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  1. Don't know the Race Tech stuff as well, though it's certainly been around. We've been happy with the Elka shocks, and as for rebuilding, we have used GP Suspension (when Will was racing, he used their stuff a lot, and was very happy with it.). They are out of Portland, Dave Hodges runs it. Best, Cobie Thanks for the reply Cobie! The info you provide is very much appreciated!
  2. Thanks for you response , I think I'm going to re-valve and spring the front forks and try the rebuild of the rear shock just to see how it works. This option is much less money and what I've read so far seems like it may be just what I need if I'm only doing track days! Right now I run with stock suspension and I'm one of the faster guys in the STT track day events. I think the money saved can be better spent on tires and investing in level 3 of the CSS school! As for the Valentino quote it is translated as folows:" A motorcycle is like a dangerous women". Take care and hope to hear from you soon.
  3. Does anyone have any experience with Race Tech products? I am looking to overhaul my suspension on my 2006 R6. I'm thinking about installing the 25mm cartridge kit and fork spring in the forks and a possible rebuild of the stock shock with the Race Tech product line. I have read some good results with this rebuild (Sport Rider, 01/08 issue page78). Furthermore, I'm in a bit of a conundrum whether to rebuild the rear shock or purchase and Elka 3-way Shock. The cost for the rear shock rebuild is about 400.00. The cost of the Elka 3-way is about 900.00. I will be doing alot of track days this year(Advanced) but no racing at this time. Any imput would be appreciated.
  4. Hello everyone! I decided to become part of the forum insteed of just "lurking" out there! I live in Centerville, Ohio and as you can imagine the weather is not conducive to track or street riding! I can not wait until spring and start track riding again! I ride mainly @ Mid-Ohio Sports Car Course which is an awesome track if you have never riden Mid-Ohio you are truely missing out on one of the best tracks in the USA! This year I hope to take level 3 of the CSS! I started my track riding with CSS and have never looked back since! Good Day to all and God bless, Steven.
  5. Hi everyone! I'm new to the forum but have been riding for years now. I'm a track day junkie and my true passion is the art of performance riding! I have taken levels 1&2 of the Keith Code Superbike School at the Mid-Ohio Sports Car Course in Lexington, Ohio. I'm a member of Sportbike Track Time track day club and hopefully will be a track day instructor this year. If you have any questions about Mid-Ohio just ask because thats where I do most of my track days!
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