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  1. Jaybird, The skills build one on the other, with quite a thoroughly researched progression, and relationship. That being said, working on one skill at a time is the proven approach. Let's say a rider works on his Throttle Control, but has no clear idea of line. In the next class for Level 1, we discuss lines, and the components of them (one of which is good Throttle Control). So when we set out the Turn Points (to help create good lines) the rider often finds out he had a line that didn't allow for good Throttle Control. We do realize this is a lot to master, all the skills of each level. The coaches are trained in how to deal with this, and adjust the "drinking from a firehose". There is more to this, of course, but there's a mini-view. CF
  2. Overall, and we've done the track since it opened, we've had very few wet days at The Ridge in July.
  3. I'm constantly gripping and re-gripping/adjusting my hand. Easy enough to do, if well attached to the bike with the lower body.
  4. Being honest with oneself, a bit of a skill. Honest, yet not beat up on oneself, also a skill. Big part is just being able to observe. Keith is frickin' amazing at being able to observe.
  5. Don't tell anyone, just continue to act immature (that's my story anyway).
  6. Wish we could...but with 30 bikes, that's a task/cost!
  7. Have to agree all the way on that. Got some great info from Dylan on these tires (he's well educated on them) and they work better in every category but street wear. So the Q3+ is an excellent tire, but the Q4 would be the one for strict track riding for sure.
  8. I did! Some silly minor eye infection, and I didn't have time to go to the doc! It was gone a day or so later, but yeah...small children and old people were warned to stay away.
  9. For sketchy riding conditions, what's gonna give the maximum possible traction...can one beat 40 front/60 rear? And add to that, which would you rather have slide, the front or the rear?
  10. Let's touch on one thing: bike doesn't turn as well when the throttle is on, even just maintenance throttle. When off throttle, bike weight is forward, more on the front, steering angle is steeper, wheelbase is shorter--the bike turns better. Does anyone know a single turn where braking is done, then gas on, then bike turned,? As mentioned earlier by trueblue550 (Streets of Willow Springs) there are series of turns where the throttle is stopped for a moment to complete the steering (T 4-5), or where rolling it on puts the rider too wide for the next turn in point (T5-T6). These are situations where there is a series of turns, the following one dictating the exit of the previous turn.
  11. It's a big subject at the schools these days, we see it a lot. One point that comes up as the cause is....too low turn entry speed. But...that has to be brought up gradually, or one gets into the minus is too much entry speed, a challenge to juggle. If it were easy, likely wouldn't be so much fun when you get it right :).
  12. Been universally liked by most for the position, and the handling (I'm riding it more aggressively in the turns than I did my 2018.
  13. "Cracked on" is different in some places. In the UK it used to mean "pin it". In the US it means, from off throttle, to just begun, take the tension out of the chain. The roll on part comes next, crack on is finished.
  14. sticker sets are a good one, like that.
  15. Me too! Let me know if something does come around! I don't spend much time in front of the boob tube, aside from watching movies with the family.
  16. Just one point to clarify (Hotfoot has good comments) and this is when slowing, the throttle is fully off in almost all instances--and always when braking.
  17. First off, like the avatar..."Coffeefirst" . I was the ultimate opposite snob: "Oh, really: you need a half-calf, double latte, blended skinny, breve, espresso, semi-dry, soy, blond machiado, with a twist?" I smirked and acted superior. Now, while I claim I don't need all "the caffeine, I like flavor", I do love a good coffee....and just so. Nice list of upgrades, and why you do them. Anyone else?
  18. What are intelligent motorcycle upgrades? As a school forum, we'll take it as a given upgrades to the rider are good, so what about upgrades to the bike, or a different bike for a similar purpose, like 2 different track bikes? For the sake of clarity, let's categorize these, starting with separating street bikes and track oriented bikes (all pavement for now). How would you upgrade your bike, and why?
  19. That's good to know! I did just get the MotoGP subscription, good deal at this time of the year. I'd wanted to get it on my TV (and older one) so didn't want to have to fuss with all the cables (it's not a smart TV, nor am I a smart user yet). So...got it via Roku, and now can watch it on TV! Should have done this earlier...
  20. That looks like it could go a few places, so I'll take a swing: knowing what the machine can do is a starting point, and not an easy one for many to explore the limits of. Some find the limits incorrectly/prematurely (too tight on the bars, the bike gives too much feedback--person could get the idea the bike is at the limit).
  21. Hi Nik, Haven't yet been to Bedford (a new track), but heard excellent reports on it. For a more complete review, you can contact the UK branch, ask to be put through to a coach, they'd have the most current and thorough recommendations. Just today had a long chat with their Chief Riding Coach, Gary Adshead. Sharp character, and been there a long time, his team should take good care of you. Here is there contact info: https://superbikeschool.co.uk/contact.php Best, Cobie +44 (0)1327 855553
  22. See you there! It will be warm and dry, hydration and electrolytes are vital!
  23. My satellite service (after I signed up) told me couldn't work a deal with BEIN sports, so don't get MotoGP that way. Any other good options besides ponying up for the MotoGP.com serivce?
  24. Yeah, Hotfoot, what's your take?
  25. Makes total sense. This year my riding has taken step up, and interestingly enough it was mostly due to getting strong, in particular the legs...made it easier to hold onto the bike.
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