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  1. Been riding on the streets legally for 36 years. Hopefully I can go another 36 years. If I can no longer lean over on a motorcycle, I will retire to a convertible sports car. That's just me.
  2. Can't find it online. She writes freelance. Looks like she sold the story to her local Canadian magazine as well. http://www.motorcyclemojo.com/2017/03/wilzig-racing-manor/
  3. I personally gave Misti props on that article at Laguna Seca last month.
  4. Sitting here eating my imaginary popcorn and soaking it all in.
  5. Thanks. And yes...Brainard is my local track. I've done probably 15 track days there. One of my big geekiest thrills was talking to Colin Edwards years ago at Indy. He asked where I was from, then proceeded to tell me his fond memories of racing there. One question for the instuctors. Just your first thought: What do you feel are some of the tracks that you seem to have the most successes with instructing at? Which ones do you seem to have the best results at?
  6. I'm planning on attending my first CSS 2 day camp at Laguna Seca. Possibly one of the June dates. My background in riding includes mostly sport bikes and some cruisers. I have ridden over 300,000 miles on the street, but it wasn't until I started doing track days about 5 years ago that I realized that in all those miles I never REALLY knew what I was doing. Just surviving. We don't exactly have good curves here in Minnesota. I've owned several R1s, a CBR1000RR, Daytona 675R,to name a few. I recently just bought a 2016 BMW S1000RR, and also have a MV Agusta Brutale 1090RR, as well as a HD V-Rod Street Rod. If you're not familiar with the Street Rod version, it has mid-controls, Brembos, less rake, better suspension and the like. I've actually tracked it. Anyways, since buying the new Beemer I started thinking more about signing up for CSS to get a better feel for this new tech. Even though I've been thinking of enrolling before that. So that's my story. Hi. ?
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