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  1. Leaning on straight

    Awesome! Thanks... so it looks like my frame of thinking was on the right track. Assuming no extraneous inputs from me, this is "normal". I'll still put a bit of attention on it this weekend to see if I come up with any other observations or questions. Forecast is 64 degrees, sunny with 10% chance of rain. Doubt I'll set any PB's with the cooler track surface.
  2. Leaning on straight

    LOL... Probably the "nut"!
  3. Leaning on straight

    I flew into Houston to take delivery of the bike at the end of last year. The engine was torn down and rebuilt and the tune was also dumbed down a bit from what they ran in the races prior to the purchase. We (Bobby, one of his techs and I) spent the day at MSR (local track there) adjusting the bike to my needs so hopefully that's not an issue in this scenario. It was only one day of tweaking a "new bike" on a "new-to-me" track so I can appreciate the limitations of the adjustments made. That said, overall the bike handles like a dream, is more compliant and confidence inspiring than my Ducati's ever were, the mid-range stomps the Ducati's as well (to be expected since that's one of the Panigale's many shortcomings) and best of all, my lap times dropped by a couple seconds within a few laps.
  4. Leaning on straight

    HOTFOOT where are you?!? Hoping you would chime in!!
  5. Leaning on straight

    Thanks for the ideas. The bike is mechanically sound so I am fairly certain it's not the bike, it's the operator... me LOL. I'm an avid "pick up" artist on track so the bike is typically picked up before I'm back in line with the saddle. Just trying to determine if it's "normal" in certain scenarios. i.e. this bike is tuned to 215 HP, it's a former professional race bike (MotoAmerica) so has gobs of mid-range power compared to the stock setup.... the front wheel gets light coming on the straight (Surprise!!). Is it possible/likely that with the front end lifting a little before upright, the gyroscopic effects cause this sensation I'm getting? Does that even make sense? OR is it me hanging on for dear life and putting unwanted input into the controls? I definitely have some research to do on track this weekend. Hopefully the weather cooperates!
  6. Leaning on straight

    I'll see what i can do. I can add that it doesn't do it on my little bike. (R3) LOL
  7. Leaning on straight

    It does. It’s the only track that it does this to me. I’ll be there again this coming Sunday so I will be putting more attention on what, if any, inputs I may be giving the bike. It has been about 4 months since... so perhaps my recollection of some of the details of the scenario have been lost as well. For example... after posting last night I laid there and was wondering if maybe the bike was actually leaning to the right vs left. BTW... when I say “lean” I really mean that the bike is just off its vertical axis.
  8. Leaning on straight

    I've been riding on track for about 4 years now and have done CSS Level 4 umpteen times by now so I'm not a noob by most standards. However, this season I have experienced something on my home track that I haven't in the past at any track. Coming out of the final corner onto the straight, I have found my RSV4 not standing straight up for a good portion of the straight as I power on. I'm trying to figure out what might be causing that to happen. Is this a typical occurrence or am I unknowingly giving the bike input causing it get a slight lean? I ALMOST feel like I'm fighting it which really makes me think I must be doing something it doesn't like. *The last corner is a tight slow left and the bike wants to stay leaned ever so slightly to the left. *The only thing to change between the seasons is my speed and the RSV4 is new to me. (1199S & 1198S prior years) Open to thoughts and happy to clarify if I am able.
  9. Specialty Training Bikes- Which Tracks

    Try this link and click on the tracks you are interested. It should state which are typically available at that track. http://superbikeschool.com/the-curriculum/track-specific-data/
  10. Can't Get Locked On Anymore

    Maybe your track buddies are trying to slow you down and did, in fact, grease your StompGrip. Are you recovering from an injury that is limiting your fitness? Do you feel like your technique has changed? Do you feel this way when you are fresh or does it seem to happen later in the day? How do your arms/wrists feel.. fatigued after a few laps? If you feel your arms/wrists are getting a workout you may be holding on with your upper body rather than the lower. Make sure you butt isn't too far off to the side or fore/aft, it opens up the angle of the outside leg resulting in a smaller contact patch against the tank. Extend your foot (outside leg) so your knee/thigh drives up into the tank. I don't know that this will help but here are a few refreshers. I hope you are able to "get your lean back" Refer back to drills like: 1) Relax 2) Knee 2 Knee 3) Hip Flick here are a few clips from CSS YouTube Page: Kieth's articles on this forum: http://forums.superbikeschool.com/index.php?showtopic=4241
  11. Can Quick Turn Be Overdone?

    In this article the timing of the quick flick would depend on 1) Are you braking straight up or 2) Are you intending to trail brake. If you are choosing the first, then all braking is done before the flick. If you are choosing to trail brake, you might still have a little pressure on the lever during the flick but you should already be tapering off. Too much brake while initiating the turn may just push the front past its limit. You should definitely be off the throttle during initiation of the flick. Hopefully that helped a little. BTW... that paragraph you quoted appears to be in reference to why he feels straight-up braking is perhaps a little more advanced than trail braking. Thanks for sharing the article. I enjoyed reading it.
  12. 2017 Las Vegas Dates In February

    I'll chime in but this is just speculation based off the past 3 years that I have been going. I would guess (I am also counting on) that it will be the weekend of the 11/12th. Historically they don't vary much from year to year so I think it's a relatively safe bet. I would also suspect that they will release their 2017 in the coming 2-3 weeks. They seem to release it shortly after the last class of the season. I'm not certain on the slide bike though I feel like they have had it at LVMS in the past. Dunno if I'm all that helpful!
  13. Low Back Pain

    Yes...... Ready.......? Not drinking enough water! FTW! LOL! Definitely not what I would have come up with, but you may be onto something especially since it's not 'every time' I hit the track.
  14. Low Back Pain

    Quick question regarding low back pain and body position. This seems to be something that I occasionally experience at the track. If it comes on it usually happens a little later in the day after I have run a few sessions and more frequently if I stay out there a full 30 minute session. has anybody made a connection between a particular error that is typically the culprit for this? Hips not rotated correctly, chest not turned into the turn, inside shoulder not low enough, etc...?
  15. Yamaha R1...

    I'm now in a similar situation. Considering unloading my 1199S in favor of either a 2016 S1000RR, Yammy R1M or RSV4 RF. I've done quite a few days with CSS and love the latest iteration of the S1000RR. In comparing my 1199 to the S1000RR, I will say that even after 2 days of Code RACE, I am only half as fatigued as one track day on my 1199. The S1000RR is no doubt less demanding and more comfortable as a whole. I would love to have the opportunity to run the 2 bikes on the same track to see if I am faster on the S1000RR, it certainly feels that way. The other two are in the running because they also seem to rank very high amongst the reviewers... that and I love Italian bikes! rchase, I am curious as to all the mods you have done to your Bimmer to help rectify the reported "slower" turn in, difficulty holding a tighter line (comparatively speaking) and "numbness". Do you utilize the Dynamic Damping? DamienC, have you made any headway on your decision? I am curious to hear what you have experienced. My local dealer happens to have an R1 as well as an RSV4 so I plan to go sit on both and take out for a brief ride. Problem is, there is no way I can get either of them on a track for a true test. BTW: Whatever I buy, it will be a track only machine so street comfort is pointless.