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  1. FieryRobot

    What If Csschool Is Only Track Time?

    I don't consider any of this a waste of time, even if you have no local tracks, simply because the things you learn translate to the road as well. Level 4 just helps you tune your riding habits in a program that's customized for you, so you can easily pick your weak points and then the coaches will take it from there. They might have you work on stuff you learned in levels 1-3 again for a session or two, but it's really all about tuning the teaching to you, which I think is fantastic. Plus, it's fun, and fun is good. :-)
  2. FieryRobot

    Track Laptop For Data Logger

    I have a MacBook, but I run VMWare to run the track software. Mine's 15" but I can't imagine an 11" would be bad. Some people use a tablet (surface).
  3. FieryRobot

    [Spoiler] Malasian Gp

    I don't get why Rossi was able to still get his points after purposefully pushing him with his leg like that causing him to go down. Very uncool from my POV. EDIT: just rewatched and it looks like MM makes contact with his helmet on Rossi's knee and so Rossi gives him an eff off push away and he goes down. Especially visible here: http://www.motogp.com/en/youtube_update/2015/10/25/sepangclash-marquez-crash/188362
  4. Honestly, it's not too bad. Better than mine, I think. You could probably poke your knee out more. Why do you think it's not good?
  5. Holy poop, is that was that thing is for?! I always wondered... (apparently this board doesn't like the word c r a p)
  6. FieryRobot

    Body Position And Rear Set For Tall Riders

    Maybe you could try some aftermarket rearsets that allow you to push the pegs back a bit?
  7. FieryRobot

    Body Position And Rear Set For Tall Riders

    I'm 6'1" and I don't have any real issues with it feeling cramped. For your first picture on the left, have you tried just raising your knee a bit? That should help your ankle not be so cramped. For me, this puts my knee right in the best part of the tank. Not sure how your legs fit compared to mine though. From your second sentence it sounds like that might have helped? I actually find that the farther back I sit, the *less* cramped my legs feel. Interesting that you say the opposite. Sometimes I am too far forward and wondering why everything feels wrong and I scoot back and am like "ahhhh".
  8. FieryRobot

    Bringing Your Own Bike

    1. I'm not sure of the ratio, but certainly there are a number of people that bring their own. They're not all S1000RRs. I wouldn't worry too much about speed differences. HP is not the sole measure of fast vs. slow. At your average track day you can often see Ninja 300s whizzing by liter bikes (in the corners, not so much in the straights ) 2. Yes. 3. I always recommend 2-day camp because it's all still fresh in your head from the day before and you can really get back in the game easier. I've made the most progress this way. And you also get more track time per day in the 2-day camp (even compared to 2 back-to-back single day classes).
  9. FieryRobot

    New Member From Toronto

    They also usually have a big container full of earplugs for use.
  10. FieryRobot

    Repeat Or Advance

    Don't worry about your speed. You should always ride at the speed that is most comfortable for you. Even if you are level 1, you're going to be out there with level 2/3/4s, most likely, as they tend to mix the levels among the riding groups. Please don't think that because you are level 2 you need to be faster. I can understand that you perhaps *want* to be faster, but don't let it stop you from learning more. Personally, I would do level 2 and if the on-track coaches think you need to repeat some aspect of level 1, they'll work with you on it. They'll also remind you of the level 1 take-aways to get you back in the game, usually. Don't feel like you'll be not-quite-ready or the like. Even people who do level 4 occasionally get told they need to work on Throttle Control (a level 1 topic). Ultimately, even though you might be doing level 2 drills, you'll still have a chance to practice good level 1 skills while out there. But obviously it's completely your choice (and $$$!) and you should do what is most comfortable for you.
  11. FieryRobot

    Tall Wagging

    I *think* the cause is holding on too tight and the fix is to loosen your grip on the bars.
  12. I liked the 2015 so much more I went and bought one to replace my old, feeble 2013 model :-). The torque curve, the auto-blipper, the way it turns... I was not expecting any difference when I rode it but WOW.
  13. FieryRobot

    The Suspension Thread

    Which book? Sportbike Suspension Tuning?