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  1. Hi Macky, Glad to have you up on the board and welcome. Never having been to the Philippines, what are your ridig options there---any racetracks? best, Cobie Hi Cobie, Thanks for the welcome! We only have one race track here in the country and it's a good 2 hour ride from the city. So basically most of us bike enthusiasts here are road riders. Lots of twisty roads up the mountains here in the Philippines. I would love to take part in one of your classes but I guess I need to save up for my plane ticket. Australia CSS is also an option but still far away from me. So I'm just learning from my friend who took classes in US and Australia CSS. And also going over and over my Twist of the Wrist books
  2. Hi! I'm Macky from Manila, Philippines.... I'm very far from any CSS event but I've read twist of the wrist 1 and 2. I'm a newbie, riding for 3 months now and racking up 4000kms on my GSXR600 K6. I was influenced by my friend, Jotle Viray, who is one of your students from the Philippines. I'm very happy to join this community and hopefully get some tips to improve my riding and make it more enjoyable.
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