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  1. If a fully heated race tire balloons then it makes sense. But since there is still some flex in the carcass I think there's something else going on. I will concede that I don't know what or why. I'll get back to you after I study more on the lack of relationship that surface area has to tire grip.
  2. When I shop for clothes I always have to take into account my requirement for long sleeves. Couple that with a torso thats taller than average and it's a non-aerodynamic recipe. It's one of the fun things about engineering- making wise compromises. I would just like to be able to get through a full track session at 80%+ without cramping.
  3. One of the things that I continue to work on is effective steering. My confession is that I don't Quicksteer well enough. Leading up to that is that my body position doesn't lend itself very well to being in-line with the plane of rotation of the bars. My new bike's clip-ons are pretty low and being a tall guy, I have to sit mostly to the back of the seat or hunch over significantly to get in-line to steer rather than push down on the bars (bad). Sitting that far aft of the CoG comes with another compromise in how aggressive I can get on the gas, considering that I don't have wheelie control on my analog literbike AND the fact that with a brand new chain & sprockets my wheel base is in factory specs, which is wee bit shorter than it has ever been during my short ownership. I'm considering a set of bar risers that will bring the clip-ons higher. I've read good reviews on the Apex brand that gives a 2" increase and I'm thinking long and hard about making the change- it will also require a change to the hydraulic lines. Their 3" kit will require a change to the throttle cable and probably anything higher will require a change to the upper fairing. My thoughts are that it would be a good ergonomic mod for me however I'm thinking about how it will affect my steering. I can't think of any cons to making the change other than the expense of new hydraulic lines- which I was thinking about doing anyhow- but they must be cut to spec given the need for another 2 (or 3) inches. OTOH, perhaps there's something that's been overlooked in my steering technique itself. Scooting back was the solution provided at my days at the school and I'm not sure but I'm leaning toward it being a possible contributor to my back pain, the onset of which came with it's own cornering challenges. Scratching for ideas and a solution here.
  4. To serve what purpose?
  5. I know that's what physics says but the guys that do drag racing have a different experience. They put the widest tires they can muster on the rear of the car/bike to increase contact patch. The result is better ability to put power to the ground.
  6. What are the designers trying to achieve with low bars?
  7. I wish that I'd taken advantage of this. CSS already "sold" me on the Alpinestars SuperTechR boots. I was trying to save my pockets...didn't work - LoL
  8. Unfortunately, I'm also in the market for a replacement lid. It seems the RPHA11 is too big and accounts for the vision blur I was getting that sometimes happens at high speed, typically on straightaways. I might go back to a Scorpion.
  9. Thank you. I guess it goes under the heading of 'quickturn as much as conditions warrant'.
  10. I just finished watching the Docu-Movie, ROAD. It's the story about the 4 VERY successful Road Racers, the Dunlops- Joey, his younger brother Robert and Robert's 2 sons William and Michael. I don't wish to give it away but it's an interesting film and there's some relevant footage pertinent to this discussion. See if anyone can spot the many references. ROAD is available on Netflix.
  11. I re-read this entire thread and all cited links to hopefully find an answer to a question. In T2 DVD one of the cautions given for QT is that it shouldn't be done on cold tires. How do you know the tires are ready for QT? And certainly since nothing in this universe is absolute, there must be a "scale of readiness" to ask for performance from the tire; how do you perceive such a scale and apply pressure accordingly without exceeding the limits of readiness?
  12. I'm very interested in testimonials of how QT has resolved your SRs.
  13. When I first started riding it was intuitive to hook the heel of my boot onto the peg, right where my instep was. By my 2nd trackday I began to drag toes. I heard it repeated many times about standing on the balls of your feet and now needed to change to avoid the abovementioned problem. There's a video in YouTube of Troy Corser teaching instep and I see the merits of both techniques. Watching the Aragon WSBK race, I'm now convinced that I've seen enough that the trend is now back to insteps; possibly even hybrid method. I'm not a "me too" type of guy but it looks like Jonny Rea uses balls on the inside leg and instep on his outside leg; straightaway he's on instep. I see the merits of instep for straights, it requires less energy. My observation is that balls of feet on inside leg does 2 things: 1- Avoids above problem and 2- more leverage for countersteering. The con is that it's more to think about/do and I'd have another habit change to endure. What are your experiences with foot placement?
  14. Bolt action, Open sights. Frankly, I don't see why there would be a need for a scope at 300 meters, but that's just me; it's just one more thing that can fail.
  15. Interesting analogy and it makes me wonder how technology has improved that area as well. I haven't squeezed a trigger in many years. I enjoyed it as a personal challenge. I trained in the profession as a U.S. Marine. One of the things that we were told in Recruit Training is that during bad weather, scores tend to dampen. I took that to heart and wanted to do the opposite; nature obliged my request as I seemed to always be at the range and shooting for score (a component of career progression) during cold and/or wet. Save my score from Recruit Training (Sharpshooter), I've always qualified and added an increasing sequential number to my Expert badge. In my day, just a short 14 years ago we fired weapons with only open sights, the old fashioned way. I saw a video of more recent Marine Recruits using optical sights on their weapons. I was horrified. What had my beloved Corps done??!?!?! Well, I guess that's the way of progress. The thought had occurred to me that it's possible that the technology has a positive effect on accuracy and battlefield engagement outcomes. I don't have the data to support that, but I'm sure there was an Army surplus somewhere and the Marine Corps picked them up to try and make some good use of them.
  16. I think racing isn't as much a mysterious black art anymore. While anyone with sufficient nickels can get started, attrition and law of averages thins the field of contenders. Because there are so many who are "good" and equipment is more readily available, the playing field is more level than days of yore- a competitive advantage is required. I recall years ago my wife saying that watching racing was boring, all they do is wait for the other guy to make a mistake (paraphrasing). I understand now that some tracks or sections thereof are difficult passing zones, coupled with (IIRC) everyone was on a Ducati- you didn't have a handling or power difference to exploit. Inches missed become feet ahead in racing nowadays.
  17. Is it easier to ride a bike fast with electronic aids? Is it safer? Does the potential exist for an electronic assist bike to save the rider from his/her own mistakes? I think these are questions with bold "yes" answers. That's the core point that I was making.
  18. Unfortunately both of them only graze the use of rear brake at corner exit.
  19. Nice video. Wonder what type of camera they've now come up with as I thought that helmet mounted cameras were illegal in FIM. I see the rider in transitions moving nearly level horizontal. The windscreen bubble is effective. I have to work on my wide-view skills.
  20. If bikes become impossible to highside, if traction control continues to improve the way it has been going, average rider Joe Schmoe will be a superstar, never knowing anything else. Now put Joe on a "Vintage" bike like my 2006 CBR1000RR (without those things) and he will taste asphalt in the worse way. But I digress... Lets talk about the interview. I want to understand this ability to change exit line with the brake. How is that possible? It makes no sense to me to be on the gas and brake simultaneously, yet affect the bike.
  21. Wheelie control doesn't cover the full reason. The bike has wheelie control and at that level, I'd depend on the electronics; have you ever seen those shots of their right wrist on corner exit? Those guys just pin it and depend on the electronics. There are many articles discussing the potential for riders to lose skills because of automation, same as there are many discussions of the similar in aviation. I'd also not worry about using brake for wheelie control simply because I'd be too much of a chicken to pin it.
  22. Having recently completed L3/4 at this circuit I am aghast at how stinkin fast this guy is and the lines he's using. I'm wondering if he's on a 300 because it seems he can maneuver the bike in ways that I wish I could. It looks to me like he could care less about straightening a corner. Even the double apex, how can he do that!?!!!
  23. I think CSS has a drill on that at the end of L2, something like pull up drill, or pickup...I forget (wink, wink).