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    Cross Training-do you do it?

    I’ve done CornerSpeed. I’ve wanted to do Cornerspin as a family, just been challenging logistically.
  2. Jaybird180

    Cold weather riding

    Commuting to work
  3. Jaybird180

    Cold weather riding

    Cobie- did you jinx me or did I fail to heed the warning? Since I don’t believe in jinx there must be another explanation for my getoff this morning. LoL Now, just to regather my mojo (confidence).
  4. Jaybird180

    Anyone for 2-Up

    Who has done them? What do you think of them? Do it again and why? I’ll start: I did a trackride as passenger on the track about 2 years ago. My pilot was very experienced with it and from my vantage point may have forgotten the sheer terror that can be inflicted upon the passenger. We took off and immediately stood on a power wheelie down track entrance. Retrospectively, its entirely possible that he honestly believed that he was showing me a good time. When we got on track it was amazing how much I could feel what the tires were doing, after I accepted the very real possibility of eating asphalt and grass. We twisted and turned, and I felt G-Forces that I never knew were possible. He was on the brakes in places that I was trying to get more roll speed through. And the braking for T1 nearly caused my arms to give out under the stress of holding me from pushing into him using the provided handholds on the tank. Suffice to say: my brain and body was overwhelmed with sensations that I’d not felt before mainly because I knew I ASKED FOR THIS and I had surrendered all control. Did I learn something: you bet! What did I learn that I can apply to my own riding? The capability of the motorcycle is further than I thought. How do I apply it? Not sure. I’m having cognitive dissonance over the many approbations to “be smooth” vs what I experienced. I choose to mentally assign smooth as my ideal. Lastly, I’ve given many 2-up rides on the street. I strive to make it a good experience. The only passenger who’s ever declined a second ride is my mother who tells tall tales of swooping between cars at extra-legal speeds.
  5. Great option for someone who doesn’t own the DVD.
  6. Jaybird180

    Challenging corners

    The specific corner I had in mind is at NJMP Thinderbolt; T9/10 I believe is the number. Some riders break it into 2 turns, some 3. This right turn then leads into a DR and then a slower left at the end Dylan and I spoke about how Tony Elias negotiates this section; I wanted to see if I can try and replicate. From the TV vantage point, Tony takes this T9/10/-DR as a single turn; doesn’t change lean angle or body position and...I’m not sure if he uses the brakes to get into the DR! Dylan’s response is that Tony can do some amazing things that’s unique to him; and that was the end of that discussion. Part of my plan for improvement here is to increase my revs and get into the speed range I want, so my line selection becomes more important as a product of that speed shaped by the primary metric or consideration of TC1. My next time there, I plan to explore the left edge of that turn to improve my sense of space. When I left the school there my win that I posted about was feeling that I’d finally put the elements together in T8, which IMO has to happen to be able to get into the speed range for T9...I’m almost there. At least I know I can now put my literbike’s needle at or above the 12’ o’clock positon in 4th gear there. To be succinct: I have an idea of where I should be with respect to the track edges to setup for the DR and the preceding turn is negotiated with considerations for the DR’s apex and exit. I am obviously open to, and do try small changes. Last time there I still got drastically different results despite what I thought were small or in some cases, no changes there.
  7. Jaybird180

    Challenging corners

    I’m thinking that if I had certainty on what skills I need to use it would no longer be a tough corner. Until now, I’ve been trying different things and sensing the G-forces. I realize now that’s a poor measure of performance. Next season, I will have my laptimer up and after the session I’m hoping to be able to use the data to give me a quantifiable difference.
  8. Jaybird180

    Challenging corners

    Long sweeping corners; the ones where it looks like you can be anywhere and be almost right. Also turns that come back on themselves- 180 degree turns.
  9. Jaybird180

    Comments on articles

    Thanks for getting it fixed
  10. Jaybird180

    WSBK and MotoGP compared

    ...Oh! It is Bautista! LOL
  11. Jaybird180

    WSBK and MotoGP compared

    Sounds like he didn’t like the Panigale. Maybe I will look to see if I can find any comments from Davies and (who’s his teammate for 2019?).
  12. No, instead of going to try it (and besides it's in the 30dF temperature range here) we'd rather discuss it ad-nauseum online until the thread is at least 500 posts. LoL (point taken, Dylan)
  13. How much awkwardness have you seen from students trying to change their techniques to push-pull with both? How long does it take for this to become habit in the average rider? Otherwise, I would think this could consume valuable mental processing capacity until it becomes second nature.
  14. Jaybird180

    Track walkthrough? Library

    Not exactly what you asked for, but there are a ton of YouTube videos available; some are pretty good.
  15. This is the reason they usually disallow this type of direct comparison. Sometimes when a WSBK (or MotoGP) round is combined with US Superbike round, there will be some change that won't allow apples-apples. In this case, the similarities stop at the fact that both bikes are 1000cc. WSBK bikes have been developed for years with incremental improvements over the years, while MotoGP is subject to major rules changes each year, which sends them back to the drawing board. Sometimes, the rules are changed for the purpose of slowing them down (remember the short era of the 800cc bikes?). I'd theorized that Jonny Rea would be competitive against MotoGP riders, but I had no quantitative measure to say that HE COULD actually be the BEST rider in the World. http://www.motorsport.com/motogp/news/rea-outpaces-the-motogp-riders-on-day-two-at-jerez-853466/
  16. Jaybird180

    Is Jonathan Rea The Best Racer In The World?

    I cannot fathom how he stomps over everyone else. He manages to nearly holeshot every start and from there he charges forward like a raging bull. Then, he hardly makes mistakes either. Apparently there’s a formula for recognizing talent. As a Honda fan, I’m pretty teed off that Ten Kate couldn’t keep him. But he wouldn’t have had the success on such a lackluster machine- but I’m not sure if it’s the bike or the rider looking at the other Kwak riders in the WSBK field.
  17. Most people put on a few lbs in the off season. If you’re the exception then a lighter spring may be in your future. Keep the OE set and as your ability goes up again, you might go back to them.
  18. Jaybird180

    Clip On Adjustment

    I can’t see your eyes very well but I’m wondering how much forward visibility you have at this angle in this position (with a helmet on). And at best it looks like you’re looking over your glasses.
  19. Jaybird180

    Clip On Adjustment

    There’s a larger aftermarket for the R3 now than there was a few years ago. Best Wishes and keep the rubber side down (and sideways).
  20. Jaybird180

    Clip On Adjustment

    What bike is this? Look on YouTube for Dave Moss videos and do a search for “Ergonomics”. Once you find the right rider “triangle” you won’t have to fiddle with it.
  21. Jaybird180

    Clip On Adjustment

    I purchased an aftermarket setup to change my bar position. I too needed more room in the cockpit. Although I went with Apex, Woodcraft makes a similar set.
  22. Jaybird180

    Off camber corners

    There is a Reference in TOTWII that covers the effect of camber on a corner. Don’t have mine in front of me to give you the chapter. But it covers its effect on lean angle.
  23. Jaybird180

    Women In Wsbk Racing

    I'll definitely be watching this year as I've long held some theories that women may have some physical advantages in motorbike racing. http://www.worldsbk.com/en/news/2017/Carrasco+and+Biddle+lead+the+way+for+women+in+WorldSBK
  24. Jaybird180

    Is Jonathan Rea The Best Racer In The World?

    Anyone take note that Rea has secured a 4th consecutive Championship. Rea is the 1st rider to have ever done 2 consecutive, let alone 4! Rea joins the records books; the only other 4X Champion is Carl Fogarty.