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    My interests are riding safer and faster, and of course my lovely wife and kids. Oh, and parachuting... AIRBORNE!

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  1. Thanks for the advice, looking forward to learning more on the forum!
  2. I stayed at the Staybridge in Lancaster when I took Level I & II at Willow in 2009. It's a 30min drive but its a great hotel and it has a kitchen so you don't have to blow a lot of cash on food. Congrats on committing to the 2-day course! I have done all the levels since then, and even did a few over again because I learn SO MUCH every time I ride with the CSS crew. You're in good hands!
  3. With feedback from my on-track coach, the lean bike, and some expert CSS coaching, I improved my body position each CSS level I took. The lean bike really isolated the problem, that I was turning my body to the outside of the corner for some reason. The lean bike and coach encouraged me to open up my hips to the direction I was turning, and after a few circles it worked. It felt like such an extreme position because my body was habitually in a bad position, but it doesn't look extreme and certainly is more effective to ride! The best part of getting my body position 'fixed' was I could now use my outside leg to really clasp onto the tank, instead of wearing out my inside leg trying to hold up my body weight and all the subsequent effects of that (wrenching the handlebars for support, and thereby adding steering input through the corner and making the bike unhappy). I love the lean bike!
  4. Exactly! Even stunt masters like Christian Pfeiffer prove the super-natural stability of motorcycles when rider input is decisive and precise! http://upload.wikimedia.org/wikipedia/commons/b/b4/Chris_Pfeiffer_stunt_BMW_F800R.jpg
  5. Thanks for sharing the video! The CSS coaching staff is truly remarkable; professional, approachable, safe, and they get results. It's no wonder Cobie and the CSS team are so selective.
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