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    Las Vegas, Classic Course

    Was interesting to hear a few of the coaches commenting on the drive home last night about the different levels of traction from yesterday (Sunday) to the day before. There had been a bit of rain overnight, and the track had been used as a parking lot for NASCAR previously. We surmised it cleaned off whatever was there. I'm fairly constantly amazed at the different levels of traction awareness there is. I think one reason is that if a rider doesn't know how to get the same response from a motorcycle (whatever the bike, whatever the conditions), there is going to be uncertainty, lack of confidence: "What is this bike really going to do to me?" Another way to look at this would be, is it the bike, the surface, or is it the rider? CF
  2. Cobie Fair

    Forum Changes

    We are going to do some changing, and consolidating of the forum, certainly we'd like to hear what you think of them so don't be bashful. Webmaster is not my first occupation, so expect to be entertained a little as we go through the process. Best, Cobie (Or in the parlance of the modern generation, "Forum Moderation Team" or some such generic un-signed complimentary close)
  3. Cobie Fair

    2017 Fleet Break In

    Every year we need to break the new fleet in. The bikes just arrived, and we have scheduled the Break In day: Feb 6, Willow Springs. These break in days are fun, endless laps of riding--all at or below 6k rpm. Some guys come to these year after year. Level 4 students get the first choice, but this year it's being scheduled a bit later than normal, and with a shorter notice. There might end up being room for students that aren't yet Level 4. Some even travel from afar to do this. Overvew: 2 groups trading off back and forth, riding all day long. Goal is put 350 miles on 30 bikes, all below 6k rpm. Normal riding etiquette required, and riding completely in control--you break it, you pay for it. It's not a school or an open practice day, all bikes there will be doing the same thing. These can be tons of fun, and I'm posting this up here to give enough notice for those that might be able to attend. If you can, send me an e-mail: cobie@superbikeschool.com. Best, Cobie
  4. We've gotten some of the shipment, and one thing that I noticed immediately was how amazingly light the new helmet is. I've not pulled out a scale yet, but just picking the thing up...wow. Not ridden with it, so next point I want to find out is how it compares with the SR1 for ventilation. I'd never used something that flowed so much air across the top of my head. I remember opening the vents, riding the first time and feeling my hair move! Astonishing. I've not ridden with a bunch of the other top brands, but was impressed with that, and have high hopes for the SR2. Not sure how many of these are out yet, anyone else get their hands on one?
  5. Cobie Fair

    2017 Riding Coach Search

    Dear All, We are looking for qualified coach candidates. Following is a description of we need, and after that an application. If you are interested, or think you might qualify, please read the following carefully, and return only the application (download here). Regards, Cobie Fair Chief Riding Coach California Superbike School I'll see if I can summarize it in a few words what is needed by us: 1. Racing experience is preferred. Really we have to see the riding to answer if the riding skill level will be adequate. Most of our students are street riders, but we do need someone that can set an excellent example for a broad range of skills. 2. Friendly, personable, upbeat, high ethical standards, fit in with the rest of our team is a must. 3. Excellent communication and observation skills. Also willing to be trained and do homework. The coach training is vigorous, not for the wimpy. Every aspect of what you do is examined, honed, tested, and improved on a regular basis. 4. The positions are part time for independent contractors but we need a minimum of 10-15 school days per year. 5. Tryout is not paid. That is usually 1 day at a racetrack, you provide your own bike and gear. 6. After the tryout, there is a short probation period, but we pay all travel and other expenses, you use our bike, gear, etc. Probation period depends on you and how much work you are putting into your training. 7. After probation, coaches are paid according to their instructor skill level, how many of our training programs they have completed. Starts about $150 per day, goes up from there. Getting all these together in the same package is the hard part. Truthfully we are a very dedicated, serious-about-being-the-best bunch, and it shows. About 1 in 40 that apply even get accepted for the training, much less make it past the probation stage. If you have it in mind that this is just a prestigious job for you show others how well you ride, that it will be a cool way to improve your own riding and get lots of track time, then this is not the right thing for you, and your reasons for coming are not the same as ours. We are a school, we train riders and racers and we do that totally. We don't give jobs to our friends because we like them. Download the application and email it to me.
  6. Cobie Fair

    New Schuberth lid

    The fit for me is better than the SR1. It sits higher on the head, works better for performance (down low on the bike) riding. And it's fantastically light, with a lot of air flow inside. As with previous model, it took a break-in period...it was almost too tight to start, but has broken in nicely.
  7. Hydration we discuss a lot, and this might be part of an earlier thread...we'll see if Hotfoot needs to straighten me out on this. Here is the symptom: the neck. Does it get stiff, and a little crunchy (when it's rotated around a bit)? This was happening to me, and I'd thought I was drinking enough (might have been), but looks like I need more electrolytes/minerals. Has this happened to anyone else? CF
  8. Cobie Fair

    Best Riding Experience/moment

    OK, let's see who will post what here. What is for you, your top riding moment (or a very good one). It doesn't have to be spectacular, just something you experienced riding that was memorable, and maybe a reason you keep riding. I have some things in mind, but I'll put up a very minor one: Haven't done a ton of street riding lately. My street bike was just getting dirty in the garage, I got tired of rebuilding the carbs on it (cleaning them from lack of use). So a few days ago, I did a career day at my daughter's school--it has K-12, she's a freshman. I took off from the shop, and within 2 blocks I just burst out chuckling (men don't giggle). Rode from there to her school, totally cruising, low throttle application, low rpm--and still going from 50-90, effortlessly (the whole freeway was doing 80+, I was even passed by 2 cars). Arrived at the school with a big grin. Started thinking about a street bike...
  9. Cobie Fair

    Hand Position

    This foot position thread got me thinking about hand position. For a long time didn't seem to be a big issue, but as we've delved into it, there more pieces to that puzzle too. Often we see the front brake lever in a position that is not easy to reach, either too high, or too low. Then we hear about riders not being able to roll the throttle all the way (one guy told me in the middle of a roll on he had to re-grip!). So to start out, I'd like to ask a few survey questions: 1. How many pay any attention to your had position, or is this a virtual non-issue? 2. How many have had any issues with control actions of their hands: hard to reach brake, use throttle effectively/easily (or even clutch). Let's start with that, see what we get. CF
  10. Cobie Fair

    How Many Countries On The Forum?

    I'd be interested to know where different forum participants are from, how many different countries are up here. A chance for the lurkers to participate, just need the name of the country.
  11. Cobie Fair

    We made some updates...

    There were some updates that needed doing, included some security stuff...how do you like it so far?
  12. Really, that's a nice result! Best, Cobie
  13. Cobie Fair

    School Laptimes

    Hey JB, Well, we spent the big bucks and went with the new timing system, mylaps. Same one as used by the AMA. Either your bike or ours, doesn't matter, we'll put a transponder on it. I recommend for anyone. It's pretty interesting what it can show. The times won't compare to race lap times, we have a firm passing rule. But one can see what skills help the most, when a rider is more consistent, where he/she could be weaker. Lap times, good measuring aid!
  14. Cobie Fair

    Lowering the body

    There is another physical point, more for the older guys...(I'm 56). I find that if I don't really, really stay hydrated, my neck gets tight, and just doesn't want to move. A chiropractor I like once told me that the disks dehydrate like anything else, and spinal fluid is pretty thick, about like molasses. Another reason to hydrate.
  15. Sorry, just saw this... That is a broad spectrum answer...one can move along quite nicely, and then dawdle a little on the straights and it can make a big difference in lap times. For a street rider, being 30-40 seconds off record setting pace is actually pretty decent start.
  16. Cobie Fair

    Lowering the body

    In the photos above, the one with the rider down low, it was brought up that his head (and maybe a little of the torso) is not as far to the inside. I think that is where diff in lean angle comes from. As for street applicablity, I for sure don't hang off when riding on the street (w/lower body). One reason is I'm just too lazy. But...if one can take out some lean angle (use less), and in particular do it quickly if needed by getting the upper body more to the inside, this can be a good thing: water across the road, sand/dirt, or some other traction reducing issue.
  17. Cobie Fair

    Preload Mathematics

    The guys at Catalyst Reaction are good too. CF
  18. Cobie Fair

    Lowering the body

    Good photos/comparison. Wish for one more with the riders upper body to the inside and also down lower...see how that correlates to the change in CG.
  19. Yeah, it's pretty good overall pace there, long fast front straight. A staff favorite.
  20. Cobie Fair

    How many read the latest e-mail by Keith?

    Are most of you on our e-mail list, did you get that last e-mail?
  21. Cobie Fair

    Best Riding Experience/moment

    Pretty dang good list from Misti, hard to top. My kids don't ride! Kids in the city these days, things are changing. I did a career day, took one of the School S1000rr's and went to my daughter's school, rode the bike right up to the classroom, and rode it down the (exterior) hallway when I left, daughter on back. The point is, aside from entertaining myself at her school, when I asked how many rode bicycles, the majority said no...wow, blew me away. CF
  22. Cobie Fair

    Hand Position

    Fascinating...I think we adjust a lot of levers.
  23. 1:55, that won't be for the North Course, maybe the full course.
  24. Cobie Fair

    Balls of Feet or Instep

    Interesting to see all this stuff...got me thinking about hands...I'll start another thread on that. CF
  25. Cobie Fair

    Favorite racer...

    This had been touched on a while back, but I'm interested in an updated version. Rossi is the obvious. But if you are going to pick a guy, then state why, and get a specific or 2 in there. For example, while I don't agree with some of the stuff Lorenzo has done, I sure do like watching the guy ride, and I think he turns the bike amazingly so. So many turns that go all the way to his knee, full lean, in one action--impressive. Another thing, when he broke his collarbone flew home and had surgery, and came back a day or 2 later and raced...and finished 4th? Very impressive. So maybe we can expand this to not just favorite, but one you admire (and why). No limit on this as to when, what era of rider that is, can be from any time.