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  1. The Ridge: Shelton Inn is minimal but comfortable and close. The Little Creek casino is a bit farther but not much, I don't know their room rates but their trailer rate was very fair (it's also where the staff usually stays). If you're willing to drive a bit more Olympia isn't unreasonably far and gives you a lot more options and thus better odds of a good price. Laguna Seca: I try to stay at Hiltons where I can, since that's what I use for business travel. I usually pick the Hampton Inn over by Monterey. Barber: the Hampton Inn Birmingham/Leeds is basically in WALKING DISTANCE of Barber. (Hampton Inn is one of the more affordable options in the Hilton portfolio, so their prices are generally reasonable without a gross room)
  2. BTW: I see you're flagged as in BC -- The Ridge is nearby and one of my top 3 tracks (the others are Barber and VIR); Laguna Seca is probably in the top 5 though, and of course is super historic. (haha, just realized you're over in the track suggestions thread already. I'll bounce over there :P)
  3. I wonder if getting one of the largest curved monitors would enhance this effect, as it would let you actively keep your wideview a bit better than something that your macular vision can't cover the majority of the space.
  4. I want to move to using two fingers but honestly it's been a challenge, and it's hard to hit the point where focusing on that is the best drill to focus on!
  5. I don't think you'll have much luck -- I asked for a "school pack" since I've done a ton of schools the last two years and was told no dice. Good luck though. (You'll probably get a faster response pinging Ginny or Whitney directly than asking here, btw)
  6. I mean, at some point I think you 'have to' take some weight in the arms, but this should be at the onset of the brakes when you're still straight up and down -- as little as possible & they should relax before the turn in starts. (Reference "on fast, off slow" part of the brake lecture). Or am I wrong?
  7. When I am at the track discussing technique one of the things I hear from a lot of people when I discuss holding your position by squeezing the tank while on the brakes is that the 'Rossi Leg Dangle' is somehow demonstrative that this is in error. I've not really found this convincing myself, but it is certainly at least getting popular in a lot of circles if for no reason except imitation. I've read up on a few theories (extra drag, for example) but nothing that sounded really grounded in data. Has anyone done some real analysis on the technique to see what value there is to doing it or if it might just be some psychological benefit?
  8. oh interesting. I watched this a bit: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=h5Q7Fsawf7o and he just runs through grass et al to seemingly no ill effect.
  9. I've considered picking these up (I'm actually a game designer/engineer) but have a sort of feeling that they're, at best, just specialized driving sims -- I'm not sure they'll encourage proper technique or skills in any notable way (can anyone check if you go down by adding throttle and lean?)
  10. My mother rides horses (Dressage) and, after my first track down [as well as my first non-fault down], she reminded me a rule within that community is if you fall "get back on the horse" ASAP. I was pretty shaken and the rest of my day was shot pretty bad. But getting back on and riding was the right call, since I wasn't injured. Unfortunately your accident was 2 years ago so that advice is a bit late. Here's the best advice I can manage: start with evening trips, work your way into the darker hours. Shorter trips. Just ride 'around the block' a time or two or something similar, every night just to get used to it again. If this were a track day I'd say your session 'goal' would be: "smooth and relaxed" and to down your pace until you hit that. Practice some mindfulness. If you notice you're scared, pull over and clear your head (https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Mindfulness).
  11. Best race oriented pad I'm aware of is https://ebcbrakes.com/product/gpfa-brake-pads/ EBC's GPFAX, but I'm not sure they'll give you better feel per say, as that's much more based on the master/lines/rotor interaction... For your information, though, sometimes it can be that simple. e.g.:
  12. Had fun riding together at Willow! Hope you had a great time yourself!
  13. The story was entertaining the first time but I will admit that I got the Premiere file that re-builds the DVD without those scenes for subsequent viewings.
  14. As a sort of aside on this issue: This year Keith has been talking about, during the no brakes session, how you should set your entry speed not for your turn in point but for later (I believe he's mostly advising for when you reach max lean but in my experience it's a mix of max lean and when you can start the throttle). It's great advice, but for some reason I find that when I am trail braking it is easier for me to set that later point as my target (especially since trail brake ends shortly before I reach max lean more often than not); may be useful to you as well -- but don't let it distract you from proper technique since you can easily try to do 'too much at once' while you build up certain skills.
  15. The rule I tended to follow was to integrate the drills but to not let a previous one distract from the current one. I mean, throttle control and turn points are obvious in this regard but some more challenging drills (for me) sometimes required I not overwhelm myself by trying to do everything. If hipflick hurts my turn point accuracy (within reason) for the hipflick drill then I note it and let it go but try to clean it up later.
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