't been used since then. Speaking of tires, tho, I have a track day on May 29. Hope you guys will have the Q3+ in my size by then.
  13. WSBK has it's own plan. You don't have to watch it live if that's what you mean. Actually this doesn't come up often but sometimes on the overseas races I want to watch it live but I'm late. Once a race starts, you can join it live but you can't start from the beginning until 30 min to an hour after it's finished. Once it's posted, you can watch it whenever you want. I've never tried to wait more than next day but I've been told by friends that the press conferences, practices, and possibly qualifying get taken down eventually. This is from a guy who lets the entire season finish before starting. Anyway, it is nice to watch qualifying which FS1 and Speed never covered. Not sure about Bein bc I don't get it. I usually watch at least some of the practice sessions too. If they'd make an app for Tivo or even AppleTV to free up my phone I wouldn't mind having to shell out the money. But I really like, nay love, TV so I'm not even considering cutting the cable. For me it's just an added expense and a less convenient way to get my MotoGP content.
  14. Thanks for inspiring me to look deeper! Okay, so shortly after our conversation, I began to test rear edge grip coming out of the corners. I had a lot more grip/drive than I had given my bike credit for. The front did feel a little unstable but the rear was hooked up. I got home and noticed the rear was chewed up and went to the very edge. Weird for road riding bc I wasn't leaning any more than I had been. I'm guessing just an issue of putting more load on the rear squishing the tire more and getting the contact patch all the way to the edge. Anyway, I remembered your post and started looking for info about improving drive out of corners. It was recommended to bump up the reb and comp in the front to keep the front from lifting under throttle. I started there (2 clicks up from my baseline and equal to Triumph's recommended Race setting). The difference was amazing. So much more stability and control. It feels so good now. But then last night, I took a look at my rear shock settings. I was in full comfort mode in the rear, 5 or 6 clicks from Race. So I decided to give it a shot and had my first chance to test it on the way to work this morning. It feels fantastic. Can't wait to get back on the track and beat Josh Hayes. survive in the B group without getting run over.
  15. Personally, I do a bit of both. My inside foot is always on the ball but I'll do the outside foot differently depending on the corner and the speed. At a high speed, I tend to use the ball and do the calf raise lock more to the outside of the tank. On slow corners, I tend to use the arch and hold my thigh on the back of the tank rather than knee in the side.