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  1. How many ride other disciplines, and use that to supplement (or as the primary) your riding? Riding in the dirt is something I've done little of, and mostly enjoy some good hooligan trail riding. So that's a supplement for me, do it rarely (although more this off season). How many of you ride other disciplines? If so, what? How often? For what purpose? (training to help the primary, physical exercise, fun, social/camaraderie, get out of the house so you don't get stuck with honey-do lists?). Best, Cobie
  2. Cobie Fair

    Cold weather riding

    Going to Vegas this coming weekend for our first school (Yahoo!), and it will be cool (below 60). I know, I know, you guys on the east think that's a nice day! There is quite a bit of good data on tires (on this forum). The short reminder is tires do not work cold, and have to be flexed to warm. Meaning tires warm from the inside out (if one doesn't have tire warmers). Most school bikes are ridden in both groups, but one doesn't know the other rider, so if not fast, might never have warmed the tires. Very first thing to do is put your hands on the tires, get an idea of how warm they actually are. A rule of thumb would be if the tire feels cool to you, it's COLD. If it feel's warm (even quite warm) then it's WARM. If you can't hold your hand on it, then it's HOT. There are some cold days, tires never warm fully! Track temp, wind, sun can all affect the overall grip. Often later in the day traction goes DOWN as the temp goes down, or sun comes off the track. Another factor is if a rider pulls in, talks to his coach or for any reason is not on-track, when he/she goes back out--cannot go at max pace, tell the tires are re-heated. These are reminders that we'll give the students this coming weekend, but same applies for road riding too! Best, Cobie
  3. Next question: Should we do a separate section for the gear questions, like: Tires, helmets, leathers, etc. One more easily searchable? Any thoughts on this? All of you can answer on this one, everyone has an opinion even if it's, "uh, leave it alone" or "yeah, get a few more categories up here." CF
  4. Cobie Fair

    Old Timer back to forum

    Fossil! I've been remiss in my forum participation, good to see that you made it up here again!
  5. Cobie Fair

    2019, need more riding coaches!

    One question I've gotten on this subject--why do we keep needing more coaches? The biggest reason is we have continued to expand our coach requirements. We started with just a few on-track coaches. they weren't assigned, but got as many as they could. That has expanded to assigned coaches, as many as 8 on track (with 2 students to each coach at a 2-day Camp). The following is an approximate progression of coach requirements: We added an Off-Track Coach for: Steering Drill, Lean Bike, Slide Bike, Brake Bike, etc. Then we added Video Review Coach (at 2-day camps). At Single Day schools, we added another Off-Track coach. Then we added another Briefing Specialist. Then we added a Level 4 Consultant. Then with so many making it to L4, we had to add another L-4 Consultant. The coach requirement has gone from 2 -3 on track coaches (and one Briefing Specialist) to 12 trained coaches needed at most schools, plus 2 Briefing Specialists. Some coaches are very highly trained (takes years of hard work). We are proud of the boys and girls, they work hard to become coaches and enjoy working with students! Best, Cobie
  6. Dear All,We are looking for qualified coach candidates. Following is adescription of we need, and after that an application.If you are interested, or think you might qualify, please read the followingcarefully, and return only the application (download here).Regards,Cobie FairChief Riding CoachCalifornia Superbike SchoolOverall description:1. Racing experience is preferred. Really we have to see the riding toanswer if the riding skill level will be adequate. Most of our students arestreet riders, but we do need someone that can set an excellent example for abroad range of skills.2. Friendly, personable, upbeat, high ethical standards, fit in with therest of our team is a must.3. Excellent communication and observation skills. Also willing to betrained and do homework. The coach training is vigorous, not for thewimpy. Every aspect of what you do is examined, honed, tested, and improvedon a regular basis.4. The positions are part time for independent contractors but we need aminimum of 10-15 school days per year.5. Tryout is not paid. That is usually 1 day at a racetrack, you provideyour own bike and gear.6. After the tryout, there is a short probation period, but we pay alltravel and other expenses, you use our bike, gear, etc. Probation perioddepends on you and how much work you are putting into your training.7. After probation, coaches are paid according to their instructor skilllevel, how many of our training programs they have completed. Starts about$170 per day, goes up from there.Getting all these together in the same package is the hard part. Truthfullywe are a very dedicated, serious-about-being-the-best bunch, and it shows.About 1 in 40 that apply even get accepted for the training, much less makeit past the probation stage. If you have it in mind that this is just aprestigious job for you show others how well you ride, that it will be a coolway to improve your own riding and get lots of track time, then this is notthe right thing for you, and your reasons for coming are not the same as ours.We are a school, we train riders and racers and we do that totally. We don'tgive jobs to our friends because we like them.Download the application and email it to me.
  7. Cobie Fair

    Anyone for 2-Up

    It'd just scare the hell out of me. Done a few, I actually work to see the person has an enjoyable time. It's hard to do, if a decent sized person is the passenger, the smaller the person the better as far as I'm concerned, but too small has the helmet in the rider's back.
  8. Cobie Fair

    2019 MotoGP predictions

    Thanks for that, I'll see about the streaming. I've bit TV in the living room---older unit, not sure I can stream to it. Maybe I'll get my son to show me how. Hilarious avatar pic if no one has said that lately. I feel like that about not having MotoGP on TV!
  9. Cobie Fair

    2019 MotoGP predictions

    Will anyone beat Marquez? How will Jorge do? Dovi? Rossi? I admire the heck out of Marquez, but I'd still like someone to beat him.
  10. Cobie Fair

    2019 MotoGP predictions

    Francesco B., winning eh? I'll like to see that. Is there any MotoGP on TV these days? I changed subscribers, and found out they had dropped BEIN Sports...I was not happy. Is it anywhere else?
  11. Cobie Fair

    Cross Training-do you do it?

    Lanval, Those schools have been around for a while...be interested if anyone else had been there? I did a school with Gary LaPlante, that was fine...maybe time to get a refesher. Anyone recommend a good off-road school in the SoCal area? Not interested in serious MX. Haven't done the Supercamp, could be fun though
  12. Hi Y, Did you get your question answered fully? Sometimes just better to call the office, got a friendly staff that likes talking (weird). Best, Cobie
  13. A number of the coaches have gone and fooled around with Rich Oliver...sounded like good fun, but not sure what bike they used...gonna guess it was a Yamaha :).
  14. Cobie Fair

    Rider Improvement - What There Is to Learn

    Yeah, "try harder" doesn't always cut it! I'll pass along the nice compliment to the boys and girls :).
  15. Cobie Fair

    Cross Training-do you do it?

    Looking to get some dirt riding in this weekend...is everyone going to Fontana?
  16. Hotfoot pointed out (after reviewing forum analytics) that it wasn't as easy to navigate, and use as a reference. Now's your opportunity to let us know what kinds of items/categories/forum layout you might prefer. If you like the new categories, let us know (or if not). Best, Cobie
  17. Cobie Fair

    Our man Travis Wyman

    That's pretty dang cool...if there hadn't been a second red flag, wonder where he would have ended up? 11th to 5th in 2 laps! I'm not biased though.
  18. Cobie Fair

    Our man Travis Wyman

    Anyone been keeping an eye out on Travis and his racing?
  19. Cobie Fair

    2018 Predictions- WSBK, MotoGP

    Saw a pass on a coach the other day at NJMP that was a bit suspect, was it that dog you are holding?
  20. I'll be interested to hear too...
  21. Cobie Fair

    Turn-in point techniques

    Hi JP, Your questions are good. There are a number of factors that come into play, and one answer won't work for all turns/situation. The one that will give the most problems is increasing throttle and lean angle together, that's usually a big no-no. Have you read any of Twist of the Wrist 2, or seen the video? That will give you some great guidelines. Best, Cobie
  22. Was interesting to hear a few of the coaches commenting on the drive home last night about the different levels of traction from yesterday (Sunday) to the day before. There had been a bit of rain overnight, and the track had been used as a parking lot for NASCAR previously. We surmised it cleaned off whatever was there. I'm fairly constantly amazed at the different levels of traction awareness there is. I think one reason is that if a rider doesn't know how to get the same response from a motorcycle (whatever the bike, whatever the conditions), there is going to be uncertainty, lack of confidence: "What is this bike really going to do to me?" Another way to look at this would be, is it the bike, the surface, or is it the rider? CF
  23. We are going to do some changing, and consolidating of the forum, certainly we'd like to hear what you think of them so don't be bashful. Webmaster is not my first occupation, so expect to be entertained a little as we go through the process. Best, Cobie (Or in the parlance of the modern generation, "Forum Moderation Team" or some such generic un-signed complimentary close)
  24. Every year we need to break the new fleet in. The bikes just arrived, and we have scheduled the Break In day: Feb 6, Willow Springs. These break in days are fun, endless laps of riding--all at or below 6k rpm. Some guys come to these year after year. Level 4 students get the first choice, but this year it's being scheduled a bit later than normal, and with a shorter notice. There might end up being room for students that aren't yet Level 4. Some even travel from afar to do this. Overvew: 2 groups trading off back and forth, riding all day long. Goal is put 350 miles on 30 bikes, all below 6k rpm. Normal riding etiquette required, and riding completely in control--you break it, you pay for it. It's not a school or an open practice day, all bikes there will be doing the same thing. These can be tons of fun, and I'm posting this up here to give enough notice for those that might be able to attend. If you can, send me an e-mail: cobie@superbikeschool.com. Best, Cobie
  25. We've gotten some of the shipment, and one thing that I noticed immediately was how amazingly light the new helmet is. I've not pulled out a scale yet, but just picking the thing up...wow. Not ridden with it, so next point I want to find out is how it compares with the SR1 for ventilation. I'd never used something that flowed so much air across the top of my head. I remember opening the vents, riding the first time and feeling my hair move! Astonishing. I've not ridden with a bunch of the other top brands, but was impressed with that, and have high hopes for the SR2. Not sure how many of these are out yet, anyone else get their hands on one?