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    Quit waiting and do it ! I've just completed the Level 1 & 2 (2-Day camp) at NJMP on Aug 3 & 4 and can't say enough about the incredible learning/practicing experience during the entire 2-Day CSS course! Don't delay any longer and sign up ! I'm super duper impressed with the curriculum to the lesson drills, class room instruction, coaches, and the Beemer machines used to hone in your skills on the track. I signed up with the goal to learn and build my skill level but more importantly to improve having a nice smooth line and better body positioning The CSS training 100% did that for me. The first few sessions on the track I knew I wasn't doing well but with the class room instruction, working on my skills and the one-to-one coaching after each track run, I became a much more fluid and smoother with my lines. It was incredible how I noticed the progress throughout each practice run. I really enjoyed the fact that for each lesson plan, you get plenty of track time to work on perfecting your skills. Besides the bike drills, the cycle for the 2-Day camp was classroom instruction then getting on the bike to practice the lesson plan then heading over to meet with your assigned coach to review your progress; believe me you'll have plenty time of practice on the track. I would like to say thanks to Keith Code, Dylan, Cobie, all the professional coaching staff. Moreover, I would also like to send off a special thanks to my two track coaches 'Ash and Johnny UK' for their effortless one-one coaching which helped put me on that path of meeting my initial goal. By the middle to end of day two, I became more smoother and fluid on my line hitting those turning points and apexes and having an improved body position. The icing on the cake was that we were lucky enough to have two absolutely gorgeous sunny days with low humidity. Will
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    Wow, this is an interesting question. Personally, for me, I most enjoy knowing that that I was part of something that really made a difference for a student. When a student says (and this happens more often than you think) "This was the best day of my life!", I am thrilled to have been a part of that. I have gotten some notes from students saying "you saved my life" because they used something they learned at the school to avoid a nasty accident; what could be more incredible than hearing THAT from someone? Some students are very memorable because they made amazing progress, some because they had SUCH a great time, and some because the school made a difference in their lives - in a way that goes beyond just their riding. Some of the best days I've ever had coaching were when a student started out very slow and maybe nervous or afraid, but listened carefully in class and applied the material, and made HUGE progress and ended up going faster and having more fun than they ever imagined was possible. Sometimes at the end of the day they try to tell me how they feel and their eyes well up with emotion (yes, even grown men) because what they have accomplished that day is so meaningful to them, and THAT is one of the biggest rewards I could ever get. Making a fast racer into the very FASTEST racer would be cool, but the thing that really lights me up is seeing students overcome barriers, and the leaping, joyous sense of accomplishment that brings, to them and to me.
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