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I started riding motorcycles in 2016. I found that I like to ride quickly and in more than just a straight line. At first I thought that's all there was: doing 150+ mph in a straight line. I did not know or feel comfortable leaning a bike over and leaning with it. I had no idea that the machines I have owned are capable of so much, nor did I know the abilities I had within me. In that first year, I traded my car for a 2009 Ducati 1198S. What a whirlwind. After taking Level 1 and 2 in a weekend, I came back and was riding much faster and with confidence. I navigated my local roads and began teaching my dad what I had learned. I entered my first race at Summit Point. My goal was just to finish. I did NOT get last place! It was an exhilarating feeling and I wanted more.... 

I learned about the superbike school in 2010 when I was reading an airplane magazine and thought, "this looks cool....what is a superbike? What is a Keith Code?" I started googling and read about Keith's journey of discovering how to break down skills to turn more quickly and how it was not just, "brake later and get on the gas sooner..." 

After attending the school and learning, I was hooked. Living on the east coast, I did not have the riding seasons I wanted. I had these amazing machines, and everywhere I went there was traffic or not ideal weather conditions. I could not take it. I moved to Arizona at the end of 2017 and I love it here. I can ride whenever I want!!!!!! And I am much closer to tracks with events almost every weekend. I go to Arizona Motorsports Park and Chuckwalla. 

I entered my first race at Chuckwalla, thinking that I had a good performance on the east coast, I should be able to keep with the pack at Chuck. I could not have been more wrong as I was lapped TWICE.... A strike to my ego for sure. I decided I would not race until I could get the same pace as the at least the top 5 riders in my series. In this case, that is 2-minutes or less. I am currently at a consistent 2:14 which took several track days, reviewing TOTW II over and over, one crash, and a lot of focus. 

What is great, is that I KNOW I can go faster and lower those times. I know there is room for improvement and I do not feel anywhere near my limits. I am relaxed on the machine now. I work on one turn at a time. 

I am a student and I am ready to improve and learn and listen! 

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