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    Better Body Position for Steering

    Hi, New here so hope this isn't too old to give a thought to, or perhaps you have the issue sorted out by now. I have a similar problem with quick steering as well as riding a bike being very good at finding old injuries, however my issue is more due to seat shape not allowing me to move back so feel a bit 'stuck' in place. (older sports naked!) One of the things I did to alleviate back complaints was to consciously bring my elbows in. Obviously, effective steering is taught to us by being horizontally parallel to the ground but when I am in this position it niggles in places. I am naturally tight across the chest so by squeezing my shoulder blades/opening up my collarbones it allows the elbows to come in, and are then actually below the horizontal - which means I can come up slightly into a more comfortable position. Think a boxer in the 'guard' position, with hands covering the head and elbows tight, protecting the torso is the way I visualise it. I do have to make an effort to think about it when I'm riding but definitely works for me. But, different bike, different physiology but just thought I'd share...
  2. Hi All Thanks for letting me join in. Had a look at some of the chats and lots of quality info in here. Made the trip over to California a couple of years ago to do levels 1 & 2 at Willow Springs - and it was epic! Excited about coming back over this October for some more of your amazing weather and to find out how truly awful I've become at turning left and right on a bike ;-) (just kidding coaches!) Looking forward to picking up good tips here and hopefully I can contribute along the way too...