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  1. New Trailer Setup- Weight and Balance

    Well, we skipped the empty weight part. The trailer is at the shop getting it's upgrades. I also tried out the TRSs and I admit that it's one thing that I will need to read the instructions for as there is a part that gets installed on one of the bikes. I had to figure out which because they didn't mark them. We ballparked where to install the mounting plates. The weigh in will tell me if we got it right or how much ballast will be needed.
  2. Training the cornering weak side

    AdamZisa mentioned that he rides bicycles to help. I saw something interesting this morning. that may be relevant to bad sides and I think Hotfoot is already on the trail. I saw this woman on a bicycle and it looked like she was struggling, fighting the bike. Yes, there was a slight uphill slope but I don't think that was the root of her problem. I noticed as I passed in my car the opposite direction that her elbows were bent at significantly different angles. Her right elbow was above horizontal and her left was down closer to her hip, yet the bike was going straight - I ruled out a pretzeled bike. Got me to thinking about my own body position and the pain I have on the left side of my back.
  3. Knee slider as a learning tool... Why? When? How?

    From some of his other material, I get the impression that Dave is a trail braker.
  4. Better Body Position for Steering

    Thanks for this. IIRC my stock clip-ons have 3 positions. I just may give the further out position a try before plonking down cash for the risers. This part was very interesting
  5. New Trailer Setup- Weight and Balance

    Nail on the head with loading over the axles. I am a little concerned about the wasted space though and this particular trailer feels heavy at the tongue (It's got wooden walls). In a couple days or so, I'll have the parts received to add brakes, which while not required will add a measure of safety. I found a station willing to weigh my rig. It's a dump site not far from my house, so that's good. I'll likely go by and weigh empty then calculate, test load the bikes and re-weigh.
  6. New Trailer Setup- Weight and Balance

    Thank you for finding that, I'd seen it some time ago and didn't know how to find it again. Although one could load a trailer front heavy, there are limits to the tongue weight of trailer hitches. If too nose heavy, it could cause excessive tow vehicle squat in the rear, lightening the steering wheels, reducing controllability and also giving problems with headlight aim. In the extreme cases, it could cause structural failure of either vehicle's frame or attachment points. From what I've read, general rule of thumb is 10-15% gross trailer weight should be placed at the tongue. I got a recommendation to use a single bathroom scale at the front, load the bikes allowing only 90-135lb (10-15%) increase at the tongue jack then use that as the location to install the TRS. I'm not sure of this plan and certainly don't want to use my new-ish glass Bluetooth body analysis bathroom scale. FWIW- I called PitBull last week and while they assured me that my concerns were valid, they'd never had anyone call to ask that question. Which means that in finest tradition, I'm probably overthinking this. However many people load bikes on as little as 72" length trailers but I have an additional 48" or 50% I can play with; I think there's room to get it wrong and my professional truck-driving father-in-law agrees that it can be done wrong. On point, when driving back from L4 at NJMP, I packed the open trailer in haste and my wife driving said the vehicle didn't feel comfortable. We pulled over and I moved the tool bin from the extreme rear to the extreme front of the trailer and it made a noticeable difference for the remainder of the 3hr trip home.
  7. I just bought a 6x12 trailer. After missing a trackday a couple weeks ago, I'd had enough and got serious about it. Found a great deal. I'm planning some upgrades for the trailer already. One of the essentials I'd decided upon is the PitBull Trailer Restraint System for our bikes. I'm waiting for my guy to get back to me as I put him on hold until I actually completed the purchase, now I'm itching to get the systems installed. Being the egghead that I am (and having an aviation background) I know a little about Weight and Balance. A front loaded trailer tends to be more stable, and a rearward Center of Gravity (aft of the axle) is less stable. Considering my tow vehicle has was I consider a limited tow capacity, I decided that I'd like to install the 900lbs of motorcycle on the Axle and use moveable gear (toolboxes, etc) as ballast. Pretty soon I'll take some measurements and see if this works from a space availability perspective. I recall a few posts with C*G data but I'm hoping to find something authoritative on the matter. Otherwise I'll have to take measurements myself, which I don't mind doing. Anyone? Does anyone have any cautions for or against my plan? I'd like to install the TRS once (and maybe make an outline for days when it's just a single bike going) and be done with it.
  8. Outgrow stock suspension???

    ...and there's this
  9. Outgrow stock suspension???

    You may wish to do some searching in the bike specific forums (600rr.net and or cbrforums.com) to find out if the 2012 was one of the years that Honda cheaped out on the suspension and it's one of the models where the rebound doesn't work. But if you're at max on Preload then a new spring is first order of business. I found after CSS my riding position went rearward and if that also was your case then you may find the spring is indeed all sprung out. I did a full suspension on my 06 CBR1000RR and also my 2002 CBR600F4i and it needn't cost an arm and leg. Be careful with accepting advice from people not paying the bill though. The shocks used on the Unit Pro Link do not offer any ride height adjustments but some models can be shimmed if you need to steepen the static geometry. I've got build threads on cbrforum for my F4i if you'd like to see what I did and on 1000rr.net; same username and avatar.
  10. New Schuberth lid

    Cobie- I nearly have my helmet fit issues (noted in quote) resolved and I'll be happy to share with you because I know that you've been a strong advocate of helmet foam at the top. I might have a solution that works a little better, but I'm working on refinement before I say. I've at least gotten the vibration to a lower intensity and happens at a higher speed (about 139MPH+) and I thought I had it resolved...until my cheek pads broke in more.
  11. PIR --> Cobie, Dylan

    Cool Shot!
  12. PIR --> Cobie, Dylan

    Are they keeping the chicane they added between T15 & T16? I think it would be a good permanent change but does need a little refinement. I think a little curbing could resolve the part I saw (from my TV).
  13. Better Body Position for Steering

    On my last 2 rides something became apparent to me in that I'm doing something odd with the right side of my body. My fist is clenched pretty tightly and my right arm gets fatigued. I'm thinking this is a cause-effect loop and directly contributing to my back pain. When I notice it, I can tell myself to relax. Will attention on relaxing my grip and right arm solve the problem?