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  1. trueblue550

    Consistent vs Accurate Lines

    My coach at Laguna Seca noticed I was getting on the throttle too early in the second part of turn 2. I told him the same thing, I begin a smooth, even, continuous roll on after steering is complete. He advised me that because a throttle roll-on tends to make a bike hold its line, I should begin roll-on when steering is complete and the bike is pointed where I want it to go. The little bit of extra time off the throttle did help me get a better line and drive out of the corner.
  2. trueblue550

    Consistent vs Accurate Lines

    I have this problem with some corners as well and I'm interested in hearing what the experts have to say. I would try transitioning visually from your turn in reference point to your apex reference point a bit earlier. Also try looking at the apex reference point a little longer until you're sure you are going to hit it, then transition to the exit reference point.
  3. trueblue550

    Running off the road

    Don, Glad to hear that you are ok. I have had my share of close calls before I ever heard of Keith Code. When I first read about survival reactions I was shocked. It's true, I did all that stuff and never realized it. I started doing "SR days" where I go out to a good mountain road and practice avoiding survival reactions. I actually talk to myself when approaching a turn like "ok now, loose on the bars, wide field of view, don't add throttle until lean angle is complete, smooth roll on," etc. I hope you can get back on the bike quickly and back to enjoying the feeling of great cornering! Best regards, Andrew