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  1. Oh wow good to know. How does that work? You ordered at the 2-Day camp? Got the offer details and called AGV when I got back home. Very helpful people. Very happy with my AGV Phantom 1 piece (same as schools student leathers) but obviously new and worn just by me ) Same is true on the discount students can get on Dunlop Q3's, as soon as I can burn up my Bridgestones, Lara will be getting a call from me to get a set of Q3's. So beyond the initial training benefits of CSS there are other great perks!!!!!
  2. I agree, the light showers and one morning damp track did not present an issue at VIR in May. Ended up enjoying that time as well as dry.
  3. Well, I normally wear (besides helmet, gloves of course) my Dainese jacket and Garne boots when going somewhere (I also have Dainese leather pants if needed), but if going for a fun ride I wear 1 piece just for added protection as I will just be heading back home so don't need the convenience of the 2 piece. Along that line, I'd like to plug the CSS AGV Sport offer to students. You can get an extremely good price as a student on leathers by AGV Sport. Since the schools AGV Podium actually fit me, I ordered my own from AGV.
  4. We had a few stray showers first dayand on second day early morning track was damp from overnight rain but really did not cause any issues.
  5. You will not be disappointed in the 2 Day camps!!! Nice ride!
  6. Does anyone know the name (or website) of the photographer at VIR May 11-12? I bought 2 posters (one of me and one of my son) and would like to order some other of his photos but I can't find his card or my invoice. Appreciate it!
  7. The one I am looking at is AGV Sport Phantom in white with black trim.
  8. My son and I really liked the fit of the AGV Sport leathers at our VIR 2 Day last week, and especially the student price offer. Question, how many of you wear 1 piece suits while sport riding on street? Might get a few strange looks but my opinion is safety trumps others opinions.
  9. Great having you, DLHamblin. I am always stoked to see a father and son attending the school together. My Dad was the one who introduced me some years ago. I will pass this along to Ian. Cheers! Thanks!
  10. While I was going to try and list names, I know I would forget someone. So, to all the staff and coaches at last weeks 2 Day school; thanks for a great time, safe school, and wonderful experience. Things have sure changed in 30 years, and for the better!!!!! I do want to thank my coach Ian for being patient with helping me knock of the rust and few bad habits!!!! If anyone is on the fence, its a great investment and incredibly fun! Thanks!!!!
  11. Just curious which VIR track layout (Full, North, South) etc is used for the CSS 2-day. Would like to study to get familiar with it for Mays 2 Day.
  12. Yeah, I noticed that. Once race is on I think there was maybe one break if that.
  13. Here in Cincinnati, we also have MotoAmerica and WSB and MotoGP on beINSports. Have watched first two World Superbike races and looking forward to MotoGP this weekend. Coverage seems decent.
  14. Thanks. Looks like the CodeRace is more geared to serious racers and track day riders; so for me I think 2 day is best choice.
  15. What is the main difference between a regular 2 day and a CodeRace class?
  16. Just curious, how do you set up the bikes for the students for 2 day schools? I assume TC is turned up and engine modes set of soft? Do they ever get set with TC less and power mode higher?
  17. I had added that note on registration but will also follow up.
  18. Sweet ride! Yes, I call it my planned mid life crisis
  19. That's fantastic, I love to see father-son students come to school together. 30 year CSS anniversary, that is so cool! Where did you do your 1986 school? Mid Ohio. Here is a picture with Doug Chandler:
  20. Already signed up for a 2-day with my son, May 11-12 at VIR. I took the CSS way back in 1986 at Mid-Ohio. Doug Chandler was our guest coach. I figured what way to celebrate 30th anniversary than take a 2 day with my son. We asked to be paired together.
  21. Just curious, at the 2 day schools; how are the coaches and students placed? Is it totally random or do the coaches group and select students??
  22. I'm sure you will find it MUCH MUCH easier to find the 190/55 than the 50s. The school has great prices on Q3s for students. I am REALLY impressed with the Q3s, I love the handling and the grip is tremendous and they seem to last a long time. I'd almost always choose the Q3 over anything else - including racing slicks - for anything short of all-out sprint races. Yes, I plan to get them through CSS. My 1986 school qualifies me, but I am taking May 11-12th 2 day at VIR with my son to celebrate 30th CSS anniversary (plus get him good coaching so he also learns right).
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