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  1. Las Vegas, Classic Course

    In aviation, investigators look for "links" in the accident chain; it's never ONE thing that causes something bad to happen but a series of small things that resulted in the bad thing happening. I suppose the corollary to motorcycles would be to look at the environmental conditions, tire condition and the appropriateness of suspension settings to determine result. For sure the greatest variable is the rider- that MAGIC being can that process all of what's happening and make billions of calculations per second and correct for all other variables. If the rider's data is faulty or application is faulty then certainly best outcome will be uncertainty.
  2. Healtech Quickshifter Easy

    @DLHamblin How is the Healtech unit still performing? I'm down to the wire on closing my winter project and last is deciding on a QS. Because things have advanced a bit since the OP, my considerations are: Annitori Pro Healtech Woolich The Woolich was the favorite for a long time. but since I went about $1.400 over budget for the winter project it's tough to justify, although the Return on Investment is higher than the others. But the other 2 will give me the option of going with Guhl for ECU tuning, bringing my financial investment down. Woolich adds more bling by giving me Launch Control and Pit Speed Limiter options and AFIAK is the ONLY solution for Pit Speed Limiter, but it's kinda yawn (just a little...but lauch control is freaking cool!).
  3. Healtech Quickshifter Easy

    There are a couple guys on a 1000rr specific forum (hint) that I participate in that may be able to help with your QS problem. If you need help locating which forum I'm speaking of, PM me.
  4. 2017 Fleet Break In

    Waiting for the post about the 2018 fleet break-in
  5. Anyone care to make any predictions regarding World Superbike and MotoGP for 2018 season? My prediction for MotoGP has in contention MM93, Lorenzo, Vinales, Jack Miller and Johann Zarco. It's a tough field but I've got to go with Marq Marquez to win another crown in 2018. For WSBK, all I'm willing to say is that I think we will finally see the Honda on the box again (I'm a Honda fan) a few times and we also might see the Aprilia on the box a couple times. There is a lot of good talent and good bikes in the series this year.
  6. There's one on Netflix IIRC called ROAD, the story of the Dunlop family. That one is very interesting and talks a lot about the obsession with the IOM TT.
  7. Limitations of CSS techniques?

    Good examples!
  8. My son started riding his dirt bike on his 4th birthday. A "gift" from a friend included a 1-pc leather suit, but he hardly uses it because we find it preferred for him to wear his body armor. We haven't tried on the suit in awhile and he's likely outgrown it. Upcoming this March he will start MiniGP in the 5+ year old group, which will be held at NJMP. Where can I find children's PPE like leathers, gloves, etc in his size? Preferably somewhere that takes trades because he's growing FAST! Shopping for his dirt bike helmet was a frustrating, time consuming and expensive experience but as a parent, I'm prepared to suck-it-up.
  9. Helmet advice wanted

    Another example of what you said above about no device working 100% of the time. I believe as you do that it's best to put the odds in my favor when talking about safety. But it doesn't mean that I'm going to cease the activity because it's above most people's risk threshold- I'm instead going to invest in the best safety gear and training my budget allows and then do my best to "not do anything stupid".
  10. Rear Slides and Saves

  11. Helmet advice wanted

    I know a guy who refuses to wear a seatbelt because he believes that his friend who died in a car crash might have been saved had he been thrown from the car. He even discounts the fact that everyday people who drive above their ability or in conditions for which the laws of Physics is king have saved potential crashes just because they and the vehicle moved as a single unit and they miraculously were able to make the correct inputs to avert a collision with an immovable or unstoppable object.
  12. If this is authentic

    I see what appears to be crash protection on that bike. And what's the rig at the rear?
  13. Helmet advice wanted

    The AGV dealers I've visited didn't have a sufficient selection to allow me to get a good one for my noggin. I recently eschewed my HJC RPHA-11 (only product in recent memory I waiting until product launch to eagerly buy) in favor of a Shoei RF-1200. I'd been looking for just...the right....fit. I've been trying to avoid the whole Shoei/Arai thing (some people believe they are the only helmets worth putting your head into), but I guess they finally got me.
  14. Rear Slides and Saves

    Pickup is a conscious decided effort. The rider intends to lift the bike to vertical at a much earlier point in the turn than allowing a lazy vertical movement later when the bike is decidedly passed the exit.