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  1. I can report back here after 3 hard days at the CSS camp at the Chennai track that Dr. Price's advice worked like a charm. On day 1 I was consuming just sweetened lime water thinking it would be enough but I started cramping pretty much half way through the day. The next day I decided to pay closer attention to salt intake and got tons of electral powder sachets from a local chemist (drug store). Day 2 onwards I started having half to one full litre of water with electral powder (as per measurements mentioned on the sachet) in between each session, a few bananas here and there; no more cramping at all throughtout the day and the next too. I realise all this while I just wasn't having enough water and even lesser salt. Thanks for your help Dr. Price and thanks Cobie for setting this up.
  2. hey why am I not there in that video :-) Or am I? Tech 3 Yamah R1 with that obnoxiously loud racefit pipe
  3. Thanks Dr. Price. I had no idea I would be needing this much amount of salt. I sweat more than the average person and while riding and/or exercise it is greatly multiplied. I take 500 mg of calcium citrate malate with vitamin d3 every morning, I do this since I lift heavy weights in the gym and have been advised to do so. Should I increase the mg or is this enough? Being in India, would be a little difficult getting your hydration mix but I'll look into placing a consolidated order for my entire group.
  4. Dr. Price, We ride in very hot temps and high humidity conditions. We end up losing a lot of fluid sweating. The biggest problem besides fatigue I face is cramps all over the body; thighs, calves, abdominal area, etc. Just salt replenishment doesn't work, the only thing that seems to help is consuming bananas. What would you advise for our conditions? When you say salt does it mean the normal table salt variety or some exotic cocktail available as sports drinks? Thanks
  5. Were you here for the 2011 one Cobie? I couldn't make it in 2011 as my duc engine blew up :-) Keith was here.
  6. The kindle edition is "twist of the wrist", not TOTW II?
  7. I've lost count and the years but the most memorable ones have been: Explorer (50cc), Kinetic Honda (scooter), Hero Honda CD100, Honda CB400N, RZ350 LC YPVS, NS400R, VF 750F, TS250R (dirtbike), Bandit 400, TDM 850, MT-01, Streetfighter 1098, HD 48 Sportster, FZ1 and now a 2011 R1.
  8. Hi, Ariz from India. Did the 3 day Levels I, II & III school in 2012. Doing the same again in 2013 and 2nd weekend doing Level IV. The wait is killing me, see some of you guys there.
  9. I've tried most things to avoid dehydration and cramps but the one solution which kind of worked were bananas; not 100% but defnitely helped a lot. We ride in Chennai, India where the school is being held in January. During the winter months it's tolerable but during peak summer in 40 degree C heat and insane humidity levels, the fittest find it difficult to carry on. Looking forward to your posts on this topic.
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