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  1. ducatmh

    Dunlop Q4!

    I'm excited to give the Q4 a spin. Are you guys going to start using them on the school bikes?
  2. First, I'm sorry if this is a repeat question. I am in the process of picking up a used 2018 S1000RR (premium pkg)and will be immediately converting to a track bike. Not my first track build, just my first BMW track build. So aside from the universal changes, are there any bike specific settings that I should consider changing? ex. the eccentric shock mount IIRC, the turn in and ability to hold a tighter line in some of the older models benefited significantly from such changes. Not sure if that holds true for 2018. I've been riding with CSS about twice a year since 2011 so I'm no stranger to the bike and honestly have been pretty happy with the characteristics of the student bikes but would be interested in anything that would enhance the experience. Many thanks!
  3. ducatmh

    Low-side - Tire choice question

    It’s a fast (60-70mph), relatively open, left hand turn with No perceivable camber change. The crash occurred before the apex. I’m 99% certain I was entirely off the brakes. I was more “thinking” out loud as I typed. If there was any brake pressure, it had to minuscule at that point. As far as the steering input, I’m not even certain that’s a fact, however it’s the only thing that I can think of that would have put me down so fast so I’m making somewhat of an assumption. I suffered a symptomatic concussion and not sure if that’s why my memory of what actually happened is so broken or if it’s merely the adrenaline. I also don’t want to be that guy that blames an error solely on my tire choice.... LOL I had a less experienced, fast rider in my paddock suggest that my skid marks looked a little “inside” of his line. Which is what led me to think that maybe I realized this and for some reason added a little lean to maintain my apex vs letting the “ideal” apex go and just riding it out as I set it up. Dunno if all that rambling is useful!
  4. ducatmh

    Low-side - Tire choice question

    I was at the track over the memorial day weekend and ended up in a low side. This is my second low side, but the first that was due to an error on my part. (The first time was at COTA when another rider took me out). So let me start by setting the tone for the day. First, the surface of the track is only one season old and lacked grip up until the end of last season and even then, I struggled with more sliding than I prefer. It was a hot/humid start with temps already in the mid 80's at 8 am. I rode the first session on my R3 and then switched to my RSV4 for the second. The RSV4 had brand new Dunlop N-Techs (Soft front and rear) I had chosen the softer compound to see if it helped with a bit more traction on this new-ish surface. I was throwing down really good times, especially considering it was my first time back at this track since last season and I was already running the same times I was running at the end of last year. At the end of that session, I was pumped at how great the bike was feeling with the tires. I was however, already feeling some of the effects of some dehydration so I upped my fluids/salts. Went out for the 3rd session.It was now 91 degrees (not counting heat index) and I was running a full second off from the previous session. Came around to T10 on my 4th hot lap, this is a corner I had been progressively taking a bit faster. I entered the corner and the next thing I knew the front end tucked and I was sliding off the track. I had zero feedback from the front end before/when this happened. Did I trail brake too much? Did I make a mid corner correction while already near/at max lean? Did the choice of a soft front compromise my front end traction? Was it a combo of 2 or more of these? I truly think it was a subtle mid-corner correction, whose impact was greater due to the increased speeds and lean. Which brings me to what is probably my actual question... can anyone help me rule out the soft compound having had any effect on my traction considering the conditions? Would the super smooth surface of the track and high temps possibly lower the threshold that led to the low side? I'm now a bit apprehensive to keep the soft up front and thinking about sticking with soft in the rear and going medium up front for the next 3-4 days that I will have at that track this season.
  5. ducatmh

    Leaning on straight

    Yeah, I had spent like 20 minutes outlining the "issues" with how I was attacking various areas on track and exactly what I was going to change, but decided it was way too much info to digest. So I deleted what I had typed and went with the very simple info above. Here's a few laps from Pridmore a few years back so you can get a first person perspective. The track was completely repaved at the beginning of the season after being shutdown for 2 years, so our surface is much smoother now... too smooth!
  6. ducatmh

    Leaning on straight

    Great question and I feel like I've put a lot of thought into it and honestly I think the most useful tool was not my lap timer or my onboard camera... it was actually footage from my friend's bike who followed me for a few laps. I attached an image of the track to help in visualizing the turns. Unfortunately, the map doesn't show elevation changes (yes there are a few hills in Kansas LOL). The only notable elevation changes occur on the front straight up to T0 (uphill with zero visibility of what's ahead, you crest the hill about the same time you hit T0 and then downhill into T1), the very short straight section between T5 & T6 (slight downhill) and then again T7 to T8 (slightly back uphill). The most time could be made up T14 onto the straight, T3 (T3 reminds me of the bowl at the Streets of Willow but with less banking), T7 and T9. I won't bore you with the details of how exactly I will address these areas but I will tell you that depending on the turn or turns leading up it's over braking, position on track at entry, late roll on and/or not pinning the throttle soon enough. I'm sure we could tie a handful of these to needing better RP's.
  7. ducatmh

    Leaning on straight

    Reviewing on-board video footage helped me guesstimate. I can extract GPS data from my lap timer to get more accurate sector times, but that would be overkill for my needs at present. Just setting goals for next season.
  8. ducatmh

    Leaning on straight

    Nothing terribly exciting to report after the last track day. It certainly seems that it is related to the front wheel lifting on the drive out before the bike is perpendicular to the track. Allowed me to focus more on getting down the track knowing that it was "normal". Overall it was a great day though I was still .5 off my PB but found at least 3 turns that need some attention that should yield me 4-5 seconds once I get them sorted. Next season! Hopefully I'll see the CSS crew again in Feb @ LVMS or Code RACE in March 2018
  9. ducatmh

    Leaning on straight

    Awesome! Thanks... so it looks like my frame of thinking was on the right track. Assuming no extraneous inputs from me, this is "normal". I'll still put a bit of attention on it this weekend to see if I come up with any other observations or questions. Forecast is 64 degrees, sunny with 10% chance of rain. Doubt I'll set any PB's with the cooler track surface.
  10. ducatmh

    Leaning on straight

    LOL... Probably the "nut"!
  11. ducatmh

    Leaning on straight

    I flew into Houston to take delivery of the bike at the end of last year. The engine was torn down and rebuilt and the tune was also dumbed down a bit from what they ran in the races prior to the purchase. We (Bobby, one of his techs and I) spent the day at MSR (local track there) adjusting the bike to my needs so hopefully that's not an issue in this scenario. It was only one day of tweaking a "new bike" on a "new-to-me" track so I can appreciate the limitations of the adjustments made. That said, overall the bike handles like a dream, is more compliant and confidence inspiring than my Ducati's ever were, the mid-range stomps the Ducati's as well (to be expected since that's one of the Panigale's many shortcomings) and best of all, my lap times dropped by a couple seconds within a few laps.
  12. ducatmh

    Leaning on straight

    HOTFOOT where are you?!? Hoping you would chime in!!
  13. ducatmh

    Leaning on straight

    Thanks for the ideas. The bike is mechanically sound so I am fairly certain it's not the bike, it's the operator... me LOL. I'm an avid "pick up" artist on track so the bike is typically picked up before I'm back in line with the saddle. Just trying to determine if it's "normal" in certain scenarios. i.e. this bike is tuned to 215 HP, it's a former professional race bike (MotoAmerica) so has gobs of mid-range power compared to the stock setup.... the front wheel gets light coming on the straight (Surprise!!). Is it possible/likely that with the front end lifting a little before upright, the gyroscopic effects cause this sensation I'm getting? Does that even make sense? OR is it me hanging on for dear life and putting unwanted input into the controls? I definitely have some research to do on track this weekend. Hopefully the weather cooperates!
  14. ducatmh

    Leaning on straight

    I'll see what i can do. I can add that it doesn't do it on my little bike. (R3) LOL