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  1. Maxchobi

    Practicing BP - Feedback of proper BP welcomed !

    Great. Practice is a good way to improve your BP. What I see from your photo, you might put some attention to your head position. In that photo a good head position will be if your head is near of your left hand, close to touch it. I know, it isn't easy but if you practice often you will get it. If you Focus in that your back also will form a V shape with the bike axis, and your right arm will be fully extended. thats was my 2 cents. keep riding!
  2. Thanks T, Here are some picts so you can see how I'm cornering
  3. Hello All This last weekend I managed to arrive in 3rd place at Roque Perez circuit for 7th race in FEBOM (Buenos Aires - Argentina). A good and fun race (at least for me) in wich I get involved in a fight for 2nd place. I let you know my onboard recording so feel free to give me your toughts. I noticed at last 2 or 3 laps I could be a little more agressive to regain the 2nd place. Thanks for your feedback. Fernando
  4. Thanks again Benny. It's great having several points of view and this kind of thoughts. When I saw my lines I noticed my inconsistency. It's true, 2 Step drill would help me in my way to improve my lap times. Specially in turn 2 (hairpin), turn 5 and turn 7 (this one has a bump that made me crazy). On other hand It was my 1st time in that circuit, I was still working in some RP in those curves.. As for multiple lines through a corner, would you need to adjust your turn point and apex for a different line? How would you adjust your turn point if you were forced to enter a corner closer to the inside of the track (passing into a turn for example) than you wanted in order to get on the same line from that different entry? If I need to enter a corner closer to the inside of the track I'Il need to move my TP later to resume my line. This is OK for the entries, but what about if you are in the curve carring more speed in the same line and you need to move to another line without breaking? I mean I know if I break I'll need 2 laps to recover my lost of time so I can't waste my time in that way. Is it a better option to use more gas and open my line? Fer
  5. Thx ktk_ace. I'm feel confident that with CSS lessons and practice it will come Thank you Kevin!
  6. Hi Benny, Thanks for your feedback!. I think you refered to RP drill. I'll review my material. One thing I noticed viewing my recording laps is what when I carried more speed than others during curves I kept stuck into the same line of them so I had to break to avoid hitting them. What is the best way to generate different lines and avoid get stucked?
  7. Hi there, I just want to share some of my current activities with all of you.. I have been riding a while after I went to my last class of level 2 and 3 in CSS (november 2013 in Las Vegas). Two months ago I decided to start racing in my local racing federation into 250cc class B division... As I live in Buenos Aires, FEBOM is the organization that rules here. I raced 2 times with only one thing in common: everyone here told me that my way of cornering is different from all the other pilots. And as I'm heavy I also noticed that the only way to improve my lap times is in the corners. Well, all this story to get to my 3rd race this last weekend. Finally I got my first podium. I arrived in 2nd place. I would like to share with you my on board race recording. Feel free to give me some feedback. I know I made various mistakes so I'll apreciate your point of view. My time is 6 sec from the first place in A division so I have to improve a lot! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=hEVGj3g_2MY&feature=youtu.be Here is the podium Fernando