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  1. It doesn't does it. It's actually so frigging soft.
  2. Also, I work at a charity called Vet2track.org and am making them their own branded socks (if we can get someone to donate funds). Selling THOSE socks to troops for charity did not occur to me so thank you for the reminder. My mind is moto-focused The name of the charity is self explanatory and the man behind the charity is a stand up guy!
  3. I'm a 20 year Veteran so I know exactly what you mean! Great point. I never wore the socks issued to me. I wish I knew about bamboo then! I cannot count the amount of blisters and nerve damage from deep blisters I've had. My feet were so tiny for the boots. Apparently army doesn't make tiny feet size boots hahah.
  4. Sounds good. Would love your intel and anyone else's for that matter. If anyone wants to see a certain feature I'm all ears.
  5. Ha ok. Well the socks I'm currently wearing are samples from a manufacturer that were sent to me for testing. I have been a huge fan of bamboo and my favorite socks are no longer available. So out of sheer "being totally desparate" I'm testing out as many yarns as I can as I'd like to make my own socks specifically for riding. So far I'm on day 3 of wearing them and they still smell like roses. They are unbelievably soft as well, pretty much like walking on clouds. I'm going to wash them a number of times to see how they wear, but I've been told they stay soft just like my bamboo socks did. Another bonus, they are supposed to be extremely durable. I can show you the fabric end of this month when I'm at CSS but they will be well worn by then so beware hahah. I looked up "tencel socks" and there are a few companies that use the yarns so I think in the mean time I'll find a good company and buy my daily wearers from them. I truly don't think I can go back to pure cotton, poly, or nylon. Especially cotton.
  6. I just discovered "tencel" yarn. I usually wear bamboo socks and they do a great job of keeping my feet cool and they are also naturally antibacterial. This tencel yarn (made of Eucalyptus bark) is just as good if not better. Wool/bamboo socks exist too, I have yet to try them out. I'm not much of a big fan of polyester yarns on my feet.
  7. There are lots of new yarns out there and tons of sock for riding. What are you favorites and why? Yarn content? Fit? Thick or thin? Venting in certain areas? Padding in certain areas? ........................GO!!!!!!!
  8. OH I loved teaching military. Taught motorcycle safety on an army base for one season. They just do exactly what you say, and listen well Hopefully that pans out! I have a contact that is in charge of motorcycle training and he told me they have a budget now to do some different things as many riders have already taken all the courses they offer. I can send you his contact if interested.
  9. ......with that said, my prediction is that he will acclimatize to the MotoGP bikes very quickly and do well (which he is already proving).
  10. Cobie: I did not, and I didn't because I am super biased on who I WANT to destroy the podium in MOTOGP for 2017. Jonas Folgers welcoming onto the Tech3 race team is big (because I sponsor him) and fingers are crossed that he will knock it out of the park in his first year. He is a rider that can handle change, that can accommodate it, and work around difficulties pretty quickly. He tested out some gear I gave him at Austin DURING MOTOGP! I couldn't believe that he would test out a new product at such a crucial time. I was blown away. And then after that, he went out of his way to find me to let me know what he thought of the product. Again, DURING HIS MOTO2 RACE WEEKEND AT AUSTIN GP!!! I so dearly want him to do well because he is a genuine honest guy that works hard and believes in the little guys over accepting larger paycheck. He comes with great references from others I know that work in the GP paddocks, and hes just.....cool.
  11. Oh I like it! The "riders prayer". We should write a cool one a post it up.
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