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  1. Thanks everyone. Really helpful. I'll keep on at it. Some useful drills I think. I know its a good thing just after 16 years of driving and even longer riding it takes effort to relearn the best way to see.
  2. Phillip Island on occasions and Broadford which is the more regular one. Unfortunately you have to book Phillip island 3-4 weeks out and the weather is crazy there so if its raining your paying to ride in the wet. Broadford is a litle more cost effective and can book 3 days out which almost assures good weather. Also Phillip Island is so fast. I find it difficult to push as SRs kick in way before the bike limits. Broadford is a slower track and I feel like I'm learning more there.
  3. I have been trying to practice wide vision. Not fixating on a point but trying to push my vision out. I have managed to do it a little on the track (wish I could get more track time) and seems to have given me the ability to enter corners quicker. I'm trying to practice it while driving a car. It makes me feel like I am staring and that I have less focus. Makes me almost feel dumb, or my mind is turned off like I am slow or doughy or almost sleepy. Kind of scares me a little. Has anyone else experienced this notable state of mind change? Am I doing it wrong? Mick
  4. Hi all. I first knew of Keith back in 1995 when I ran into him on an internet chat forum. I was racing dirt track and he hit me with some pretty simple questions like "how do you make your bike turn?" I probably gave the typical dumb ass answer. 1u years later I find myself with a track bike and buy a copy of TOTW2. Wow. Awesome. I only wished I had have had this book back when I was racing dirt track. Happy riding. Mick
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