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  1. I've ridden a number of years but never quite got the knee puck to touch the ground until yesterday. I finally was able to do it. I was able to put together what I've read, experience and skills to make it happen. Honestly for me it was one of the best feelings ever. Thanks for the tips guys and I'm sure I'll learn more when I start the CSB two-day course in August. Whoooo Hooo ! Will
  2. Willsportbike

    Spyder at CSS

    I might consider one when I turn 90 ?
  3. Not trying to become a racer but simply to gain proper BP while riding especially on the track. PS: plan to return and finish up Lv III & IV.
  4. Willsportbike

    Practicing BP - Feedback of proper BP welcomed !

    Thanks, BTW, that photo was a closed out area with no traffic. :-) Better to practice in closed off area than on the street.
  5. Willsportbike

    Weather Minimums

    I rather not ride below 55 degrees.
  6. Willsportbike

    2017 Predictions

    I too hope Rossi wins his 10th and then he'll probably be ready to retire high on the podium. I think all three ...ahhh well four with be battling out for podium wins and of course those important championship points. I'd mentioned 4 because Vinales is going to try and prove he has what it takes to be with factory Yamaha. No question he along with Lorenzo has some serious work to do at the office. Lorenzo will definitely try and bring home the crown for Ducati since they haven't held the crown since Stoner. Well I'm super excited to see what the results look like in the coming months. Back to Rossi, well you guys know my take...Vale bring home the final crown !!!!
  7. Willsportbike

    New Member From Mn. Long Time Rider

    Welcome, you're in good hands with CSS. I too have tons of logged miles on bikes and when I completed the 2-Day camp I remember thinking, wow I should've taken this course a long time ago. You'll be quite pleased with the final results.
  8. Willsportbike

    Base Layers For 1-Piece Suits

    Coolmax for the summer and Baselayer for the colder temps. I've used both and can't say enough good things about them.
  9. Willsportbike

    Base Layers For 1-Piece Suits

    D-Moto underliner is superb !
  10. I'm fine with riding 1k or 6 on the track (think 6 would be my preference but wondered why CCS chose to go with a 1000cc machine to train vs. a 600cc machine?
  11. Willsportbike

    Went Helmet Shopping This Weekend

    ^^^ nice selection. I just picked up an RF-1200. Lightweight & excellent fitment too.
  12. Second that on the Murphy's oil soap and Lexol conditioner. I also can't say enough good things about D-Moto's Baselayer and Coolmax Undersuit - both are superb with leathers to keep you cool and warm. I have both and wouldn't be happy without them.
  13. Willsportbike

    Isolating Line Issues

    ^^^ bike is going to go upright and straight not leaning into the turn.
  14. Willsportbike

    One Step At A Time

    Cool photo there!. Congrats on the progress. I did Level 1 & 2 in Aug and looking forward to 3 & 4 soon. My BP before CSS wasn't horrible but man it's so true, they helped tweak a few things with my BP that it's made a tremendous positive difference with my riding skills.
  15. Willsportbike

    Low Back Pain

    Besides a pre-existing condition, bad BP definitely wouldn't help the back or lower back for that matter. Not only water but not having any fluids aren't good for muscles period. Stretching is critical to do before and after on/off the track.
  16. Willsportbike

    Agvsport One-Piece Track Suit Model?

    I picked up the AGV Phantom.
  17. I borrowed the AGVsport one piece grey leather track suit at the CSS 2-day camp but can't recall the model name of the suit. Does anyone here know the model name of the AGVsport one piece suits the students' use? I'm interested in purchasing one but don't know the name of the actual model. Any assistance would be appreciated.
  18. Willsportbike

    Agvsport One-Piece Track Suit Model?

    No need to contact anymore because I purchased it somewhere else.
  19. Willsportbike

    Agvsport One-Piece Track Suit Model?

    That's the same guy who never responded to my second request.
  20. Willsportbike

    Agvsport One-Piece Track Suit Model?

    I tried using the school's discounted coupon to purchase an AGVsport suit at Motonation but it never happened. Unfortunately Motonation's customer service is quite irresponsible. I ordered a one piece suit but never received an answer to my email nor a return phone call from them. I'd heard there were in the process of moving but I think customer service requires that you at least respond to the customer and not have them waiting indefinitely? Their currently leather (1 piece) suits are limited so they didn't have my 1st choice. Anyway, since they never responded to my phone call, I went ahead and purchased a one-piece AGV suit from Sportbike Track Gear. Ironically, I was able to buy it from the 'Closeout Deals' so got it for even less than what Motonation had it priced. Needless to say, I came out a winner because of the super duper deal for such a great suit! Well I guess it's Motonations' loss of my business. Hope others don't have the same outcome I did.
  21. Willsportbike

    Agvsport One-Piece Track Suit Model?

    Thanks. I found out that in fact it is the Podium.
  22. Willsportbike

    1 Piece On Street?

    The one I am looking at is AGV Sport Phantom in white with black trim. Just ordered the Phantom..waiting for it. One step down from the Astra so should be well worth it. I too wore the AGV rental suit and found it to be quite comfy with good looks.
  23. Willsportbike

    What May Have Caused This Crash?

    Dylan hit the nail right on the head. You could even hear the rider cranking the throttle at full lean.
  24. Willsportbike

    Dunlop Q3 Fresh From Css

    Gotta love that stickiness !