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  1. I remember when that happened. It was also shared on Social Media.
  2. The MM93 video was blocked by Dorna 😞
  3. Ever consider that Leg Danglers are using their arms to support themselves? I know...sounds "wrong", right? Well Keith Code found that even high level riders are making basic errors, which is why everyone starts CSS at Level 1.
  4. My small contribution (and a little bit of speculation) is that Rossi started doing it around the time he began using Mini-moto for training. It also appears that he uses it to block a passing rider.
  5. Do they offer the game as a PC download? What if I own the XBox version, do I get a discount on the PS4 or PC version? Sorry for the questions, it’s been A REALLY LONG TIME since I’ve done video games. I own a retro Atari and retro SNES (the updated ones released a couple years ago), just to put in context. Played a few times for nostalgia and now they’re on the shelf.
  6. The descriptions that I’ve read from others hint very strongly that it’s possible to make technical errors when it’s in the Sim mode. I expect that in Arcade mode you can get away with anything.
  7. In the last 17 hours, I've managed to narrow this down to ponying up with 350 $mackeroos to get the game and an XBox One S. I did find that with online stores selling the game at a discount and a few bundles available online, now it's a matter of deciding which bundle kit to go with and I believe I can beat that budget ALL DONE. I will need to pull the trigger soon on this, as my son's 7th birthday is in 2 weeks and the game is for him...I might play it once in awhile also (wink).
  8. It seems that some people are getting benefit out of using/ playing racing games. This is an area completely unknown to me and since it's Brrrrr cold here right now, it might be an opportunity to get some training in from the comfort of my living room. Anyone have any recommendations? I heard of Ride3. It has some mixed reviews, but is the game that got my attention to this idea. I have a Win10 laptop I can use to connect to my living room TV but I'm not opposed to buying a gaming platform for this use. If I use the PC what type of controllers should I buy?
  9. I saw something the other day that Brandon Paasch now is on an FIM Moto2 team and finished 12th in his first race! Go Brandon!
  10. Jaybird180

    2020 WSBK

    2020 is shaping up to be an awesome season. 5X (Consecutive) World Superbike Champion Jonathan Rea will have his hands full. His closest competitor for 2019, Alvaro Bautista is changing factories, which is...interesting. I don't know what precipitated that but I thought Buatista on the Ducati was a match made-in-heaven, but I guess not. Honda is back with full factory support and hired Butista to pilot the all-new, homologation special CBR1000RR-R SP (yeah, that's a lot of letters) Fireblade. Let's see if Honda can get out of their racing slouch. BMW came to play, with a new 2020 model that is more than just an evolution of it's prior models. Yamaha made some tweaks to their bike from what I hear, squeezing more power from their engine for 2020. And.....(get this)....we now have an American rider in the series again! I've been a JR fan since his days on the Ten Kate Honda CBR600RR World Supersport, but I gotta root for my fellow country man, Garrett Gerloff. What do you guys think will happen this upcoming season?
  11. Nice video. He’s a good story teller...and I know what he went thru because I’m doing the same...thinking about it too much LoL.
  12. I am in need of better feel in my front braking system. Due to stock class rules, there are restrictions on what I can do to the bike. I can't change to Stainless Steel lines, upgrade calipers, master cylinder or rotors (I don't think), but it does appear that I can change the brake pads. I did some research into the various materials, but the articles I found only discuss costs, longevity and composition, but not much in the way of feedback and feel vs stopping power. My current setup (very likely OE Yamaha pads, but I'll have to verify - shame on me) feels spongy but has the capability to lift the back wheel off the ground with alacrity. Unfortunately I have experience with this, as it caught me off-guard when I had instead expected the front tire to slide on the cold pavement this Friday evening, but it never did. This is for my TT-R125 Minimoto trackbike. Which pad material could improve my feedback in what the brakes are doing and offer more progressive feel? Organic, Semi-Organic, Sintered, Metallic, etc.? I wasn't able to find out what the OE pad is made from, but I've put in an inquiry with a major parts distributor to see if they can help. UPDATE: The supplier says the pads “appear to be ceramic”.
  13. I heard that Honda is doing a Factory Team with full WSBK support in 2020 and Bautista will be their lead rider.
  14. The pic looks like ViR....Turn 2
  15. That sounds like a good goal to achieve! Welcome to the forum.
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