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  1. Hi Kimi!!! I've signed up for the same week of training as you. I'll be staying at Hilton Garden inn Palmdale [which costed me about 120 USD per night]. http://hiltongardeninn3.hilton.com/en/hotels/california/hilton-garden-inn-palmdale-BURPDGI/index.html I don't know the place but it seems ok by the internet =P. I'll see you on the race track !!!!!!!!!
  2. Anyone signed up for classes @ willow springs this june??? Mine is 07th and 08th... can't wait for that... who would say, the skinny motoring enthusiast from the 3rd world will be finally visiting, training and riding motorcycles in America. The best school, the best gear, the best riders and coaches.... expectations are high... and I hope to meet them from my side. Sweet..... I could easily say that's a dream come true... first heard of CSS when I was in my early 20's... been set as a goal since then... gggrrrrrrrrrrrr I'm anxious hauauuauauauhauauhauha... C yaz there folks
  3. Thank you mister McKeen and mister Iwarner for the valuable info!!!!!!
  4. Hello true believers!!!! New to this Forum and planning to take CSS classes next year. Kind of a silly question but it keeps buzzin on me: what is the best time of the year to try the lessons out???? Summer [which I believe starts july and ends october in the US] ?????? Any hotel/accomodation tips near willow springs???? Not a pro rider or such, actually I'm a lousy biker when it comes to high speeds. Careful on roads, never been to a track day before, but eager to learn and open to study the science behind the sport. Have a good one fellas!!!
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