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  1. Hi , just wondering when you think the 2020 schedule will be released, and is it usually roughly the same dates as the previous year ?
  2. Thanks for the feedback El Colibri, I live on Vancouver Island , so was thinking I d ride my speed triple down there. I ve already ridden to Vegas and back from here but i love the area, so yeah Laguna Seca makes a lot of sense, and I mean it is a legendary track after all. It seems like it might not be the best track to open up on the power as much as others perhaps, I don't believe there is a long straight ,but I m fine with that.
  3. Hi everyone, I m very interested in doing a 2 day camp, but I m not sure where. I've never ridden on a track. My first pick is Laguna Seca but I wonder how it compares to other tracks available for the 2 day camps. Chris
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