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    Interesting analogy and it makes me wonder how technology has improved that area as well. I haven't squeezed a trigger in many years. I enjoyed it as a personal challenge. I trained in the profession as a U.S. Marine. One of the things that we were told in Recruit Training is that during bad weather, scores tend to dampen. I took that to heart and wanted to do the opposite; nature obliged my request as I seemed to always be at the range and shooting for score (a component of career progression) during cold and/or wet. Save my score from Recruit Training (Sharpshooter), I've always qualified and added an increasing sequential number to my Expert badge. In my day, just a short 14 years ago we fired weapons with only open sights, the old fashioned way. I saw a video of more recent Marine Recruits using optical sights on their weapons. I was horrified. What had my beloved Corps done??!?!?! Well, I guess that's the way of progress. The thought had occurred to me that it's possible that the technology has a positive effect on accuracy and battlefield engagement outcomes. I don't have the data to support that, but I'm sure there was an Army surplus somewhere and the Marine Corps picked them up to try and make some good use of them.