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  1. Las Vegas, Classic Course

    In aviation, investigators look for "links" in the accident chain; it's never ONE thing that causes something bad to happen but a series of small things that resulted in the bad thing happening. I suppose the corollary to motorcycles would be to look at the environmental conditions, tire condition and the appropriateness of suspension settings to determine result. For sure the greatest variable is the rider- that MAGIC being can that process all of what's happening and make billions of calculations per second and correct for all other variables. If the rider's data is faulty or application is faulty then certainly best outcome will be uncertainty.
  2. Healtech Quickshifter Easy

    @DLHamblin How is the Healtech unit still performing? I'm down to the wire on closing my winter project and last is deciding on a QS. Because things have advanced a bit since the OP, my considerations are: Annitori Pro Healtech Woolich The Woolich was the favorite for a long time. but since I went about $1.400 over budget for the winter project it's tough to justify, although the Return on Investment is higher than the others. But the other 2 will give me the option of going with Guhl for ECU tuning, bringing my financial investment down. Woolich adds more bling by giving me Launch Control and Pit Speed Limiter options and AFIAK is the ONLY solution for Pit Speed Limiter, but it's kinda yawn (just a little...but lauch control is freaking cool!).
  3. Healtech Quickshifter Easy

    There are a couple guys on a 1000rr specific forum (hint) that I participate in that may be able to help with your QS problem. If you need help locating which forum I'm speaking of, PM me.
  4. 2017 Fleet Break In

    Waiting for the post about the 2018 fleet break-in
  5. Anyone care to make any predictions regarding World Superbike and MotoGP for 2018 season? My prediction for MotoGP has in contention MM93, Lorenzo, Vinales, Jack Miller and Johann Zarco. It's a tough field but I've got to go with Marq Marquez to win another crown in 2018. For WSBK, all I'm willing to say is that I think we will finally see the Honda on the box again (I'm a Honda fan) a few times and we also might see the Aprilia on the box a couple times. There is a lot of good talent and good bikes in the series this year.
  6. There's one on Netflix IIRC called ROAD, the story of the Dunlop family. That one is very interesting and talks a lot about the obsession with the IOM TT.
  7. Just tossing this out if anyone has seen this. I found it on Amazon Video and only intended to watch the first 30mins or so but found myself staying up late to watch the entire 2h 18mins. It was awesome and I thought well put together and showed some of things the behind scenes story of 6 Aliens of MotoGP. One part stands out is the statement (objectionable to me): “A fast rider can learn to stop crashing but a slow rider cannot learn to go fast.”
  8. I'm having a good time riding my new dirt bike. It's a first for me being on such a machine and I'm finding a lot of similarities to hard surface riding. I have a quick question from watching some motocross and hope someone can answer about some of the dissimilar things I've found: Dirt riders tend to push the bike underneath in a "crossed up" style vs asphalt riders want to go with the bike or even "hang-off" in the direction of the turn. Why? Dirt riders seem to not care about "racing lines". I'm not talking about situations where the rider is following a rut as that's understandable that you can't cross a 16" rut just to run a line, but they seem to not care about outside-inside-outside of turns like asphalt riders do. Why?
  9. Is it a feeling that you're chasing? Lap times? Lower crash rate? If you run your favorite track or canyon, you could certainly time yourself. That's an objective measurement. But what if you mainly ride on the street? How do you know you've gotten better?
  10. My son started riding his dirt bike on his 4th birthday. A "gift" from a friend included a 1-pc leather suit, but he hardly uses it because we find it preferred for him to wear his body armor. We haven't tried on the suit in awhile and he's likely outgrown it. Upcoming this March he will start MiniGP in the 5+ year old group, which will be held at NJMP. Where can I find children's PPE like leathers, gloves, etc in his size? Preferably somewhere that takes trades because he's growing FAST! Shopping for his dirt bike helmet was a frustrating, time consuming and expensive experience but as a parent, I'm prepared to suck-it-up.
  11. Limitations of CSS techniques?

    Good examples!
  12. Per Cobie's request for most interesting topic (and Hotfoot to judge) I submit this: Ha, ha, ha, ha! Actually, to get back on topic, I thought about a thread of things that you thought you understood until you found out that you didn't. And perhaps you can include how you arrived at your newfound understanding. I'll start first: I thought I understood what it means by early/late apex. It pricked my consciousness when I was having a conversation with my wife and we were talking about the definition of "apex" and when I couldn't adequately define it to my own satisfaction, I realized that I had some missing information on it. It had been playing in my subconscious for a couple days afterwards, but I hadn't yet taken action. Previously, I had been reading a motorcycling book and the author was talking about motorcycle vs car lines. The conversation made me to realize that I had always thought they were the same. He also talked about late apexes. It began to dawn on me a bit after this conversation. I tried working it out and so used a mental picture of an overhead shot of both vehicles and that's when I realized what an early apex looks like and WHY it causes the corner exit to run wide on a motorcycle and that it was essentially what I had always done without realizing or understanding it. Since it was cold out, there was no way for me to practice my newfound understanding to test the truth of it, so I did so in my car. I found that it was easy to see. I decided that I was going to work on this my next motorcycle ride out. I went out yesterday. Not many turns, but I found it easy to forget that I was supposed to practice my new understanding. Another good thing is that I have found something new to work on....until my school, that is....WOOHOOO! Someone else's turn to share a new understanding.
  13. Helmet advice wanted

    Another example of what you said above about no device working 100% of the time. I believe as you do that it's best to put the odds in my favor when talking about safety. But it doesn't mean that I'm going to cease the activity because it's above most people's risk threshold- I'm instead going to invest in the best safety gear and training my budget allows and then do my best to "not do anything stupid".
  14. Rear Slides and Saves

  15. Rear Slides and Saves

    I'd like to discuss rear slides a moment. In all cases below, the rider is leaned over in a turn. For simplicity sake, let's say the rider is mid-corner, established in said right turn and the corner is flat, level and symmetrical. Let's also define the apex of the corner as the geometric center of the turn. Let's also say the rider's throttle control is standard. Bike on dry pavement the rear end slides, the rider is loose on the bars and allows the bike to attempt to self-correct. Which way do the bars turn? Bike on a compromised surface and the rear end slides, the rider is loose on the bars and allows the bike to attempt to self-correct. Do the bars turn? Can the rider in either scenario turn the bars to give a corrective action? Is the answer the same for both conditions 1 and 2? If the rider give the opposite input to the bars in a slide scenario will the rider's action aggravate the situation? Is the answer the same for both conditions 1 and 2? After the above scenario #1, let's assume the rider's throttle control isn't standard. In fact, the rider has a timing error with the increased roll-rate and initiates a pickup of the bike post-apex in attempt to alleviate some of the turning forces. Due to the timing error, the throttle comes on at the same time (or perhaps with a microsecond lead) as an aggressive pick-up steering input. The rear end begins to slide. Is the slide in the same direction as above? Because the bike is vertical (or nearly so) but still following a circular trajectory which direction does the front end turn for corrective action? Can aggressiveness of a pickup cause an upset of traction? (I once called this a quick "un-flick")
  16. Helmet advice wanted

    I know a guy who refuses to wear a seatbelt because he believes that his friend who died in a car crash might have been saved had he been thrown from the car. He even discounts the fact that everyday people who drive above their ability or in conditions for which the laws of Physics is king have saved potential crashes just because they and the vehicle moved as a single unit and they miraculously were able to make the correct inputs to avert a collision with an immovable or unstoppable object.
  17. If this is authentic

    I see what appears to be crash protection on that bike. And what's the rig at the rear?
  18. Helmet advice wanted

    The AGV dealers I've visited didn't have a sufficient selection to allow me to get a good one for my noggin. I recently eschewed my HJC RPHA-11 (only product in recent memory I waiting until product launch to eagerly buy) in favor of a Shoei RF-1200. I'd been looking for just...the right....fit. I've been trying to avoid the whole Shoei/Arai thing (some people believe they are the only helmets worth putting your head into), but I guess they finally got me.
  19. Rear Slides and Saves

    Pickup is a conscious decided effort. The rider intends to lift the bike to vertical at a much earlier point in the turn than allowing a lazy vertical movement later when the bike is decidedly passed the exit.
  20. Rear Slides and Saves

    I'll check out Ch 10 again. Thanks for the catch about the pickup and the change in trajectory, however I'd always thought of it as a way to finish the corner with throttle but the rider ins't yet going down the straight. Or perhaps as a way to quickly arrest the circular trajectory and get the bike pointed straight. Perhaps I've got a misunderstanding about that area....?
  21. Steer for the Rear - Ch13 of TOTWII

    I've been thinking about this new chapter (I could almost swear it wasn't in my book before- LoL) and it seems that there's a jewel in there about the bike steering about the rear wheel (once leaned over). And it makes sense to me. But there's a part of me that having a hard time with it and it's the mantra about 40/60 F/R weight distribution and using the throttle properly to arrive at that ratio and NOT exceeding it. Then that chapter goes on to point out that one could lift the front while leaned over and the bike will continue through the corner. I've seen it done many times (on TV, haven't experienced it myself). So if this is the case, why do we care about 40/60? Looking through the forum, I came across another thread where I somewhat asked a similar question regarding roll-on rates...which tells me that I've got plenty to understand about the topic of throttle management.
  22. Anyone know where Suzuka will be broadcast in the USA? How about Japanese Superbike Series? The Irish Series to include Isle of Man?
  23. Steer for the Rear - Ch13 of TOTWII

    I saw the braking action and thought he got real lucky...again.
  24. New to the forum