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  1. Limitations of CSS techniques?

    Nice bike! Last week my wife bought a 1992 CB750 that had been well cared for.
  2. HP4 Race

    I just saw a review of the bike. Very nice! $78,000 though and only 750 will be made. I’m wondering if it will be WSBK legal and gridded since they’re making over the 500 homologation minimum.
  3. Dirt vs Asphalt riding styles and technique

    The most intense corner-workers I think ANYONE has ever seen! Thanks for the video. Yes, clearly there is a difference in styles. I'm wondering if it's a matter of machine design that makes the style difference more pronounced. For example on my dirt bike the other day, I noticed that it seems the designer wanted me to ride the front as there's a dip in the seat, like the dip in a two-hump camel. My long arms means I've got a short reach to the bars and therefore my steering isn't perpendicular to the steering head, almost a downward action. Conversely, the reach to the bars on my sportbike is further forward, causing me to lean in and requiring a distinct steering action to get agility from the bike. Where I place my weight seems a secondary effect of the bar input requirements. I'm wondering if this has some bearing on the counter steer vs counterweight debate....but I digress...
  4. Long interval between levels 1 and 2 schools

    There can be wonderful gains for sense-of-self when you plan a stable goal and arrange the dangling participles of life to meet that goal. Book your date, no matter how far out, be mindful of the date and watch how your life's arrangements accommodate. Cheers
  5. I'm having a good time riding my new dirt bike. It's a first for me being on such a machine and I'm finding a lot of similarities to hard surface riding. I have a quick question from watching some motocross and hope someone can answer about some of the dissimilar things I've found: Dirt riders tend to push the bike underneath in a "crossed up" style vs asphalt riders want to go with the bike or even "hang-off" in the direction of the turn. Why? Dirt riders seem to not care about "racing lines". I'm not talking about situations where the rider is following a rut as that's understandable that you can't cross a 16" rut just to run a line, but they seem to not care about outside-inside-outside of turns like asphalt riders do. Why?
  6. Knee slider as a learning tool... Why? When? How?

    Here's a related article I read yesterday http://www.motorcycle.com/features/Marc-marquez-crazy-save-motogp-sepang-2017
  7. I’ve seen drag bikes where the front end is strapped, effectively keeping the suspension compressed and to prevent rebound. What are they trying to accomplish by doing this? I’m discussing this on another forum and proposed that: 1- I don’t know why 2- There are other, more effective ways of doing the above without the risk of a strap failure or the cost of modification Anyone?
  8. LoL- posted before I could LoL
  9. Leaning on straight

    Interesting...looks like the unmarked 10a will be key to getting T14 set up properly.
  10. Mid-Corner Countersteering

    I’m interested too since I’ve seen faster riders do this in sections like 7,8,9 at NJMP Thunderbolt.
  11. Leaning on straight

    You must have sector time data to be able to estimate 4-5 seconds for those 3 corners???
  12. How did YOUR weekend go?

    That rises suspiciously close to fraud. Tampering with an odometer is a Federal Crime in the US, but I've never heard of it being enforced for 1-off situations. I guess all one can do is publish the bad-news about the prior owner's integrity, or lack thereof. But I suppose it's also incumbent upon the buyer to know what they're buying. Good luck on the all-Duc day.
  13. How did YOUR weekend go?

    Sorry to hear that your "Duck" let you down. Your progress and goals sound amazing!
  14. Wet Vs Dry riding

    I'm planning to ride dirtbikes with my son today so I can sample some of the reduced traction you speak about. Ciao! (please keep the thread going)
  15. Wet Vs Dry riding

    Great list and write-up! Wrote any good books lately? (LoL) I'm very much interested in asking about #3 above. I recently reviewed the chapters on steering in TOTW2 and had not before paid as much attention to one of the drawings comparing lines. In one drawing the rider made a smooth arc through the corner but in the other, the rider made a sharp hook at the steering input and it seemed as if Keith was advocating the hook. I'd think that a rain rider might also prefer a hook as they are on the side of the tire less. If this is the case, why use the far side of the track for entry since it will put you in the same place anyhow with "midcorner" being a geometric line (instead of a curve)?