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Have you attended a California Superbike School school?

Found 1 result

  1. Cobie Fair

    New For 2017

    Maybe with FB, nobody cares...but I'm not on FB much, so here is a quickie: Wrapping up the year, last days in Vegas were pretty phenomenal. Temp in the mid-80's (great for all). 3 of the 4 days not one incident, just the way we like it. Students from all over. In the white group I had one student from the East Coast, and one from the West. Combined age in our debrief area was about 170...and the boys were hanging off and going well! Off to CODERACE in Taiwan right after Turkey day--the trips down there have all been excellent, very much enjoy them. Genuine enthusiasm crosses cultures, nice world-wide community we have. Level 4: Wow, we had more Level 4 spots this year than Level 1!!! Crazy. But Keith has been at just about every school, expanding and refining the Level 4 program--I think we are up to about 200 precise training actions that can be done. If we can't fix it there...you're have problems. Hope to "talk" with many of you on the forum this winter, and maybe at a school too! Or call the office, we actually like talking to people...weird, I know. Best, Cobie