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  1. All I have done on my GSX-R1000 is set preload to be honest, I haven't found a need to deviate. My thought was similar to off road bikes; if you start playing with the clickers and now its not right; always go back to stock settings as a baseline/starting point. My son's GSX-R750 and my 1000 is what I have ridden the Q3 and Q3+ on (besides the schools BMW 1000 but I also didn't ride the BMW with original tires). On both the 750 and 1000; when we went to Q3 the handling became lighter (quicker?) and it seemed like you could pick and hold a line easier. Also, on my 1000; I used the stock rear 190/50 17 with Q3. When I went to Q3+ (at recommendation of a Dunlop tire guy at one of the MotoAmerica rounds I was working at) went to a 190/55 17 rear. He said it would make an even more noticeable sharpening of handling (as in theory it raised the rear slightly) which it did and I have stuck to it since.
  2. Couple questions, are you running correct rear tire size/profile? Do you know if suspension is set with stock settings or has been adjusted? Ifs been adjusted at some point (or you are not sure) look up the stock settings from owners manual and set everything back stock and see how it feels. I have found Q3 and Q3+ to generally sharpen up a bikes handling. How many miles on the bike (and current tires)?
  3. Cobie; I may try 29 in rear next ride (by the way, if not clear, I am referring to PSI cold, not hot after ride).. Even on street I am for more grip (insurance) over mileage anyday. My Q4 just arrived but won't put them on for a few more weeks. I am going to attach a Dunlop tire pressure guideline chart I have (keep in mind, its a GUIDE, your needs will likely vary!) 2019-Road-Race-Tech-Data.pdf
  4. I was told 33 front, 34 rear on Q3+ for "spirited" riding. Have been happy with that, will likely start with same on my Q4's (which should be to me Wednesday).
  5. Nope, I get it! Hoping then to do VIR or maybe Bowling green (its only a few hours away) next year for levels 3-4.
  6. Well one new, one an oldie. This is a question for Keith and Dylan. Any thoughts on going back to Mid-Ohio for a school date? Also, have you considered doing any at PIR (Pittsburgh International Raceway)? Dave Hamblin (class of 1986 2016)
  7. Any chance you can get someone to video you? Video can be a powerful tool in these type cases.
  8. YES!!!! I am 58, but still love and prefer a sport bike over cruiser/tourer. Several years ago I was having issues "folding up" into the bike, my neck would get cramped up, and I would be sore and stiff after any extended ride. I was really concerned how much longer I could do it before the discomfort over ruled the enjoyment. Then a friend who teaches yoga suggested I try her class. She was thrilled when I agreed (she said only one other man had attended, and he got sick halfway through and never came back :-) Well, that was close to 6 months or so ago. Unless I am out of town on business or one of the MotoAmerica rounds I go twice a week. It has made a huge improvement. Easily "fold up" to a crouch, no sore neck or back, can move around much better on bike, and can ride much longer at a time. So I am a believer!!!!
  9. IMG_0603.MOV A shot from our flag station of the chicane
  10. I worked the chicane Friday and Saturday (and turn 3 Sunday). It will stay but will be modified and made permanent from what was said. Whats not evident from TV is its actually blind to riders until then are already in braking zone. Early Friday it would have been easier for me to call who DID make it versus who didn't. Friday afternoon they added a few cones to give a reference. That helped. I will say by Saturday morning they all (thats why they are pros) had it figured out and dialed in. There was a couple dicey moments when 4 or more bikes arrived at same time but as I recall only one crash and that was due to a washed out front exiting when they got in the grass.
  11. Hi Cobie, Dylan. Just got done track marshalling the first ever MotoAmerica race at PIR (Pittsburgh International Raceway). Was my first time there as well. If you all haven't taken a look at having a school there please do!! The track(s) are excellent!!!! Elevation changes, positive, negative cambers, grass run off versus gravel (like VIR), new smooth pavement. Plus, its only 4.7 hours from my house :-) The MotoAmerica riders all gave good praise as well (I drove it about 8 laps in my car, wished I had a bike the whole time. I have a video I took while scouting track with chief flag marshal if interested, Dave
  12. In 2016 K&N (actually I think most aftermarket filters) were banned in MotoAmerica competition after Kyle Wymans K&N filter on his Yamaha R1 failed on COTA's back straight. I actually saw that one, bike actually caught fire and it oiled down the back straight and took about an hour or so to clean up. From what I recall, the issues were primarily on the filter for the R1. The threads were not machined correct so filter did not tighten right and o-ring blew out. I still use the K&N on my GSX-R1000 and have not had any issues. The #204 is the one for the R1 so its hard to say if K&N fixed the issues or perhaps still baqd ones out there.
  13. Hi all, I had promised Aliki I would post a review of the undersuit I got from her company http://vnmsportgear.com/. A bit late but have given the product a good test in hot weather now. Up to now, I had been using a 1-piece undersuit (described in another post here as a baby Onesie). I purchased one of VNM Sport gear 2-piece suits. I have found I prefer the 2-piece design much better (which surprised me). On occasion when wearing armoured jeans (Bull-IT) with my Dainese jacket, I will wear the top only. When wearing my 1 piece, I use top and bottom. The top has a longer cut and silicon grip band, and does not ride up. I am not a typical thin rider, and the size Aliki recommended fits me great. (no, I am not posting a picture of me in them, could not do that to you all). How does it work? Every bit as good as my old 1-piece and maybe better. I feel much cooler and leather are easy to get on/off even after a hot days ride. So I give the product a great thumbs up and recommend you give them a look if looking for a good 2-piece suit. Happy Riding!
  14. Yes, most of the time they are up telling us how/why they crashed or asking for a ride back to pits before the bike is even recovered.
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