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  1. Basically you have to think about sag in percentages, but you measure it in mm, so it can be a bit confusing. So IMO setting it roughly 1/3rd of travel will be a good starting point. Also the free sag should be a bit less then the usual values, due to the small weight of the bike. This Moriwaki is a very nice bike! I wish your son a good ride with it
  2. A friend of mine recently bought one, the price is somewhere about $150 but I have no idea about the shipping cost. I also plan to buy one, it helps me a lot if I see immediately how slow I was
  3. I read an article about MotoGP racers in which Cal Crutchlow said he didn´t go to the gym since years, he trains himself only with bicycle riding! I don´t want to say that doing other exercises is needless, but bicycle riding is very useful for sure, as Pepsi Drinker mentioned it before.
  4. I also have a ForceField, it´s an LK2, and I can say I´m very satisfied with it. I mean it´s very comfortable, doesn´t limiting my movements on the bike, and it didn´t heat my back like hell when I was riding on a very hot track day just a few days ago. Fortunately I haven´t experienced how it works But I found some articles about it, and all of them said the level of protection is very high, so I can bravely recommend it to anyone:)
  5. Hi all, I´m a newbie here from Hungary, I´m very interested about the suspension systems and tuning possibilities, and also about improving the riding skills. I participate in a club championship with my little 2stroke bike which may seems to be a toy compering to your bikes but it´s fun to ride with:) #537
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