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  1. I have been watching this one: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=CNU9ONzdXcw And another: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=K6KZZsXpcjY
  2. I will definitely be there for a 1 day if not 2 day; already started working on my son to come with me. Watched some videos, looks fun!!
  3. The upgrades thus far have removed all (to me) the inherent sponginess in the stock setup. Lever feel is now what I call good. I have always liked being able to brake with just two fingers. My setup now is much improved in that sense over stock. I do like to experiment on occasion, so was thinking a different compound to see how I liked it over the Galfer1375HH. If anything, I would like a bit more braking force for same lever pressure, so I would say a bit more aggressive initial bite.
  4. This track is only a few hours from home. Have never been there. Has the school been there before and does anyone have any opinions of it? I love VIR but is a lot longer drive.
  5. Have gotten my 2015 GSX-R1000 brakes 90% where I want them. From stock, I have Galfer SS lines, Galfer 1375HH pads, and a Brembo RCS19 master cylinder. All have made improvements. Just ordered a set of Galfer wave rotors for the front (standard, not the track only superbike versions that do not work on street). My dilemma is pads. While I have nothing against the Galfer 1375HH, I have read a lot (of good things) about Vesrah RJL XX pads, and like to try different products from time to time. Anyone here have any experience with them (good or bad)??
  6. Wow, mine was a very pleasant experience. Here is contact I used: Eric Rios -Rider Support Motonation - Ciclista America Ph. (619) 401-4100 x117 | Fx. (619) 401-4108 10225 Prospect Ave., Santee CA 92071
  7. I wear mine weekly, very comfortable and fit is good for me (which is rare for off the shelf). Yes, its Podium.
  8. I had the ECU on my 2015 GSX-R1000 reflashed by Don Guhl motors. Don and I spent some time discussing what he could and could not do with my GSX-R1000 and what he recommended. He closed that if I didn’t like it, he would change it for free and if I really didn’t like it he would put back to stock. He also stated he offers that if anyone brings the bike in, he will flash it and they can go ride it with same offer. He said no one has ever asked to go back. He is located in Pennsylvania so on my side of the country. It made a very noticeable and positive change. It really livened up the bike, smoothed out the power especially down low. All restrictions were removed as well. Made it feel like a 1000 should! So my reflashing was a very positive experience.
  9. Some of it is legalities. The manufacturer picks a safe range where the tire will last and traction OK. Most tire manufacturers will list a value but say run whats in owners manual (covers there butt). Local hero "may" know the best pressure for that track/tire/temp. I track marshal for MotoAmerica (and also did the World Superbike at Laguna Seca this year) and have had several good discussions with the Dunlop tire techs. They are more willing to tell in in discussions whats best as its not written so they are not held liable. Sad it has to be that way, but thats our society. I set my tires pressure before each ride (cold) as it gives me a good baseline.
  10. Got a 100 mile break in ride before monsoons opened up. Was not pushing first 50-60 mile as Dunlop tech said give them a nice first ride and get heat in them. Per tech ran 32 front 34 rear pressure. I knew they would steer better than OEM Battalax, but not sure how much was due to profile/compound or the fact I went to 190/55 over the stock rear 190/50 but the steering was very noticeably lighter and quicker!!!! Just what I was hoping for. Started to pick up pace a bit last 30 miles and bike felt very planted and stable as I increased lean angle. Looking forward to next rides :-)
  11. I liked them on the schools BMW's. Wasn't so happy with stock OEM Battalax 016's that came on the GSX-R. Per several suggestions and confirmed by Dunlop I put a 190/55 on rear vs 190/50 as it aides turning on the 1000. I believe there are 2 types of Battlax 016s. There is the one that comes stock on bikes and there's the line that you can buy in store. The stock ones are considerably worse. This is by no means scientific and YMMV but this article/comparison by motorcycle-usa explains some of the differences. http://www.motorcycle-usa.com/2010/11/article/bridgestone-battlax-bt-016-tire-comparison-review/ It's also from 2010 and needs to be updated for the newer tires. Yes, the Battalax 016 that comes on the bikes are actually labeled OEM, and as I have read are a single compound, where the aftermarket 016's are dual compound and better. I have just always run Dunlops plus liked them on the schools BMW's.
  12. I will post after break in ride this weekend if we don't get the rain they say we might.
  13. I liked them on the schools BMW's. Wasn't so happy with stock OEM Battalax 016's that came on the GSX-R. Per several suggestions and confirmed by Dunlop I put a 190/55 on rear vs 190/50 as it aides turning on the 1000.
  14. Just got my new Dunlop Q3 from CSS mounted and balanced. Will break them in this weekend. Its a great deal for them as a CSS student.
  15. When I was there in May for a 2 day; track staff would direct you into lot and the schools trailers etc were clearly visible. My son and I had a great time and VIR is a fun track
  16. Does anyone know what tire pressure the school uses in the Dunlop Q3's on the students bikes?
  17. Kai; After my first School (also my first time on a track) I couldn't do it either. My close vision is fine but my distance vision needs correction and in a tuck, I was looking over top of the glasses. Not being able to look through my glasses was nerve wracking. Kevin Exactly!!!! But in my case, I was told contacts are no longer an option due to my astigmatism and bifocal needs. I have adjusted as best I can.
  18. When I was younger I don't recall this issue (while I continued riding off rode I took a number of years off from street/sport riding). Not sure if the newer bikes riding position is changed or I am just older but I notice it a lot more now.
  19. Its difficult!!! I brought this up at my CSS at VIR. I believe it was coach Kyle, during the lean bike session, said he could see my issue. He helped me put some helmet foam in to raise the helmet a bit (which I have now done to my helmet) which helped, and I also use some silicone pads on eye pieces so glasses do not slide when I start to sweat. Its better but still is an issue. I am past the point of being able to wear contacts as I did when I was younger due to astigmatic condition and bi-focals. So I often get some neck pain as I am compensating by holding my head higher (pulled back). Would be open to others experiences with this.
  20. Got my AGV Sport leathers using the Promo offered at the school, fit me well (which I rarely can say) and am very pleased. So if you attend a class and are looking for leathers give them a look. Podium, same as students wear at school.
  21. Oh wow good to know. How does that work? You ordered at the 2-Day camp? Got the offer details and called AGV when I got back home. Very helpful people. Very happy with my AGV Phantom 1 piece (same as schools student leathers) but obviously new and worn just by me ) Same is true on the discount students can get on Dunlop Q3's, as soon as I can burn up my Bridgestones, Lara will be getting a call from me to get a set of Q3's. So beyond the initial training benefits of CSS there are other great perks!!!!! Oh cool ! Damn just bought a new suit as well. Bought a 2-piece suit but of course zips up nicely because I didn't want to wear a rental. I mean if I had to I would but decided on just buying one. Are those Dunlaps the ones they call 'Gumbo', super sticky ones? Currently have the Michelin PP 2CT but interested in Dunlops. Its the Q3 Qualifiers, which are the same as they run on the school bikes. They are a track/street tire. If you Google them they are always at the top of peoples tire shoot outs.
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