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  1. I always have quite nice bikes with lots of mods, but usually the previous owner paid for them. I Cannot ride a bike properly without stomp grip so that's a must have. I'm quite heavy so I always upgrade suspension and respring to my weight. Everything else is a nice to have but not essential.
  2. i've done a fair few european ones in both cars and bikes. Only done the nurburgring in a car, its amazing. Takes an age to learn where it goes, but when you do, its the ballsiest thing i've ever driven. I've also done Spa in a car. Its probably the best F1 track in the world. Cambers, vertical variance, fast and flowing, it has it all. In terms of moto gp or WSBK tracks, i've done: Jerez Aragon Portimao Le Mans Nurburgring GP Valencia They are all good, but Aragon is probably my favourite as its such a fast flowing track. Doing Brno in two weeks time, cant wait. Have some videos on my Vimeo channel. http://vimeo.com/user8012090/videos Will post up the Brno videos when i get back
  3. the nurburgring is like an ice rink in the damp and wet. It is without a doubt the lowest grip tarmac i have ever driven on. I've done about 150 laps there in a car, never on a bike. I cant comment on what caused him to lose what little grip he had, but it really doesnt take much to overstep the mark on a damp track there.
  4. Also, in more constructive machine tips, can you have the bike remapped, or the map updated to make it less snatchy?? Also, I would personally junk the quick action throttle, if it makes it snatchier to put on a wee bit throttle.
  5. JD Honda, If the corner or manoeuvre is that slow that you need first gear, try slipping the clutch. Accelerating and braking really is a bad idea.
  6. No way should you be on gas and brake at the same time. That's why you crashed. The gas shifts weight off the front, which makes it easier to lock the front wheel. The ultimate extension I this would be to do a wheely with the front wheel stopped. I have a 675 street triple, I'm 220 lbs but I don't get excessive dive. I don't really know what you mean by excessive dive anyway, the front should dip when you shut the throttle, it preloads the front tyre ready for you I brake hard on it. Time to get you suspension checked out and unlearn some bad habits I think.
  7. I loved laguna seca when we did it. Las Vegas is a great track too, but very featureless and not in the same league as LS. Vegas is still a great track to learn on, but I would look elsewhere of you want the once in a lifetime experience or bucket lists factor.
  8. I'm 6'3" so that ain't a problem for me. I've been trying to think of a way to get over this that doesn't involve pushing up, and the only thing I can think of is pushing in the way, or twisting my hips round to face in to the corner more (as that will force my outside knee into the tank). Has anybody had to do that rather than push up into the cut out?? A downside of that is that the inner thigh muscles arent as strong as your quads. will try it on Friday and report back
  9. just coming back to this. I'm still struggling. I've had grippy material stitched to my leathers which helped a wee bit, but i rode my friends CBR600 and its night and day better. I was watching Crutchlow in the moto gp today and he has virtually no contact with his outside foot on the peg. I dont know how he can do it without hanging off the inside bar. Short of selling the R1 and buying a CBr600, i'm kinda stuck
  10. It depends on the ground clearance. Doesnt look like it has all that much. I can get within 20 seconds of a moto GP rider on a stock CBR600, so you dont need a super special machine to get that close.
  11. It sounds like you are totally mixed up on what your trying to achieve here. You dont steer the bike with your knees, your knees lock on to the tank to allow you to exert more pressure on the bars. You dont lean the bike over and steer at the same time, the steering input causes the bike to lean over in the first place. If your getting scares and rushes out of corners its because your line is wrong in relation to your throttle input. The aim should be to make everything smooth and calm, not agressive and scary. I sugest you watch the dvd again, and then ask more questions on here
  12. what i would do is trail brake past the first apex, drift to the outside of the track, get off the brakes and get it turned for the second apex. My turn point would would be out near the kerb, between your TP2 and the black arrow.
  13. stomp grip is in the right area, it covers quite a large area of my leathers, it just seems to be at the wrong angle due to the tank. The heel guard is carbon, and quite flexy, i'll look into getting something more substantial Will look into saddle stick. I need to get the leathers repaired anyway, so will ask repaired if they have different grades of leather to stitch in. Have already considered velcro (not kidding )
  14. Since doing all 4 levels in the USA last year, i have struggled with my lock on to the tank, and therefore proper steering. I had a bit of a eureka moment last weekend when i spoke to Bullet at Jerez, and tried a different bike. So, initially i did CSS on the S1000RR, and i found it very difficult to get connected to the bike properly. I really struggled to understand the pivot steering/quick turn/lock on drills because of it. When i got home i rode my new bike, a cross plane crank R1, and had similiar difficulties. It was only at the weekend that i spoke to Bullett about my body position and then rode my friends cbr600 and something clicked. On the cbr, i could push my knee upwards into the cut out of the tank, and then take all my weight off my arms. On my R1 (and the S1000RR) when i push my knee up, my leathers slide up the stomp grip, and i dont get a positive connection. Infact, my leathers have worn out the seam from sliding over the stomp grips on my bike, so i dont think i'm not getting this from lack of trying. After a conversation with Bullet, i tried hanging off less, and this helped, but didnt alleviate the problem entirely. On the cbr, i could hang off as much as i liked and still get a positive connection with the tank. So, i'm looking for ideas on how to solve this issue, and also how you guys feel on your S1000RR's and R1's. I'm thinking about modifying the shape of the tank with fiberglass, or getting grippier fabric stitched into the inside of my leathers.
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