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  1. I think a real testament to measure our knowledge is: are you able to explain what you are doing to someone else and you also understand what you are saying! If you are able to share the knowledge and teach others. Maybe not the best way to measure improvement on the street, but I see if the people I ride with are able to keep up. Not riding recklessly or feeling out of control. For me it was accelerating through turns. I could not believe how many miles per hour are lost when we are leaned over and keep the throttle in the same position. That small change of rolling on continuously, smoothly, through the remainder of the turn made such a big difference. I also like to notice how much more relaxed I am. I ride and think about any tensing in muscles. I know that I used to constantly feel tense or tight on the bike. The last lengthy ride I went on from Mesa AZ to Payson AZ, I did the whole winding road riding with one hand to prove to myself that counter steering is REAL. It is silly because I know it is!!! But that confidence is there now. Being able to ride and make changes in traffic without putting a leg out is also a major change for me. I have only been riding for 1.5 years and learned so much.
  2. Arizona Motorsport Park

    Thank you! Yes I love learning and improving!
  3. Arizona Motorsport Park

    I do not! But I will do my research! Thank you! I would love to have a similar wheel and tire set up to help with my goals.
  4. This track is extremely flat. There is almost no elevation change. The surface is a bit rough in some spots but this has been helping with reference points. I came out there and the first time I went out and I felt like I was trying, I set a pace of 2:45. The lap record is like a full minute faster than this. After that day, I came back and adjusted the tire pressure, adjusted my turn in points, my steering input, my line, my breathing, and almost my lean angle...got it down to 2:12 and I felt like I was pushing my luck. I decided it was going to be my last session out and I would take it easy. I started breathing more and loosening my grip on the bars. I started braking later and kept in mind smooth releases on the brake lever. Got it down to 2:07!!! I know it is still a slow time at this track, but I am getting very confident with my body positioning, setting lean angle, and knowing when to accelerate. The next few things I am working on are: accelerating earlier when the lean angle is set and not coasting; trusting myself that the bike will make the turn; higher entry speeds; quicker steering responses. As far as body position, the pictures are showing that I am getting comfortable and have everything in the right place including staying loose in my arms and using pivot steering. I know I can get lower! Dani Pedrosa and I are the same height so if he can do it, I can too! RIGHT?!?! Even though I know I do not neeeeed to be on the ground for my current pace, I am working toward it. Thank you for all of your teaching, guidance, and encouragement. I cannot wait to do level 4!
  5. Jan 28th AMP

    Hey all! January 28th there is going to be a track day at Arizona Motorsports Park in Litchfield, AZ. I have been here a couple times now and love learning on it! We will be there again on Sunday January 28th. We always pit with a Red Dodge Ram under the pavillion. Pull in go to your left until you see us. I am on a White CBR1000RR with a giant EQUALS sign on it (for equality). My dad mans the grill and we welcome anyone to hang out with us. Hope to see you there! Look for the short, over zealous guy constantly talking about cornering, counter-steering, and what to try the next session out.
  6. Mid-Corner Countersteering

    Sorry for the wayyyy late response. The idea came from seeing riders faster than myself lean through a turn, do a pick up, and go into the next turn. BUT! Then I noticed other riders approach a double apex by leaning through the first turn, and then it appears they never reset like they are doing one continuous arch. After thinking about it, it takes less time and less movement by using the latter option. As you are approaching your next turn point for the double apex, the rider can come off the throttle lean further, and then get back on the throttle again. Or, the rider could attempt to hook turn. I attempted both at Arizona Motorsports park. I was much faster by NOT standing the bike up again for the second apex. It demanded too much attention to stand it back up before leaning again. When I watch riders like Benny Solis at Chuckwalla, the dude is completely leaned over all of the time UNLESS it is a straight. It does not appear that he resets mid turn by standing it up.
  7. Mid-Corner Countersteering

    This discussion helped with my visuals. I will be practicing some of these at Chuckwalla this weekend. Thank you! It kept me awake last night if in a double apex, do you stand it up to reset lean angle? I guess you have multiple options. Pausing on the throttle would allow you to slow a bit, or coming off the throttle to add more lean angle, then back on the throttle. Do we need to stand it completely vertical again to reset before the next turn? It seems obvious that the answer would be no (too many forces, suspension getting tossed around, does not look clean). But I would like to know!
  8. I heart level 4

    That is incredible. Awesome!!!!
  9. Training the cornering weak side

    I am also sharing this same concern! Mine is my right side. I believe it is because I am so used to giving more space on my right side due to driving cars. I have been trying to overcome it by riding my bicycle and forcing myself to mimic the same things I do on my left. Exercises or more information would be a great help though!!! I am going to Level III this weekend. If I can gather any information before this thread gets a response, I will share what I learned. I know when I was learning on the lean bike, I exhibit a weakness in form. On my right handed turns, I do not lock my knee into the tank nor my elbow resting as well on the gas tank. My suggestion would be to look for the easiest solution first. Is it form? Is it the way you are tilting your head and this is messing with your perception of the turn? If you find anything out, please share as well.
  10. New from DC/ AZ

    I would appreciate all the help I can get! Thank you! And great I will ask around when I get there! Yes I want to know all the racing organizations out here!!! I will do CodeRACE for sure. It's definite!
  11. New from DC/ AZ

    Thank you so much! Ah! Right on. I did do track days at Summit on both circuits. I met some people but generally stayed with myself at the track. I loved the coach I worked with through Roger Lyle's track days. He taught me how to demonstrate confidence and read the riders around me. I definitely want to have fun at the track and meet more people! I wish I had a bike to ride today!!!!!! (It is my birthday and all of my bikes are shipped to Arizona...)
  12. New from DC/ AZ

    Yes! I plan everything ever haha. I have heard the same and started connecting with some people out there via FB group. This time on the 10th of September I will be doing Level III. I do plan to do CodeRACE when my schedule aligns. I have taken one racing school to earn my license, but I definitely want more!!! It would be nice to meet you too! I was telling Cobie over the phone on Monday that I have checked out a few threads on here and noticed Hotfoot is everywhere! Thank you for your teaching!
  13. Hey! My name is Adam Z. I am looking to get heavily involved in racing....now! I am from Arlington, VA and I am moving to Phoenix, AZ in August. I will be racing at Chuckwalla as soon as I can! I have taken Level I and II at Streets of Willow earlier this year and loved it. Hooked. Cannot get enough! I am taking Level III in September at Streets again. My riding experience is definitely new (only a year old) but I learn fast and listen well. I raced an 1198s and blew it up...it will be rebuilt! Until then, I have an 848 evo for the street, and I am going to buy an S1000rr in December. I came to learn how to ride safer, faster, and better. I do not ride that fast on the street, but if there is a race at the track, I get soooo hype. I love it and I love finding a flow. I am learning a lot and cannot wait to keep learning!!!!! I have a few personal goals for riding and racing, one of them being the IoM TT within the next 4 years. Thank you for allowing me to join and for this community of education. PS- I want to be the fastest of all time ever. Big dreams, big personality, standing at an astounding 5'3".
  14. Can Quick Turn Be Overdone?

  15. F1 vs MotoGP - facts

    I cannot believe the time difference between a bike and an F1 car at Catalunya!!!! That is insane.