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    The specific corner I had in mind is at NJMP Thinderbolt; T9/10 I believe is the number. Some riders break it into 2 turns, some 3. This right turn then leads into a DR and then a slower left at the end Dylan and I spoke about how Tony Elias negotiates this section; I wanted to see if I can try and replicate. From the TV vantage point, Tony takes this T9/10/-DR as a single turn; doesn’t change lean angle or body position and...I’m not sure if he uses the brakes to get into the DR! Dylan’s response is that Tony can do some amazing things that’s unique to him; and that was the end of that discussion. Part of my plan for improvement here is to increase my revs and get into the speed range I want, so my line selection becomes more important as a product of that speed shaped by the primary metric or consideration of TC1. My next time there, I plan to explore the left edge of that turn to improve my sense of space. When I left the school there my win that I posted about was feeling that I’d finally put the elements together in T8, which IMO has to happen to be able to get into the speed range for T9...I’m almost there. At least I know I can now put my literbike’s needle at or above the 12’ o’clock positon in 4th gear there. To be succinct: I have an idea of where I should be with respect to the track edges to setup for the DR and the preceding turn is negotiated with considerations for the DR’s apex and exit. I am obviously open to, and do try small changes. Last time there I still got drastically different results despite what I thought were small or in some cases, no changes there.
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