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  1. Hydration is huge, i usually start to hydrate 2 days before my races, drinking plenty of liquids and some osmo nutrition.
  2. Thanks for all the replies everyone. I appreciate all the feedback and look forward to getting on track. Besides Keiths books anything else out there to read or watch?
  3. Whats up guys, i dont want to repost but i have some questions regarding the school and track days that i posted here: http://forums.superbikeschool.com/index.php?showtopic=4601#entry40565 Happy Holidays!
  4. So a few years ago i posted some questions here regarding getting on track. It was then i made a decision to go for my SCCA racing license and started a racing career in a cage. It was a great learning experience and a ton of fun but i recently sold it to give this a try. A little bit about me, i had a HD back in 06, raced 125cc karts for 5 years, raced a full size prototype car (3 years) on track such as Watkins Glen, VIR, Summit, NJMP, Pocono, NH, and i ride dirt bikes (ride dont race). I learned in 4 wheel racing alot of this is mental and i have a full simulator at home that i practiced on as well. So my plan for this year is to get on the track but on two wheels. I am very interested in doing the (2) two day school so i can get a good education. Unfortunately the wife is giving my some push back with riding on the street ( we have a 12 yr old, living on Long Island its very busy), she wasnt to thrilled with track riding either but i gave her some information to read and i dont if she is giving in but said to give it a try. Just like when i started racing or riding dirt bikes, there is a little fear here but i think that is healthy and normal. My ego is checked at the door and i am looking for this to be a fun, challenging hobby, im not out there to be the next MotoGp champ. The school uses the BMW bikes which really intrigue me and felt great while i sat on one at the NYC MC show. My question is if i was to buy a bike after to do track days would that bike be to much for me? Most people i speak to have the same answer, start with a SV650. My plan here is to learn, the race car i started with was a momentum car and you had to learn to carry momentum into the corners, be smart with your lines etc.. it wasnt powerful but most said if you are fast with that, you can be fast in anything. So i am kind of looking for the same thing for a track bike. One thing that concerns me is not being on track but now being on track minus two wheels and if my brain will remember that. I understand trail braking, slow in fast out, finding the apex but has anyone gone from 4 to 2 wheels and how was the transition? I have both of Keiths books as well as others, i try to read anything i can, if anyone has any tips, books, videos, etc.. to prepare me, please pass it on. Im starting this as if its a new language and i know NOTHING! I plan on doing the earliest school i can at NJMP. Thanks for your time, happy holidays and look forward to getting to know this sport, fellow riders and instructors. AC
  5. im going to sign up for NJMP in May, probably that friday before memorial day. Was just confirming i could take off from work first.
  6. Thanks for the info. I was thinking the same thing on equipment. Basically i want to go in like i do not know anything.
  7. I have my own helmet, not sure if i will have leathers and boots by the time i take the class. If i dont can i always add to my package or should i sign up now and then if i dont need them receive a refund later. Also under experience what should i put down, i took the msf course, have a license, rode a harley for a couple of years, and ride motorcross currently. I also have tracked cars and karts. Im not sure how much it means when you put experience and i am taking the beginner course. Just do not want to mislead anyone. Thanks
  8. I have always been interested in this school, i started looking at it back some years ago but may be now is the time or may be not. Some info on me, i have a motorcycle license, had a harley for two years, recreationally ride dirt bikes, race a TAG 125cc kart, track days with my cars but never experiene the true performance of a bike in the track. So some oquestions for everyone: Is 38 to old? Is it safer than on the street? I want to enjoy the bike and learn how to ride but i have to go back to work the next day. Im not looking to become the next spiess or stoner, just enjoy and learn. The safety equipment i can rent is it in good shape, id rather not buy anything until i know its something i want to do. The big what if, how much out of pocket expense if the school bike gets hurt. Im in ny, i may try to do the nj school in sept but i have some commitments already, if not i would wait till next spring. What other good track day orgs are out there in the ny metro area. Thank you for your time Anthony
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