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  1. No, instead of going to try it (and besides it's in the 30dF temperature range here) we'd rather discuss it ad-nauseum online until the thread is at least 500 posts. LoL (point taken, Dylan)
  2. How much awkwardness have you seen from students trying to change their techniques to push-pull with both? How long does it take for this to become habit in the average rider? Otherwise, I would think this could consume valuable mental processing capacity until it becomes second nature.
  3. Jaybird180

    Track walkthrough? Library

    Not exactly what you asked for, but there are a ton of YouTube videos available; some are pretty good.
  4. I cannot fathom how he stomps over everyone else. He manages to nearly holeshot every start and from there he charges forward like a raging bull. Then, he hardly makes mistakes either. Apparently there’s a formula for recognizing talent. As a Honda fan, I’m pretty teed off that Ten Kate couldn’t keep him. But he wouldn’t have had the success on such a lackluster machine- but I’m not sure if it’s the bike or the rider looking at the other Kwak riders in the WSBK field.
  5. Most people put on a few lbs in the off season. If you’re the exception then a lighter spring may be in your future. Keep the OE set and as your ability goes up again, you might go back to them.
  6. Jaybird180

    Clip On Adjustment

    I can’t see your eyes very well but I’m wondering how much forward visibility you have at this angle in this position (with a helmet on). And at best it looks like you’re looking over your glasses.
  7. Jaybird180

    Clip On Adjustment

    There’s a larger aftermarket for the R3 now than there was a few years ago. Best Wishes and keep the rubber side down (and sideways).
  8. Jaybird180

    Clip On Adjustment

    What bike is this? Look on YouTube for Dave Moss videos and do a search for “Ergonomics”. Once you find the right rider “triangle” you won’t have to fiddle with it.
  9. Jaybird180

    Clip On Adjustment

    I purchased an aftermarket setup to change my bar position. I too needed more room in the cockpit. Although I went with Apex, Woodcraft makes a similar set.
  10. Jaybird180

    Off camber corners

    There is a Reference in TOTWII that covers the effect of camber on a corner. Don’t have mine in front of me to give you the chapter. But it covers its effect on lean angle.
  11. Anyone take note that Rea has secured a 4th consecutive Championship. Rea is the 1st rider to have ever done 2 consecutive, let alone 4! Rea joins the records books; the only other 4X Champion is Carl Fogarty.
  12. Jaybird180

    Women In Wsbk Racing

    Seems like I’m breaking the news on the CSS Forum Ana Carasco is the World’s first Roadracing World Champion. 2018 Supersport 300 http://www.worldsbk.com/en/news/2018/Ride+like+a+girl+Carrasco+makes+history+to+become+WorldSSP300+Champion
  13. Jaybird180

    Riding a School Bike

    CSS is piloting a program this year to work with Children. @Dylan Code can fill in the details. I’m going to try to get my children into it as we’re at the tail end of their first racing season. They’re 5 & 8 and have a 2yo brother following intently (not riding yet).
  14. MaxMcAllister in his suspension clinic (can be found on YouTube) provides the info that all geometry changes have a side effect for every intended effect. He said it’s about 3:1 ratio of effect to side effect and many people chase setup issues because of missing information of knowing which end of the motorcycle to change. The cliff notes: he provides that front end changes effect corner entry to mid turn and rear end height changes effect mid turn to corner exit; being mindful of the side effect issue. My concern with prescribing a geometry change at this point is introducing another variable into the equation when rider input, vision, timing and throttle control haven’t been sorted, nor do we know if static sag and chassis balance have been baselined. My $.03 is aligned with the OP and Hotfoot’s process to establish what the rider is doing and how the bike is responding.