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About Me

I've been riding motorcycles since 1995. The first couple of year was on a Yamaha XT600Z Ténéré. With it's 600cc single-cylinder, it learned me to keep the throttle cracked open and slightly on in the turns - if you didn't, it would bob and weave under you due to the hard engine braking combined with soft springs.


Since 1998, I've been riding sportsbikes - first 600's and since 2003, a YZF-R1 on the road and a YZF-R6 2008 on the track (no, I don't race).


I discovered Twist-2 almost simultaneously getting my first sportsbike in 1998, but it was only in 2008 I finally attended Level 1+2 in Sweden (and later 3+4 at Silverstone South in the UK). Boy, can you pick up a lot of bad habits in 10 years of riding! I'm not a particularly quick rider (about 15% off the time at the national level), but I rarely fall down. Having had a nasty spill many years ago, I try to keep my record like that.


BTW: I work as an engineering manager in the hearing instrument business for a living, and let me make this clear:

Please always remember to wear your earplugs while riding - otherwise I'll get even more customers, OK?