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  1. I dont think Stoner needs to make excuses, he's is right up there with the best in the world, he has proven himself over and over again, so i dont believe that is an issue. Im sure if the pain is intense before the race, he'll get a quarterzone injection to see him through. Not even close. Stoner proving himself would have included him successfully defending his MotoGP title. He had the bike to do it with. The problem is that he didn't have the mental ability. He had plenty of things to blame that didn't include himself. He's only on his fourth year in MotoGP. He hasn't proven anything yet. WOW, that's pretty harsh! I think having one Moto GP Championship is proving yourself enough. Lets face it he is racing with one of the all time greats,(Rossi). I just read 5 minutes ago that he has the fastest lap times,(ahead of Rossi) at Qatar.
  2. I just read that the operation went smoothly, but he needs to do the physical therapy exercises to get back all the mobility. I think he'll be there, he wants to be out there with Rossi!
  3. I think TC and ABS are fine on touring bikes when you have the bike fully loaded. It's hard to controll your braking in wet weather under those conditions. But on my sports bike, or race bike, no thanks. Of course if I'm on a 200 HP Moto GP bike then I would want TC.
  4. To me it almost feels like it was in slow motion....The entrance looked huge and the exit was effortless. That's why I think the eyes are the most important thing to work on in my riding.
  5. Going wide in 7 is easy to do. Going up the drag strip after turn 6 is the fastest part of the track. I pass a lot of guys on the inside of 7 because they make that mistake. It's the bus stop that drizes me crazy. So if someone knows the right line there, please let me know.
  6. Some bikes are geared too high from the factory so they can pass the drive by sound requirements. That is the case on most Ducati's. The first thing most Ducati riders do is go down one tooth on the front,(with the exception of the 1098). I race a 749r and it was geared too high for 3 turns at Sears and 4 turns at Thunderhill. My bike has a flat spot in the power band around 7000 rpm, so I like to be at 7500-8000 when I start to power out of the turns. Because my bike is a twin downshifting one gear would put me too close to red line, (11,000 rpm). So I went one tooth down on the front and two teeth up on the back. At the tracks I ride there is no way I could hit red line in 6th on the straights, (Sears Point doesn't really have a straight).
  7. I like being in front. If there is a rider in front it distracts me from where I like to brake, turn, drive, etc. In the long sweepers all I'm thinking about is whether I'm going to pass him on the outsdie or wait 'till he drifts out and take an inside line to pass. If a faster rider passes me, all I think about is trying to keep up, instead of thinking about my riding, and that doesn't help me get faster. The only time I don't mind being in back is when a friend who I know is faster wants to show me some better lines through some turns, so we purposely go out to pratice those lines.
  8. I just looked up the times at Sears Point for AFM racing. Open Superbike: 1:40, Open Production: 1:43, this was for the same rider. The production class isn't "bone stcok", you can have an after market exhaust and ECU and run DOT race tires. I think the tires have more to do with lap times then the exhaust at Sears Point, but there isn't anyone racing with street tires so that is just my opinion.
  9. Very long late apex decreasing radius turns are what comes to mind for single turns. C WOW, I just read all 5 pages on this trail braking tread. Can't believe it started 1 1/2 years ago!! Could it be that if you put a top Moto GP racer on the track by himself and said go run some fast laps, that the amount of trail braking would be a lot less then if it was a race situation? Adrenalin and competitiveness makes you push a lot harder, sometimes too hard into corners, when you have to trail brake. That doesn't mean it's the fastest way around the track it just means it was the only way to get the job done at that moment. To use Keith's saw/house building comment from a few pages ago. Lets say I'm building a house, and I'm up on the roof, and I need to cut one 2 x 4. My choices are go down to the truck, plug in the extention cord, haul it up on the roof, plug in my saw then cut the board. Or I could just use the hand saw that is on the roof and is available. The power saw is faster, except when it's not. To me the quick turn and trail braking are just tools that should be used when the time is right, not all the time or none of the time. Just my 2 cents.
  10. I would even pop for "pay per view" to see this race! It would have to be a promoters dream come true!......and throw in Mat Mladin please!!!
  11. I'm currently having a Nemesis ECU installed in my Bike,(Ducati 749r). This ECU has the capability to have multiple maps installed that can be switched at the starter button. One map will be for pump gas and another will be for oxygenated race gas. The numbers I have heard are about 5 more HP on race gas. Does that make a difference? Only when I'm on the straights and the guy next to me is on a Susuki 750(750 SB) or a 1098 (open twin) classes........
  12. Hubbard; The Desmosedici that Stuman is riding in that shot is an L-4, not a twin. Ducati realized that if they were to build a MotoGP Twin it would need to spin at over 17K so they married two L-Twins together...if I got that story correctly. Kevin That's correct, it's a L4, but it still has gobs of low end........I've been told.
  13. You might be on to something with that one. That nut is a real ###### to tighten correctly. I agree! This sounds more like a perceived problem rather then a real one. When my front end pushes on any particular corner I either find a different line, use a different entry speed, hang off the bike more/lean less, put more weight on the front end or all of the above on the next lap at that corner. What ever you do, DO NOT LOOK AT THE FRONT WHEEL while turning. Unless of course you want to get up close and personal with the ground.
  14. No dought King Kenny was fun to watch! But my favorite is Dick Mann. He would road race, flat track AND ride motocross.....all on a Triumph!! I watched him race the Sacrameno Mile with a broken foot! Then I watch him race against Roger DeCoster at Carnagie MotoCross, on a Triumph single. He got smoked, but the sound of that thumper going around a motocross track was way cool!!.
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