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    Here is some info from Dylan that you might find interesting: Dunlop just released a new sportbike tire, the Q4. This tire is different from what many think it is. It is NOT an improved Q3+ but rather a whole new category of tire. Its purpose is to provide a street legal tire with excellent grip, no need for warmers, that is at home on the track or on your favorite twisty road. Essentially it fills the gap between the Q3+ and the street legal race tire, the GPA Pro. So the progression looks like this: Q3+. Best all purpose tire. Harder center band for commuting, with sides well suited for cornering. Q4. Best for trackdays and canyons/twisty roads. Warms fast, less sensitive to pressure settings. Single compound across entire tread. Any loss in overall mileage is gained in grip compared to Q3+. GPA Pro. Essentially a race slick with grooves. Warmers strongly recommended particularly when cool and pressures checked and set before riding. Street legal. Poor choice for commuting but good for twisty roads and very much at home on the track. Slicks. Pure track only tire. Warmers strongly recommended with pressures checked and set before riding.
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    Reporting back after a full day on track. Wow! Maybe it's all in my head (the power of suggestion) but by making a few of the adjustments, I found that braking later felt noticeably smoother, more controlled, and less distracting than before. I also found that the bike did in fact hold the line better on faster exits. Confidence levels were high! The only issue I have found in trying to set up the suspension so far is that I can't quite get in the ideal "Rider Sag Range" with the OE springs. It's still off by about -4mm up front with the preload backed out. It clearly handled well regardless so I will have to decide if I want to make the swap in the off season or leave it as is.
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