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    On the road - downhill, off-camber decreasing radius corners are the ones where confidence is lowest. The main issue is finding a line for the decreasing radius is usually always on the camber, where you would have normally turned in if it wasn't a DR turn. The corner in mind starts flat then drops away so there are suspension and weight forces in play too, making the bike 'go light' proir to the apex. I don't tend to quick flick and use more upper body movement to compensate but perhaps this isn't correct? ps. 'downhillness' - say it with conviction and you've coined a new word! (decline?/downward elevation?)
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    Good observation on your part on the no-brakes format. Riders mostly over-brake when they start to add more/harder braking, and loose entry speed. Your overall goal if good, nothing wrong there; the other steps that go in that direction are smaller bites one would take to achieving that. As for braking and then realizing you could have gone faster...that's a not uncommon situation that occurs. Front brakes are the most powerful thing on the motorcycle, consider that a much smaller single rear brake can stop the engine. How about approaching the braking with the idea its a fine adjuster, capable of great force, but in the end, getting the entry speed correct for you (no too slow or too fast) is the key. There are a few pieces to this, we can work on them for sure. Best, Cobie
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