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  1. I agree Erik, both wrong. What I don't understand is what possess MM so much for not wanting Rossi to win the championship.
  2. A good slow motion of the contact: https://youtu.be/WH-NA0UVEvA
  3. MM: “I didn't expect that he would take off the leg and push my handlebars and my front brake. Then I lost the front... http://www.crash.net/motogp/news/224599/1/marquez-rossi-is-out-of-control.html
  4. Now for the mistery plot: - Lorenzo dropped almost half a second compared to his average pace on the last lap - How can there be such a large difference between Dovizioso and Iannone?
  5. My take is that as one progress towards fast advanced/expert level it's better to switch to take offs. It is good to run a street tire up to a point and develop a feeling for grip or cold tires. But when the pace increases does it makes sense to run a tire that is not designed for performance riding? Some clues: - Manifacturers do not reccomend or advertise Q3 for track use (the Dunlop tires web page now shows Q3 for both street and track, but there are other tires reccomended for 100% track use) - CSS coaches use take offs - The warmup time required for Q3s over the first couple of laps is not very safe in an expert group session
  6. So if you had to choose between racing tires take offs or new Q3s, which set would you pick?
  7. One more video with HERO3 and AS200V side by side. The steady shot does help a bit...: https://youtu.be/ah4QhpcZfP4
  8. Is the CSS fleet going on sale next month?
  9. The video looks cool but I'm not clear what makes this Push product special. Can't you do the same overlay with a starlane, AiM or any other 10Hhz GPS laptimer?
  10. Another factor is the angle of the levers. Make sure the position of your hands feel natural, you shouldn't angle your wrist while braking.
  11. I'm assuming you're having this problem on hard braking on the straight at high speed. I have a similar problem, shifting too much forward, and still working on it. Other than locking the tank with your thighs, rise your upper body full up when you start braking and let the wind push you back. Also use your right foot against the foot peg for some extra back-force.
  12. Yes, there is some throttle play but the crash happens a half-second after the correction. I'm a bit off the apex/kerb, but does off line mean crash? All previous laps go through the same off-line. I'm still not 100% clear what happened. As for the shifting, I remember hitting a false neutral on the straight, it happened to me a few other times. I don't have a quick shifter and try to use as little clutch as possible. I'm sure if I pull the clutch full-in and apply more pressure on the shifter it doesn't happen. The other late downshift @rchase noticed is more interesting: it happens often to me in turn 1. This is the only point where I can pass 2/3 slower bikes at the time because they brake earlier, but by focusing on braking and taking the (very) inside line I can't make it to the downshift on time before the turn. It got so bad that I got used to downshift after the turn every other lap. I don't like it, I'd much rather enter turn 1 in second gear, but I've figured it's safer for the other bikes to see me well on the straight than attempt passes in the other corners, especially if I have multiple slower bikes in front of me.
  13. Listening carefully there is a quick scratch noise before the tire starts losing grip. That might be my foot peg scratching, I have them too low.
  14. Not sure what happened here, my guess is too much lean angle for the Q3. I don't see any bike input during the corner. Unfortunately my phone data logger clears all data for incomplete laps, so we can only read speed and g-force for the previous laps. https://youtu.be/8doCX42-Lsc?t=3m45s
  15. So after reading @Drloannis comments about the as200v I had to try one. This is a video using the same mount than the others with an adapter gopro-to-sony. Few comments: - stabilizer works very well at low speed, after 50mph I don't see any improvement compared to gopro - picture quality is excellent on the as200 - the wind noise reduction filter cuts the engine sound so avoid - the mount I'm using has a hard rubber base which might wobble the camera, I'll have to try a rigid plastic mount https://youtu.be/slYixXCrdkQ
  16. I hear Lorenzo is the smoothest GP racers and has the highest corner speed. If that's true it makes sense that he can't perform as well on the wet. I think he's still the favorite for the title.
  17. Yes, it's a common problem. You have to develop the mussle memory to lock-in on the tank with your tighs before each braking or entry. Stomp grip helps.
  18. Interesting, good job khp. All Moto2 bikes have the same CBR600RR engine. I believe there are only two frames available, and all bikes are prepared by the same company in Spain. Rossi tried Ducati, Hayden has won a championship and now is at the end of the pack without Honda. I think the conclusion is that bike development is critical, more so than rider's ability. The reason why there seems to always be two teams battling in the top category could be that with only one team racing the season becomes unwatchable, like this year WSB. So the organization is prompted to shuffle rules a bit after each season that sees a one-team dominance.
  19. Your upper body looks too close to the tank and upright. In general you want to avoid pressing the front of the tank with your upperbody to limit body-tank shocks on the bike. You do want to lock your outside tight against the tank of course, that should be your main contact patch. But I know with Ducati it's different because of the tank shape. You can see that clearly in WSB, they ride very close to the tank. With that lean angle I would also open the inside leg a bit more and drag the knee to have a max lean angle reference point.
  20. Welcome Nicole, we're in desperate need of female population diversity here. I'll tell you a little secret about these forums: I won't mention her name, but the fastest forum member and California club racing champion is a woman...
  21. Wow, picture is very good. 60fps seems to do a huge difference. Which camera did he use?
  22. Yes, thanks for the tip. I figured the tail fairing has more shaking leverage than the triple-clamp, similar to what you say for the mounting bracket. Nice sound work, what camera and software did you use for the lap time/tracking layout? I thought all action-cams have hardware stabilization. Is it Sony better than Gopro at this?
  23. You mean screw-mounted, rather than consumer sticky mounts?
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