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  1. You packed a lot in just a few sentences! Thank you.
  2. That video of MM93...I wanted to let out a train of unintelligible words known only to myself and the Big Man upstairs, except I would have been discourteous to everyone around me.
  3. Finally was able to get the video to play through. Thanks for posting it.
  4. For some reason, I can’t get THIS video to play through. It stops partway. Going to keep trying though. Although the results were predictable it wasn’t in the way I thought (not going to spoil it for anyone else).
  5. Just wondering what you guys and gals think about the learning value of watching motorcycle racing. I am even beginning to explore the idea that watching on TV, while entertaining, may come with some negative transfer of ideas about riding. What have you noticed watching others ride or race? In person and on TV?
  6. I’ve come to accept that with the passage of time, my chances of becoming MotoGP Champion declines. I should know this by the fact that I spend 8hrs a day, 40hrs a week honing a craft that involves driving a desk and that I’ve been doing it nearly 2 decades. But as I think about the investment I’ve made in my riding skill and make an honest assessment in the return on that investment, I begin to ask: what is a realistic goal for my riding accomplishments? I’m a multi-time Level 4 student and because I love it so much, I will very likely return to CSS for more L4, but now with a different mindset, and a question. I’ve previously thought there was that ONE THING that once unburdened in my riding, would open the door to limitless improvement. My interpretation and reading of TOTWII indicates that as a message. But what if I’ve already peaked? What if my “plateau” isn’t really a plateau but instead my zenith? How in the world can I figure this out? I know that I certainly have counterproductive habits and tendencies and as I ride more they come to my attention. When my awareness comes up, those tendencies reduce, at least until the next ride. I also know that I have fears and as I ride more they become articulable. I know that I sometimes make errors because I have a base of information gleaned from years of study of Keith’s and others’ material and my comparison of my error in judgement becomes apparent as I reflect on a previous session. I DO know that I still enjoy it. And I also know that I don’t do it often enough for my learning style. I think...I’m just looking for MY breakthrough. Writing this post has been therapeutic. Now I hope to get some valuable feedback from other students, forum posters and especially coaches on how riding breakthroughs actually happen. I’ve heard about them. Now I’m ready to experience my own.
  7. I USUALLY wear earplugs for street or track. I also believe that having well fitted gear with no lanyards or hanging bits is part of the equation. Except... I used to have a pair of washable earplugs that has softened over the years, you guys might not believe me if I said how long I’ve had them. But I kept them in a little plastic box that was tied to the zipper of my suit. Keith asked me 2 years ago if it was distracting. Do you know THAT day was when I lost one or both plugs and grieved a bit then threw it all away. I found that box light enough and the lanyard short enough that it didn’t bother. Now, I often forget to grab a set of disposables from the drawer before I go out. I don’t find engine noise distracting but wind noise, certainly. For minimoto racing I can get away with not wearing them. I think top speed on my XR100 is maybe 47MPH and that’s IF it can haul my weight up to that speed in the short distances we use on kart tracks. Good bike and rider ergonomics often get overlooked. Once you find what works the bike becomes invisible. This goes for proper bike setup too.
  8. Keith told me he will train a rider WITH DOCUMENTABLE RACING EXPERIENCE as young as ______ (I cannot recall the number). Certain tracks have age restrictions but CSS has the most freedom at their home track.
  9. I vote this as best answer. Rereading the question, I must have heard Family Fued music playing in my head when I answered. 😂
  10. 4-1-3-2-5 in that order, though I Place 4/1 similarly related. I might even be inclined to swap them but didn’t because I’d place reflexes as senior to quick steering.
  11. I’m running GP Suspensions kit up front and Penske triple adjustable in the rear. I am not sure if I put the 50 (OE) or the CBR forum recommended 55 series tire on rear, likely the latter. I’d have to verify. The tires have maybe 2-300 miles on them.
  12. 2006 CBR1000RR. Dunlop Q3+. DC area.
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