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  1. Have a look at the tank pads stuck all over the side of the bike.
  2. Tagged onto our last day at NJMP, we did a test ride day for local dealers. All in all, a success. We had some weather that put a damper on the day, cleared up and went very well, then got very wet again. But the participants rode the 2020 S1000rr , all got at least one solid dry ride in, there were different brief seminars on the bike with Nate Kern and Steve Weir, and also from our lead Briefing Specialist, Dylan Code. That trio right there has a serious amount of knowledge on the bikes...I know a few were even sold that day! The guys that rode with me, had a great time, learned a bunch, tried out the bikes...and pretty sure it was a free event. If something like this comes to your area, take advantage of it! It was coordinated via the local BMW dealers. Best, Cobie
  3. Just bump into a few of the kids, push them out in the weeds. OK...I am kidding!
  4. We have seen riders adding throttle and lean angle at the same time and it gets to the point it leaves a horrible dark line (getting progressively worse/darker) while the 2 are being added. Then, when the rider stops increasing lean, the dark line turns to a a nice grey line. I think the dark line is the front tire being stressed heavily, a number of the throttle and lean issues have the rider losing the front end, with no warning. There was some great slo-mo footage of Stoner adding a little lean angle, dark line coming off the tires, then he stopped and so did the dark line.
  5. TRS...? Locking onto the bike is paramount...have a look at this photo of Lorenzo's bike:
  6. One issue we have seen with a rider preferring one side over the other, is on the "bad" side, they are doing something different. If only doing it on the one side, and the bike is sound other wise, start looking at what they are doing differently on that side...a skilled coach helps here, as it can be 1/2 inch difference on body position can be the difference.
  7. With good tires, if the bike is straight and aligned well, I'd then check how good your lock onto the bike is with the right leg.
  8. Good points Hotfoot. Video can show some excellent things, but can also miss some things. There are also many different angles/camera placements. Interestingly enough, the one used at the school (arm over the shoulder) can be very instructive. Another is a follow camera, but then it helps to have a qualified rider being the cameraman. It actually can be very helpful for coach riding from behind to take the line he would normally, and show the difference between that and the student's line. Video is an excellent aid, but not the whole picture, and as Hotfoot mentions, if the rider isn't well educated on the subject being critiqued, it's going to miss the mark. Best, Cobie
  9. Good to see you at the school! The bikes are fun
  10. What a great response...Keith loved it. Best, CF
  11. SRod, My oldest coach is in his late 60's, and he's fast. I don't mean fast for a 68 year old (or whatever he is) but fast. Raced with his son a few years back. Got a whole slew of guys in their 40-50's that are crazy fast. We had an 80 year old at the last school, it was his birthday in fact! My dad skis in Taos, NM, he's 82, and free lift tickets after 80 (I thought that cool). CF
  12. Haven't spent much time on those Q4's, but pretty much only heard great stuff so far...
  13. Not an experienced pilot, so I'm missing something here: inverted spins, then instructor said to fly straight and level and call out altitude, and you said 3500 feet...were you higher, lower, something else?
  14. Didn't go into this in much detail yet, as lots of students will be able to post their opinions by Monday night, but one positve noticed by I think all the coaches was it was an even better seating/riding position than the previous model. This for me is not insignificant. My legs are not long for my size, and I have to work to really anchor to the bike. This new model is even better in that regard (and I heard the same comment from all that rode it).
  15. Didn't the FAA stop requiring a student pilot recover from a spin a long time ago? I'd think that stressful.
  16. Hi SRod, Totally get it, I'm still a track addict :). Come say hello when you get there, we'll see you on Monday! Riding one of the 2020's, or your bike? Best, Cobie
  17. Front end tucks, corner entry, cold/damp conditions--possibly just overriding the conditions, or and/or tire temp. Recently one of my newer coaches asked an old hand (super-fast coach) why he was sliding around (unpredictably to him). When pressed, it was discovered he was not fully warming the tire...in those conditions it took 3 hard laps to get the tire up to temp.
  18. A few month's back we got the tease of one of four 2020 S100rrs in the country...and the drooling began. All the top coaches got a chance to ride it, universally liked, quite a bit. But the real concerted riding will start...Monday! We'll be at Thunderbolt (NJMP), and get a real chance to work 'em over. Hope to see you at a school soon! Best, Cobie
  19. In Level 1 we have a Steering Drill, that if properly done (can't usually be done in the wet), should be able to help this issue. As Apollo said, sometimes a trained external eye can help. If you can't get to a school, we'll see if we can offer a suggestion.
  20. 3A, off camber slippery turn that then crests and goes down hill, on a cold morning that was damp...after sitting too long on the grid--everything against you on that one. Have you done the school and taken the class that has the Pick Up technique? It was in Level 2 for a long time, now in Level 3 (we have a braking exercise in L-2 in that spot now). CF
  21. A few years back there was some footage of Casey Stoner. He was out front, way ahead, in a fast corner, lost the front end...then it came back! The announcer was all over it, and half a lap later, they cut back to the camera that was his hand, facing back looking at him. When he lost the front, you could see him let go of the bars! That of course is what allowed the bike to recover. He had just enough pressure to keep the throttle on, but he hands visibly opened as the front tucked and recovered. Pretty cool. CF
  22. Ha, 27 in a 60 year old body...I don't think I made it past about 18 in my emotional development...that or I've been in my mid-life crisis for about 30 years CF
  23. Hi Apollo, We have some good threads on tires, but I'll take a quick swing at this: The goal is to discover traction, not assume it--I'm not of the opinion that one should just "trust" the tires--find out how good they are working! This is harder to do on the front, easier to do on the rear. If the morning is cool/cold, (and let's assume no tire warmers) then you have to put heat in the tires, which builds from flexing the carcass, so heat comes from the inside out. So start easy, gradually increase the pace. Straight line accel and braking help a little to flex the carcass, but still needs both sides warmed, which is achieved by cornering and putting them on a load, gradually increasing that load. On a modern Dunlop slick, this can take 3 laps on even just a cool day, maybe more on a cold day, or very first ride. On some very cold days, they won't ever get to temp. If you have a good lock on the bike with the lower body (arms are not being used to support the body), the front will feel like it's a bowling ball, stiff and slippery, not "hooked up" at all. As it warms, you will feel more resistance, it's "biting" more and will track a tighter line once turned in. This is a super short comment, we have a lot of good data up here on tires, and cold tires too. Let me know if this helps, or you need any assistance finding more info. Best, Cobie
  24. Hi Roberts, We had 6 great days up there...that track is becoming one of the staff favorites! Start any time with the questions :). Best, Cobie
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