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    You may wish to do some searching in the bike specific forums (600rr.net and or cbrforums.com) to find out if the 2012 was one of the years that Honda cheaped out on the suspension and it's one of the models where the rebound doesn't work. But if you're at max on Preload then a new spring is first order of business. I found after CSS my riding position went rearward and if that also was your case then you may find the spring is indeed all sprung out. I did a full suspension on my 06 CBR1000RR and also my 2002 CBR600F4i and it needn't cost an arm and leg. Be careful with accepting advice from people not paying the bill though. The shocks used on the Unit Pro Link do not offer any ride height adjustments but some models can be shimmed if you need to steepen the static geometry. I've got build threads on cbrforum for my F4i if you'd like to see what I did and on 1000rr.net; same username and avatar.