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  1. Congrats on your new bike! Can you disengage regen so that the bike is free-rolling when you close the throttle? I know electric cars can be det up for no, some and full regen, and the affect on engine braking is massive. Also,, as it is likely RBW, you can probably reprogram the throttle for a more linear operation.
  2. So you think that his saves is helped a lot by him managing to stay relaxed on the bars despite using great lower body effort to support the bike - did I understand that correctly? If so, a very interesting observation!
  3. In your opinion, what is it that set him so far ahead of the competition? It has probably never been harder to be clearly the best that now, considering the quality of the machinery and the CV of the competitors, yet MM is demonstrably faster more often than not.
  4. Hotfoot's advice about working the section backwards is so logical once brought to attention, and hence genius 👍👌
  5. Interesting topic. Three things that came to mind while reading through the posts: 1. Many moons ago, Roberts sr had trouble going fast enough around Suzuka. Instead of continue circulating, he went back to the hotel and had a think. A few hours later he returned to the track and said he had found 2 seconds. Hei proved it by going 2 seconds faster. 2. Darren Binder, Moto3, says he has no braking points, he brakes when those around him does. He's fast, but cause a lot of havoc and crash frequently. 3. Rossi, and others, often try a fully new and untested setup before races when they haven't found a competitive setup during practice. At least in the case of Rossi, it seems to pay off more often than not.
  6. Indeed! But if you search Marc Marquez 2015 qualifying Austin you should be able to find footage of his bike stopping on the main straight with 3-something minutes to go. He then jumps the fence, runs to his spare bike, and proceed to set pole time.
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