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    My First Race Experience

    Thanks man. Thanks for cluing me in. I've finally decided I'm going to race recently and your report is helpful.
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    Hansi, I appreciate your taking an interest in my problem. Yes. I can do those things. I tried them out on a recent ride to be certain. Thanks, Nic
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    Keith, Thanks, unnecessarily i dropped my precious Black Night. I have a pattern of dropping at low or no speed. I know the causes but wondering how i can break this habit before attending school in may 2014. some caused are rocks, a little to much brake, poor road shoulder, sand. i know all these conditions can be corrected but what is it in me that makes me fall off by my own hand? this has happended about 4 times with my Busa...three times in the driveway and once on a low speed practice course in a community college and lastly most recently in front of my house when coming in to park...poorly dressed (jeans but sufficent jacket and helmet) and returning in a hurry to see my wife off to work...no damage to bike or self except tiny scrapes an one bruised lower lip. will be right back up on her today. if i had to guess it would be rushing hurrying or "I've seen guys in a hurry and they don't make it". so to make it i have to take my time and "get each concept firmly in my mind". overconfidence is another character issue. all responses welcome.
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    Numbness/tingling In Leg And Foot

    cf, As you know i have this problem and you have been helping me with it. Dr. prices assessment is exactly what I guessed in the ballpark. we do a stretch routine at walmart which is similar to the marine system with the addition of the lifting stretch which is like a modified squat without weights and a more upright back position. should be good for your legs. best, nr
  5. More about Drug Analogy because of my belief system which includes the efficacy of FDA scientifically tested drug therapy.Keith, I have yet to give your recommendation for research a full evaluation but I wlll. To date I have looked at it and dismissed it out of hand. It deserves my full consideration. Thank you for showing me exactly where you stand on this issue. Nic
  6. More about Drug Analogy because of my belief system which includes the efficacy of FDA scientifically tested drug therapy.
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    Nice Piece On The School

    Changed my life and riding style.