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  1. I just had another 1-day session at SOW yesterday - Level 3. And for this time, I requested for lap times. However, I would see that the Superbike School's track has a switch-back at the end, which is NOT in the "regular" configuration... So, bumping this thread up - how would one gauge the lap times between a regular track day and the CSS session for CW...? Same question as above, how much time does the switch-back would take, on average? Cheers!
  2. Alfred.Rodriguez

    Foot Position And Rear Suspension Movement Video

    Hi Dylan Nice video on the foot position when hanging off... And I thought I was strange when I did it that way... Here is a photo of me about 2-years back. https://dl.dropboxusercontent.com/u/10697702/FootPosition-KneeDown.JPG Been doing it then, and still doing it now. I dont know - but personally, it feels more comfortable, and that I could open my leg wider/extend me knee further. Cheers!
  3. Alfred.Rodriguez

    Finding Those Initial Reference Points

    Im trying out a new track this Friday - let me see if I could put any of these to practice.
  4. Alfred.Rodriguez

    Learning A New Track?

    Due to the climate here in Japan, I haven't had any spirited riding, etc. since Ive gotten back from the Las Vegas 2-Day Camp two-months back... Any "practice" are mostly mental (visualization) or those that can be done on the streets (Wide View)... Well, Im going to be getting my chance to practice what Ive learned this coming Friday - my second (my first track experience was 2-months back with CSS) track experience at the Tsukuba Circuit (Play Station Gran Turismo, X-Box Forza games, etc.). http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Tsukuba_Circuit That brings me to my question -- What is the best/recommended way to learn a NEW track? Im thinking following the same format as the CSS - 1. Begin with minimal gears, and no brakes. 2. Bring enough as much understanding of the track (Turn Points, Reference Points) 3. Wide View (see the track from the entire width) 4. Slowly bring up speed with light braking 5. Progressing to full gears and brakes Albeit, Im unsure since: - I only have 3-heats of 20-mins each / avg record laps for the track is 1' 15" - I cant trace the course/record line with minimal gears and no brakes (Id be in the way - Im in the "First Timers" class) - Im not being spoon fed on the Turn Points (though I understand the criteria for good TPs) Though I could up YouTube videos or ask some friends - I would like to see it from a "rider technology"-perspective rather than from "friendly... destructive advice..." Much appreciated... Thanks!
  5. Alfred.Rodriguez

    Has Anyone Done The Isle Of Man Tt?

    Indeed an interesting read... Especially just before the start of the MotoGP session, oh... Losail has been concluded. I downloaded it to my Kindle several weeks back! *thumbs up*
  6. Alfred.Rodriguez

    Clutchwork During Cornering

    Hhhhmm.... Assuming warmed up tires and a non-slippery pavement, like a track, as well - the answer should be most probably NOT. But still, it doesnt avoid thoe SRs... Essentially, would like to quantify the conditions for AQAP and/or as the situations would allow.
  7. Alfred.Rodriguez

    Clutchwork During Cornering

    Well, Id say - particularly those that still have to build skill - _worry_ of the bike sliding, falling, etc. when steering the bike _too much_ How fast can we actually steer? I know from the TOTW2 DVD that there were several reasons when _NOT_ to quick flick; but still not having that confidencr definitely triggers SRs!
  8. Alfred.Rodriguez

    Quick Turn

    same here... same here... getting the confidence to get the quick turns/quick flicks is indeed a long road ahead...
  9. Alfred.Rodriguez

    Trail Braking Technique

    Indeed, trail braking is much deeper than just braking in longer/later into the turn... Hotfoot: Now that you mention that this topic comes once every six moths, and that Cobie is mentioning that there are also some misconceptions - wouldnt it be good to have Keith's summary up above PINNED to the Cornering Forum?
  10. Alfred.Rodriguez

    Trail Braking Technique

    Hhhmm.... Now that I jog my memory - I think Turn #10 CCW in LV could be taken trail braking, since it is coming from a fast back straight heading into a tight corner...
  11. Alfred.Rodriguez

    Trail Braking Technique

    There is essentially, IMO, NO standard form technique... It is like askinh which is better for self-defense? Karate or Kun-Fu? Technique depends on several factors, ie., type of bike, rider skillset and experience, type of riding, rider personality and tendencies, time of the day/weather, riding environment, etc. Some schools teach it; while others do not... But it doesnt mean it is _absolutely_ wrong. Personally, when in the twisties/canyons in Japan, or once in Southern California - I tend to trail brake. But when I did the 2-Day Camp in Las Vegas last February - no trail braking... Just a quick turn in, straighten the corner, then roll on the throttle...
  12. Alfred.Rodriguez

    Trail Braking Technique

    Hehehe... Allow me to act like an instructor for once... - What happens to the geometry of the bike when you brake? - What happens then when trail braking? - What aspects of the ride is affected by the change of geometry? - Are those aspects in line with bike technology?
  13. Alfred.Rodriguez

    Trail Braking Technique

    Actually, trail braking is much more deeper than that...
  14. Alfred.Rodriguez

    Has Anyone Done The Isle Of Man Tt?

    Rossi actually thinks the TT more insane than MotoGP... Well, history would vouch for that - it was actually taken out of the MotoGP calendar because it was much dangerous... To answer your question, if it were 1st April - Id say "YES." Cheers!
  15. Alfred.Rodriguez

    Clutchwork During Cornering

    Excellent, well done! And if the turn is the first in a series you could also use the Level 3 understanding of attack angles to help adjust the following turns. Of course, staying relaxed on the bars throughout (not always easy when you've made an error or had an unexpected shifting problem!) will help enormously in keeping control of the bike and not compounding the problem. Tyler has beaten me to the answers... But indeed - except for the Hook Turn (Level 3?), these are what Ive learned in Level 1&2, and NEED TO PRACTICE going forward... One point, however, there would be a limit to the lean rate for the Quick Turn, right? Wouldnt it be risky that if a corner is indeed blown, to try increasing the Flick rate? Similarly for Lean Angles?