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  1. CryingWolf

    Crash Analysis

    It could just be that then I guess. Makes more sense now that I read it. I have had the back slide out before now under emergency braking, throttling hard in the wet and on loose sand when forced out of lane by a van. Everytime I felt it I've corrected it, never bothered me much. This time though my memory goes from applying the throttle to being mid slide, i don't remember anything in between or how the bike responded. I did ride past that same spot for the first time again this week and I'm not sure I i imagined it but it felt very slippery coming around that bend. Atm if feels like I have lost all confidence cornering and I am coming out of bends far too wide while tensing up and being a little twitchy in the bend itself. I need to get past this to trust the bike again.
  2. CryingWolf

    Crash Analysis

    Thanks for your response. My understanding of a highside is that the driver is ejected up amd forward from the seated position, as in the video. Yet in my circumstance the bike slammed hard into my right leg and slid as per a low side, but the opposite side of the bike. This is why I didn't think it was a high or low side
  3. CryingWolf

    Crash Analysis

    Hi all, I'm new to the forum. I was hoping to get some expert advise on a previous mishap. I have just started riding again after coming off my bike last year. I had a Daytona 600 (and have now bought another, since my last accident dented my frame). I don't want to be making any mistakes again if it was myself to blame. So, tyres on the bike weren't very well rated for wet conditions and it had been a light drizzle of rain that morning, 2 minutes into my journey so tyres were cold. I filtered through some traffic on a roundabout (bare in mind I'm in the UK so left side riding) turning right off the roundabout. Filtering left out of the roundabout and the road has another small bend left after the turn. I am straightening up out of my lean and apply the throttle, next thing the bike slams hard on it's right side, crushing my leg and proceeding to slide down the road with the bike. In the wreckage I found a chunk of a suspension spring, which wasn't from my bike, so I've always blamed this for taking me off the bike, assuming I hit it. I am struggling to understand why the bike slammed on its right side though, if I made an error would it not have low sided to the left? I would appreciate any help understanding what went on so that I don't end up in the same position. Picture attachedbto show the state of the bike